first_imgFINN VALLEY AC’S Keith Shiels was first home in last night’s Mac Cumhaill’s GAA club 5k.But where did you come?All the results are below: Mac Cumhaill’s 5k 2014Place Race No. Time FirstName Surname Category Club1 331 15.29 Keith Shiels SM Foyle Valley2 806 16.26 Oisin Gallen JM Finn Valley A C 3 344 17.00 Andrew Friel SM Finn Valley A C4 625 17.04 Jack McBride JM Finn Valley A C5 5 17.06 Shane Mc Nulty SM Finn Valley A C6 356 17.07 Martin Mooney SM Inishowen A C7 727 17.08 Brian McClea SM Finn Valley A C 8 727 17.08 David Oliver SM Unattached9 808 17.13 Shane Gallagher SM Finn Valley A C10 322 17.13 Gerard Gallagher SM Finn Valley A C11 697 17.18 Roy McGilloway JM Foyle Valley 12 320 17.21 Colin McNulty M40 Finn Valley A C13 696 18.03 John McCallion SM Unattached14 737 18.04 Liam Murray SM Unattached15 745 18.11 Patrick Penrose JM Finn Valley A C16 694 18.15 Derek Callaghan SM Finn Valley A C17 350 18.22 Clint Doherty SM Finn Valley A C18 822 18.28 Dermot McElchar SM Unattached19 339 18.34 Joe McCarthy M50 City Of Derry20 748 18.35 John McGlinchey M40 Finn Valley A C21 851 18.47 Conor Lyons JM Unattached22 807 18.51 Barry Gallagher SM Finn Valley A C23 357 18.52 Eugene Gallen M40 Finn Valley A C24 759 18.59 Francis Gildea SM Unattached25 326 19.03 Sean Curran JM Unattached26 811 19.03 Karol McGinley JM Unattached27 724 19.07 Tom Thompson M40 Finn Valley A C28 330 19.18 Michael Gallagher M40 Finn Valley A C29 332 19.20 Barry Chamber SM Finn Valley A30 321 19.41 Conor McGonagle SM Finn Valley A C31 732 19.43 Barry Mackley M50 Unattached32 809 19.57 Hugh Gallagher SM Finn Valley A C33 324 20.01 Martin Anderson M40 Finn Valley A C34 767 20.02 Ryan Duffy JM Unattached35 720 20.06 Kay Byrne SW Finn Valley A C36 729 20.07 Lee Henerson SM Unattached37 374 20.15 Christopher Gallen SM Unattached38 338 20.19 Tony Gallagher M50 Finn Valley A C39 818 20.22 Michael Gallagher M40 Unattached40 367 20.31 Paul Gildea SM Unattached41 819 20.37 Declan McHugh SM Unattached42 826 20.39 Paddy Clohessy SM Unattached43 825 20.41 Eimear Gallen SW Finn Valley A C44 726 21.06 Andy Scanlon M40 Finn Valley A C45 337 21.11 Angus Hunter M40 Unattached46 342 21.15 PJ Friel M50 Unattached47 814 21.20 Ryan Galvin JM Finn Valley A C48 333 21.20 Sinead Kenny W40 Finn Valley A C49 375 21.21 Thomas McMenamin JM Unattached50 832 21.39 John McElwaine SM Lifford A C51 833 21.41 Paddy Hannigan M50 Unattached52 736 21.42 Anthony Murray M60 Unattached53 317 21.56 Dylan Crossan JM Unattached54 346 22.03 Sean McMenamin M50 Aghyaran55 812 22.08 Eugene McGinley M40 Unattached56 813 22.09 Sharon Hamilton W40 Finn Valley A C57 363 22.11 Jack Duffy JM Unattached58 314 22.13 Pat Byrne M50 Killybegs A C59 740 22.26 Oarlaith McGinley JM Unattached60 693 22.30 Jerome McElchar SM Unattach61 364 22.31 Mark O’Sullivan SM Unattached62 348 22.35 Vera Haughey W50 Tír Chonaill A C63 335 22.39 Shane Griffin JM Unattached64 376 22.39 Pete Byrne JM Unattached65 352 22.46 Seamus Curran M50 Unattached66 6 22.47 Marion Boyle W40 Foyle Valley67 764 22.49 James Mc Nulty SM Unattached68 765 22.49 Adam Speer SM Unattached69 674 22.52 Samantha Wilinson W40 Finn Valley A C70 743 22.57 Shaun O’Donnell M50 Lifford A C71 828 22.59 Martin mcCrory SM Unattached72 327 23.00 Sam Faulkner SM Unattached73 742 23.08 Lauralee Penrose JW Finn Valley A C74 695 23.12 Caroline McGuire W40 