Plaques laid at Peace Memorial Park to remember veterans

Five World War II veterans from Hamilton were honoured today with plaques at Peace Memorial Park in the city’s east end.One name that that many will recognize is Corporal Nathan Cirillo. Five more plaques were unveiled today ahead of Remembrance Day. They memorialize five men who so courageously went off to serve in World War II without knowing if they would ever return.As the last post was played.Dozens endured the wind and the cold to honour these late men. Stan Darch, Robert Davidson, Bill Eisan, Fred Englebrecht, and Jack McFarland.Described as heroes today, the daughter of Dieppe veteran Fred Engelbrecht, who died earlier this year, says her father never thought of himself that way.“He always said he wasn’t a hero. He was just doing what he had to do to help the country, I’m so proud of him.”One by one, the families were called to see their loved one’s plaque.God Save the Queen and O Canada were sung.Deborah Adams is the daughter of Dieppe veteran Stan Darch, who died in 2014, and sang the anthem proudly.“He fought to keep us alive and well and free and we can sing O Canada and God Save the Queen. If he and his buddies didn’t do this we would be singing a German anthem.”The ceremony was organized by the North Wall Riders, a group of bikers with the mission to serve and remember those who have fought for our freedom. President Keven Ellis hopes the new plaques will let the families of these men know, that they will never be forgotten.“We will continue to install them as the need arises to make sure that Hamilton veterans aren’t forgotten.”One veteran in the crowd today says while its important to remember the veterans of both World War I and II, he feels as though many Canadians seem to forget that there are many others who have also served.“We always have people who are serving, we’ve had veterans from the last 40 to 50 years that people just don’t seem to recognize. I think they should be recognized a whole lot more. ”A time to remember all the brave people who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.There will be many services across the region tomorrow to remember veterans. The service at Gore Park will begin at 10:45 tomorrow morning.

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