What should we do after the station

now includes some enterprises all have their own website, the website I believe everyone will do, spend some money can not fix, a site of the Guan Jian is to keep the user browsing your website often, how to keep your users is not difficult?.

first of all, you need to have a relatively easy to remember domain name (such as: www.123.com) and the Internet has sufficient broadband connections and other conditions, but also follow the following basic principles:

1, website content structure is reasonable, read more

Online entrepreneurial experience site must choose the domain name

Wang, a high school friend of mine, chose to start his own business 4 years ago and gave up his chance to pursue further studies. It turned out that his choice was correct at the outset. 4 years later, he is already a very famous webmaster, monthly income close to 6 figures, and I just graduated, became a full poor scholar, each month’s wages only enough to eat, ashamed.

his website is a Wangzhuan network, the entire site less than ten individuals, one year has created a net profit margin of about two million, really amazing! Four years, let a poor boy, became a millionaire. The world is full of miracles, believe it, or doubt it. He’s always out of his expectation. read more

Shallow change domain name to sell, three have to say experience

If you are a

webmaster, you must be in the past few years for the development of the site has registered several domain names, but for some reason, these sites are not built, now to profit for the purpose of selling the domain name of the business was very popular, why not use these idle domain money? This will maximize the guide to follow the prescribed order to help you sell the domain name, and most importantly, reflect the maximum sale value.

first step – make sure your domain name has some commercial value. read more

Travel website product experience hotel panorama video

travel website has been a more competitive industry, domestic online ticket booking, hotel reservations and other business travel sites large and small, no less than 1000. In order to be able to stand out in this industry, not only need good marketing, better customer service, after-sales service, in the details of the site’s products, or even increase.

, for example, the previous travel website on the hotel reservation scene, in addition to simple text description, at most with a few more pictures inside the hotel, the customer can only see what the hotel is like, not intuitive enough. For better user experience, some travel websites launched a panoramic view of the 360 degree Hotel, allowing customers to have a full picture of the hotel’s interior through high-definition FALSH video. read more

The nternet webmaster want to do to fight a protracted war

November Hollywood disaster area 2012 hot release, not only the global box office is amazing, and just a few weeks on the record of the domestic box office, set off a boom in the global disaster film immediately, like a night regardless of everyone, there are talking about the Mayan prophecy, guess 2012 will really like in the movie. Come, Mountains fall and the earth splits. hongshuitaotian. However, from 2012 and three years, we have too much time to Lenovo even unfounded speculation, with profound respect and humility. Mayan prophecy also said that in 2012 the human race will enter a new era, does not mean the end of the world. However, for individual webmaster, 2012 "doomsday" has come in 09 years is coming to an end 10 years of the coming new year in December, in fact, is not too cold, but the owners confidence and enthusiasm should be said has already dropped to ten degrees below zero. From the beginning of December has continued and intensified a series of events across the board will strike BLOCKOUTS many webmaster hard to do the Internet website, the precarious, the webmaster want to have a Noah’s Ark to save their own website. read more

Share my little experience with what ‘m doing

I mixed in stationmaster net for more than two months, with a careful study of yesterday I do 3 months of station, finally IP exceeded 1000, PV through 1W, a little fun, especially to write something here, what do stand experience, I hope everyone a lot.

I do

station is www.39hd.com (39 Health interactive network), this station is selected health theme, the beginning is really what also do not understand, in the establishment of the time, in the two space, get tired, in stationmaster net posted behind and want to sell the station, but no to sell, and ZhengZhan links from dynamic to static, when Baidu included, and from static to dynamic, then Sogou has a collection of 10W pages, it wasted a lot of time, so long, not from the Baidu search to flow, but in a post Baidu know and a lot of traffic every day, 100 IP 1-2. But I always see you to pay attention to the chain, so I in some well-known health forum issued a lot of posts, and some sites do friendship connection, but my connection, attaches great importance to the relevance, fortunately, I stand at the end of 08, PR was changed from 0 to 3. read more

Home dishwasher ten brands list

cooking may also be called a kind of enjoyment, however, but not many people love the dishes, but now has the role of science and technology, all kinds of intelligent machines have been developed, make people’s life more convenient. Among them, the household dishwasher is a representative. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the ten major brands of home dishwasher.