Unattached75 820 23.13 Joanne Campbell W40 Fit4Life FV76 755 23.14 Darragh McCafferty JM Unattached77 349 23.21 Jordan Gallagher JM Unattached78 821 23.25 Aine McElchar SW Fit4Life FV79 319 23.41 Gareth Doherty SM Unattached80 817 23.42 Joe Gallen M50 Lifford A C81 675 23.45 Linda Emery W40 Aghyaran82 347 23.52 Gloria Donaghey W50 Finn Valley A C83 354 24.09 Aron Gilllooley JM Unattached84 730 24.18 Clara Caroll SW Fit4Life FV85 351 24.29 Eamonn Bonner M40 Unattached86 754 24.35 Gary Gallen M40 Unattached87 325 24.37 Cody Wong JM Unattached88 343 24.41 Marie McColgan W40 Fit4Life FV89 355 25.07 John Cromie M50 Unattached90 746 25.12 Shauna Finn JW Finn Valley A C91 836 25.14 Darren Marley JM Unattach92 677 25.15 Sean Odonnell JM Unattached93 831 25.19 Helene McMenamin W40 Fit4Life FV94 805 25.22 Heather Oliver W50 Unattached95 747 25.36 Soya O’Donnell W40 Fit4Life FV96 835 25.39 Shane Rowan JM Unattached97 850 25.42 Noelle Gallinagh SW Unattached98 723 25.44 Kieran Thompson JM Finn Valley A C99 316 25.45 Billy Broderick M50 Killybegs A C100 329 25.47 Elin Gallen JW Finn Valley A C101 749 25.49 Dolores McGlinchey W40 Fit4Life FV102 323 25.50 Mary Martin W60 Finn Valley A C103 802 25.53 cora harvey SW Finn Valley A C104 361 26.00 Louise Callaghan SW KCR105 362 26.01 Martin Callaghan M40 Unattached106 744 26.17 Anthony Gallagher M40 Castlefin107 369 26.18 Ciara McCafferty JW Unattached108 824 26.20 Marie Duffy W40 Fit4Life FV109 823 26.20 Noel Duffy M40 Unattached110 804 26.53 Pauline Dowds SW Fit4Life FV111 849 27.21 Attracta Gallinagh SW Unattached112 803 27.29 Cian Gallen JM Unattached113 7 27.34 Fiontán Doherty JM Unattached114 676 27.48 Miriam O’Donnell W40 Fit4Life FV115 738 28.02 Christine Barron W40 Fit4Life FV116 837 28.09 Sharon McGinty SW Finn Valley A C117 756 28.12 Roisin Dunnion SW Fit4Life FV118 839 28.15 Dylan Doherty JM Unattached119 843 28.20 Daniel Crawford JM Unattached120 336 28.44 Leanne Quinn SW Unattached121 731 28.46 Ashleen Temple SW Unattached122 358 28.47 Bridin Gallen W40 Unattach123 353 28.52 Karen Smith SW Fit4Life FV124 815 28.52 Kevin McHugh M60 Aghyaran125 334 29.05 Marie Gallagher SW Finn Valley A C126 801 29.21 Maria Burke W40 Unattached127 827 29.23 Caroline Black Walker Unattached128 359 29.33 Erin Gallen JW Finn Valley A C129 760 29.42 Jacob Malone JM Unattached130 758 29.52 Cathal McGuire JM Unattached131 810 29.56 Mark Connolly M50 Finn Valley A C132 315 29.57 Eleanor McDevitt JW Unattached133 328 29.58 Betty Gallen W60 Aghyaran134 768 29.59 Catherine Gallinagh SW Unattached135 678 31.23 Audrey Crawford W40 Fit4Life FV136 722 31.23 Mary Byrne W40 Fit4Life FV137 739 31.23 Stephen Barron JM Unattached138 340 31.24 Josephine Lyons W40 Unattached139 733 31.24 Maria Breen W40 Unattached140 753 31.24 Nuala Friel W40 KCR141 762 31.34 Patrick Carr JM Unattached142 763 31.34 Barry McMenamin JM Unattached143 728 32.20 Teresa McMenamin SW Aghyaran144 345 33.52 Lena O’Reilly W50 KCR145 378 34.41 Sean Breen JM Unattached146 377 34.45 Vinny Breen M40 Unattached147 366 35.17 Vivienne Meritt W40 KCR148 741 36.20 Mary Penrose W40 Finn Valley A C149 360 38.33 Finian Gallen JM Finn Valley A C150 816 40.44 Liz Gallen W50 KCR151 842 41.34 Denise Gregg SW Unattached152 761 41.34 Ann Kelly W60 Unattached153 734 42.29 Aoife Breen JW Unattache154 735 42.42 Siobhan Griffin JW Unattached155 341 