what kind of dishwasher better, has been a concern of consumers. Dishwasher is an automatic cleaning bowl, chopsticks, plates, dishes, knives, forks and other tableware equipment, according to the structure can be divided into two types of boxes and transport. Dishwasher for restaurants, hotels, canteens and institutions of the kitchen staff to reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency, promote clean health. read more

Did fail My career as a webmaster

from 2003, my friend taught me how to cut the legend. I started playing for two years, and then graduated from junior high school. Because of personality problems, did not go to college. (probably a legend, a Tuesday night, all right.)

dad helped me find a computer occupation school, in the school I met a bunch of good brothers (male or female), the first semester met a sophomore year old than my brother, because one of his remote control, reminds me of the male character problem of fire, he taught me, I from the early 2004 contact the so-called hackers, as long as the money to buy a bag of black book. In 2005, August, I found out that my friend, he was not engaged in programming. I continued to live in my black station, so I persisted until 2006, when I finally arrived at the assignment. I do well, he better (Yu Menzhi), thus assigned to a different place, wages are low, 600 yuan / month (Chongqing), is too disdainful, three months later, and assigned to a business bureau inside when printing member (typing ^_^, online leisure), I every day in the black *, download tutorial, do some tutorials released, the feeling after some trouble, I have a friend sent a message saying, hackers garbage, money is also dangerous, learn the essence, not to learn is not to play. Network although some friends made money, work six months later, I was in the unit once careless, the other people’s server to collapse, because the technology is not in place, failed to recover him, but fortunately, the administrator did not pursue. That’s it. I haven’t been to the black station since then. read more

B2C might be a way out for a small SNS site

1, with the rise of happy nets, SNS’s limelight is more vigorous.

2, SNS how profitable? Now it seems, in general, there are two categories, one is traffic for advertising; two is built-in games, such as web games to profit. But these two kinds of profit will be built on the basis of large traffic, for those small SNS, especially regional SNS sites, what is the way out?

3, like the school, 51, happy like large SNS days after the competition will enter the Red Sea, because of their ambitions in the country, bigwigs are usually very fierce competition. read more

How high is the rate of return at individual stations

in the first premise, please forgive me and I will be a witness for the site drying out a look, this reader the webmaster excuse me, that is not AD or AD or both, whatever, just talk about personal essays, writing is not how, still hope.

I made a new software download site, the time is not long, three months have more, from zero IP to now one thousand and five hundred IP, I constantly in the analysis of the new site of the parties from the source statistics. I found that the rate of return of the site is not as ideal as in other articles. Why do you say that? I once read an article, write a few articles, still unable to forget the words: a concise advertising site will certainly be affected by the identity of Internet users! Retention rates are much higher than him!! today I write this article because of this. In the end of the sentence saying: P is simply a word! Now the Internet website is almost flooding, countless download station. Again how concise site, also won’t have too high rate of return, read more

Chain transactions behind the need to guard against things!

recently on the network is more prevalent may be the chain of transactions, the webmaster BBS (Chinaz, Admin5, chinahtml, etc.), have opened the link exchange / trading section, for you webmaster exchange / transaction.

so good. You can quickly get their required text link advertising. Although money is spent, but have a good ranking. Based on the observation of several QQ group where I found inside, each site has his PR value of a corresponding price, general price less.PR=5 only 15 yuan / month,. read more

Grassroots consciousness reference + reflection + difference is the webmaster operation kingly way

The success of WeChat

more or less by analyzing the favor and self encouragement, because before WeChat has several products do well, such as unfamiliar street, such as mobile phone QQ, WeChat can in a sweeping way quickly swept through the instant communication industry, in addition to learn from their good genes, the rest is WeChat’s own operating wisdom.

said WeChat behind the owner, Tencent, we still quite critical, after all, in our thinking this is a purely "reference" started the product, whether it is the main business of QQ, was derived from the video games, and the electricity supplier, we can find other predecessors of the shadow, but in the end only a Tencent to do the best, then this (electricity supplier except) can only be said to be the Tencent home. read more

Domain name terminal transactions frequently reflect personal investment downturn, photo new deal al

I wrote an article recently: the frequency of CN domain name transactions looks up to terminal requirements rather than to individual users. Recently, the demand for terminal transactions in the domain name market has been brisk, and the big money has been continuously analyzed. Recently, a domain name transaction came from the terminal demand. A well-known domestic enterprises "Chinese domain name trading center repurchase domain 666.com from abroad, the price of US $300 thousand. There are rumors before the buyers repeatedly shot generous domain transaction ylmf, but renamed Chinese Kong Dejing said 666.com buyers for a domestic IT enterprise, but definitely not the last. It’s not clear whether the person is investing or using it himself. He expects buyers to announce information within 1 months. Not long ago, the shortest domain name t.cn is renamed Chinese through the domain name trading center repurchase, plus the first video to buy v1.cn domain name and purchased cntv.com ylmf. The domain name market can be described as generous frequent. read more

How do make PV access to the public platform 29w+ from 0 in 30 days

the development of the Internet is too fast, so that many of the old by the new talent into the SEO shock slowly lost direction. 6 years earlier, the SEO market, we are still trying to search engines, work plans, research how to optimize in a leisurely manner. Bit by bit test, but 6 years later today, it seems that everyone is still commonplace, content, the chain. More and more people are losing ground in the Internet industry. No one on the Internet ", meditation, a few days ago, some friends, members of a 5 year SEO webmaster, success is not even a decent seo. We talked about you at the party, talked about how you did it, optimized, and so on… Drunk… read more

Baidu recently not included in the analysis of new sites

1. policy from the state:

the current environment on the Internet is too bad and unhealthy information is too much. Some time ago, the relevant policies issued by the state Baidu, Baidu may be the implementation of the rectification, the test of new sites increased efforts.

2., you complain with search users:


network is way too advanced. Search engine is the largest knowledge base, but because the majority of the garbage station owners do not bring anything useful to the user. The biggest audience of the search engine is the user, and if no one uses it, he also searches for a ball. Remember, when you search for * * * tutorials, they’re always something real. read more

Baidu snapshot to judge link fraud

on the purchase link in the process of how to effectively prevent the liar succeed, you tell me, can read my article: the purchase link process should pay attention to prevention of

The last time the

described, are some of the commonly used method, last night around Baidu, whim, found new tactics to deal with the cheater, now share as follows:

first of all, there are 3 things in common:

1, general Baidu included are normal, at least home page

2, and BAIDU update fast, snapshot generally within 24 hours, part of 3 days read more

Avoid Wangzhuan road often make four wrong ideas

joined the ranks of the army’s own Wangzhuan have two years of time, compared to the work life, more freedom, regardless of time or things are what they say. Most of the friends around me are in such a state. Wangzhuan is a great concept, some people running a website, through advertising to earn income; some people open a shop, selling products; some people open a training class, students. I see all Wangzhuan, basically can not escape the three. However, I know a friend, really rely on a handful of Wangzhuan earn a lot of money, most are minor, no climate, domestic subsidies can also be. In addition to their technical ability, more is the so-called Wangzhuan, often others, for their lack of long-term planning. Do Wangzhuan luck, encountered major setbacks (such as the Baidu algorithm change), died down. read more

How do you catch Baidu Spiders Through P addresses

how to read the website log through the IP address to find Baidu spider crawling rule, for all the webmaster, Baidu included is the most important concern. Understanding Baidu spider crawling law, so as to better improve the collection of the situation is also must master. Many websites are currently using virtual space and can provide logs. The log is the logfiles folder in the root directory of the web site. The date is.Txt, and the text file is

has a lot of introduction, through the HTTP view, return the command 345.wdwd.com that way to view spiders, here is not introduced. More websites now do not provide a log format that can be viewed by software. More similar to the website’s log format, as follows read more

All alone, Adsense to share monthly earn 3000 yuan to do station experience

from graphic design to program development and debugging to upload the final build website, updated from the maintenance site to the promotion to the information from customer development to upload advertising to customer service service to meet customer requirements, comprehensive one-stop work process done. Give vigorous youth vitality, completely diffuse wonderful poetry style and surge to the Internet without casts a thousand beams.. With the persistent love with it, and on it affectionate, choose to do a hard webmaster, and vowing to be a domineering webmaster. read more