42.42 Kelly Lyons Walker Unattached156 846 43.06 Teresa McMenamin Walker Unattached157 844 43.06 Rosaleen McMenamin M40 Unattached158 848 43.06 Claire Carr W40 Unattached159 847 43.06 Sally Carr JW Unattached160 845 43.06 Sarah McMenamin JW Unattached161 838 43.06 Patricia Dohrty W50 Unattached162 368 43.41 Brid McCafferty Walker Unattached163 370 43.47 Leanne Sweeney Walker Unattached164 371 43.47 Annemarie Sweeney Walker Unattached165 829 44.39 Aisling Mullen JW Unattached166 750 44.39 Eimear Byrne SW Unattached167 766 45.14 John Sweeney M40 Unattached168 834 45.14 Tom Rowan M50 Unattached169 830 46.01 Margaret Mullen W40 Unattached170 372 46.01 Mary Byrne Walker Unattached171 757 46.01 Nuala Byrne W40 Unattached172 752 46.01 Jo Doherty W40 Unattached173 751 46.01 Denis Doherty M40 Unattached174 841 46.01 Jimmy Phair M50 Unattached175 365 47.22 Olive Gallagher Walker Unattached176 318 49.07 Maureen Mc Glinchey Walker Unattached177 373 49.07 Sean Gallen Walker UnattachedTotal Runners: 177RESULTS: WHERE DID YOU COME IN THE MAC CUMHAILL’S GAA CLUB 5K? was last modified: September 6th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to 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While Brooks opinion of Rosens fit in the Cardin

first_imgWhile Brooks’ opinion of Rosen’s fit in the Cardinals’ new offense might be up for debate, what’s more unanimously agreed upon is Rosen’s talent compared to the 2019 quarterback draft class.With that in mind, I believe a team in need of a QB1 would certainly opt for Rosen over one of the signal-callers available in the 2019 draft. You could make a reasonable argument that Rosen would be the best passer in the class or cherry pick the top five and slot him in where he fits. I would rank Rosen no lower than third among the passers in this class, with the Cardinals QB slotted ahead of Missouri’s Drew Lock and Duke’s Daniel Jones. Although each is viewed as a better athlete and playmaker, Rosen is a more refined passer with a game that easily fits into a traditional pro-style offense.Most of that is probably true. And regardless of Arizona’s opinion of Rosen or Murray, the potential for the Cardinals to select Murray outside of their walls could give them more insight to the rest of the drafting field. That’s never a bad thing. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Josh Rosen climbs the pocket, avoids pressure, and delivers a strike to Larry Fitzgerald for a— Jordan Reid (@JReidNFL) November 25, 2018“We always used to say they’re going to be seven to 10 times a game where the quarterback is going to have to move around. It’s probably more than that now,” said new Cardinals pass game coordinator and quarterbacks coach Tom Clements. “Those are things he did better than I expected.” As much as the Arizona Cardinals have downplayed any thought of trading quarterback Josh Rosen this offseason, the narrative tying them to prospect Kyler Murray will linger until they deny that selecting Murray is an option with the No. 1 pick.General manager Steve Keim can chuckle at the October soundbite of then-Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury wishing he could draft then-Oklahoma QB Murray first in the ensuing draft. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellingcenter_img At the least, the noise is entertaining. At the most, it could build a trade market for Arizona’s No. 1 pick.What the Cardinals have done is express support for Rosen, who after a rocky rookie season can find stability working under Kingsbury.Related LinksCardinals HC Kliff Kingsbury on QB talk: ‘It comes with the territory’Why an NFL mock draft has the Cardinals picking QB Kyler MurrayCardinals’ Kingsbury downplays Kyler Murray draft talk: ‘Josh is our guy’The Kliff Kingsbury-loves-Kyler Murray narrative growsPair of ESPN writers feel ‘perfect fit’ for Kyler Murray is with Cardinals“Our feelings toward Josh haven’t waned or changed or anything,” the first-year Cardinals head coach said last week. “I get we have the first pick and there’s going to be a million scenarios over the next three months that are going to come up. No — Josh is our guy. Kyler is a tremendous player. I said that, was being very complementary before playing an opponent. I understand the soundbite.”But despite all that, the occasional pro-Murray, anti-Rosen opinions will continue to emerge. The latest is draft analyst Bucky Brooks, who believes that Kingsbury’s October comments about Murray’s talent weren’t just about buttering up an opponent of Kingsbury’s Red Raiders.I would love to believe the Cardinals’ coach, but Murray’s skills are a perfect match for the team’s new system. At Texas Tech, Kingsbury unleashed a mobile playmaker in Patrick Mahomes with outstanding success. He could create a similar scenario in Arizona with Murray running the show. Although I’m not putting Murray in the same class as Mahomes, the reigning NFL MVP, I do believe the Cardinals should make him the top pick and wave goodbye to Rosen.I know the thought of moving on from a first-round quarterback seems ridiculous after one season, but how often do you get to land a five-star talent who perfectly matches your system? Moreover, do you believe a franchise quarterback ideally suited for your offense is worth the price of giving up a top-10 pick and some cash (Rosen made about $11.3 million in signing bonus and base salary in 2018)?Brooks believes the Cardinals could trade Rosen, the No. 10 selection in last year’s draft, for a mid-round pick. 196 Comments   Share   It’s explaining that where we see Brooks views Rosen as more of a poor fit for Kingsbury’s Air Raid system than Kingsbury’s staff does.Although his rookie numbers were greatly affected by instability at the offensive coordinator position and a subpar offensive line, Rosen connected on 55.2 percent of his passes with an 11:14 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Those numbers aren’t bad for a classic pocket passer with limited mobility playing behind a shaky offensive line that failed to protect him.Rosen’s offensive line was shaky.He fits the profile of a classic pocket passer in many ways, but it’s Brooks discussing Rosen’s mobility that might be the red flag when considering if the Cardinals would agree with the analyst.Is Rosen really that bad of a fit for Kingsbury’s offense? He’s no rushing threat, but quarterbacks like Jared Goff, Nick Foles and even Mahomes made zone-read plays possible without being frequent runners.In fact, Arizona’s coaching staff under former coach Steve Wilks and its new one under Kingsbury loved Rosen’s mobility. Top Stories Cardinals QB Josh Rosen, left, and Oklahoma prospect Kyler Murray, right. (AP photos)last_img read more