Little joke the website included several factors to concern

space is also very important, I believe we have seen many webmaster about this topic, it is absolutely stable space, a stable space, 24 hours a day, 12 hours is not open, then the search engine will not love, because when the spider came to your site in front of the door. That you don’t give him, let him eat cold-shoulder treatment.

The quality of the chain

page structure

Site Title Description

I remember when I first contact with the site, hear is how to do keywords, but now is not to talk about words, talk about the site title, many techniques and methods to write of the title of the website, the key point is that, like adding keywords, do not stack, one word, is not good for the website included, snapshots are not well, the weight is not good, simple, smooth, easy to understand the site title, the surprise is extraordinary. read more

Multi station analysis of recent love Shanghai is what kind of algorithm

or 8:40 to the company, after card, hang QQ, see the QQ Pop News, rob salt heat, a lot of places in the store of salt was sold out, catch the SARS period that Prynne roots and mask sales speed! Then again to view the website data analysis, website ranking changes, can let a person depressed is to see the rankings to the first page of the key words in the home, the company did not in the home page, or with yesterday’s rankings! Then another website ranking is to achieve the goal, a keyword ranking first, another ranked fourth. These data and the house is completely different, so I think of the site where the server is telecommunications room, single, my house is the line of the cable company is China Unicom, telecom, can not help but sigh: Telecommunications and Unicom how such a big gap! read more

No Shanghai dragon really is the best Shanghai Longfeng it

through the above analysis, my opinion is: for a famous grassroots website to develop, to website ranking, is a must do Shanghai dragon, but Shanghai dragon didn’t need to see so heavy, at least should not put it in the top three in the important position, if your site by sheer love Shanghai search engine and survive, then I can say your site not far away from the dead. I like this blog now I focused on 3 points: 1 to create a separate point of view; 2 and a lot of those engaged in grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan to exchange learning, and then passing to introduce my blog; 3 as much as possible to use social networking tools to share and spread some articles I have written on this blog, such as Sina, micro-blog, Sina, WeChat, QQ space blog etc.. Only when your website is an all-round development of the website, you can live longer. read more

Website optimization Shanghai Longfeng stationmaster net soft contribute experience hematemesis shar

The first is the basis of

recently love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm 4.25 or the low quality of the chain cheating algorithm, these developments will undoubtedly make Shanghai love we optimize work like web content in one disaster after another, such as advocating quality, but how to operate the site outside the chain said in the quality problems, but in practice, many of my friends have become not, as everyone knows the high quality of the chain is very important, I own the best way to the construction of the chain is A5 soft article submissions are interested can look at the space of all share is their real experience and contribute to their experience, the author today Submission on the platform of A5 writing experience and the webmaster brothers talk about the website of Shanghai dragon optimization of A5 soft Wen contribute some ideas to combat aspects of perception, first we see the illustration map with the truth. read more

Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon changes fast algorithm optimization to keep pace with the times

third, always pay attention to update the optimization guide to love Shanghai. From the current point of view, love Shanghai in the domestic search engine market still occupies a leading position, so that our most important job is to do the optimization of love Shanghai. Love Shanghai to stationmaster friends to enhance the quality of their own website, but also provide an important guide for the optimization of Shanghai love file. In this paper the changes on their own algorithms and innovation will be introduced at the same time, the webmaster friends provided many webmaster tools used to test the quality of the site, to help the webmaster friends can timely understand their site condition. read more

Website promotion of a Shanghai dragon skills see share

website, Shanghai dragon is the key, it is important in practice, so I have to do many things, but also a lot of skills, do everything to find the right skills, can achieve a multiplier effect, but if blindly, will waste a lot of valuable time, learn the experience of others, while others good is not necessarily suitable for you, but always try to know either. I never mean to share skills and others, only hope the following say do not do good, may not necessarily be the truth.

: clear navigation, website and classification and keyword classification, page 2 classification remained around the keywords, the overall page control in about 5. read more

Leaves how to long tail keywords analysis

(1) by using the drop-down menu to love Shanghai long tail keywords analysis. We find that when we enter a keyword, love Shanghai in the search box below will generate recommended many key words, and these words are certain searches. We can have a search volume to analyze what long tail keywords related websites through this function.

(2) by the Ministry of love sea related search long tail keywords analysis. When we search out a key result in Shanghai love, fall in love with the bottom of the sea will be two for the keywords related keywords. So these words are has a certain amount of retrieval, so will appear in the search. So we can also use this feature on the website of the long tail keywords were collected and analyzed. read more

Website optimization introduction series two the choice of website domain name

four, registrar: large registrars. Is not to say that the large domain registrar is certainly good, but at least stability compared to some more reassuring. A domain name is the soul of the website, some domain name registrar may because the management or technical oversight, often resulting in DNS>

content: three, correlation. When we try to register domain names and their related web content words fusion to the domain name to go inside. I do not have to do more to explain, from the search engine optimization, the domain name with the keyword pinyin or English meaning is very useful! And the user can easily determine the service content of the site from the domain name during a visit to the site, more convenient for users to choose and memory. read more

The Shanghai dragon optimization for promotion more cost-effective than three reasons

if you have done for promotion, believe that there is a nightmare that you hate – that is malicious click. For promotion because every click will spend a certain amount of money, a lot of time for this natural click cannot avoid, only is the loss of money and not to return. Sometimes is not the user clicks, but most malicious clicks are from competitors, such as natural click for the webmaster is really vulnerable. The Shanghai dragon for the optimization of the rankings do not worry because malicious clicks and loss of money, after all, Shanghai dragon optimization does not need financial support, relatively speaking, as long as the user clicks on their website not only loss can also make the search engine ranking on the site more care. You > read more

How to improve the content of the difference in Shanghai Dragon

3, the mobile terminal

this time time is relatively hot: ifeng贵族宝贝 announced downsizing reform. Refer to: "the flow of influence on cash, no great contribution, no distinct difference characteristics of PC products, I can give up the decisive." Thus, differences in characteristics of content products is the site of the core competition ability. Key words is the difference and characteristics in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process must pay attention to high quality content, high quality content here mentioned, more emphasis is differentiated, rich content etc.. Then, in Shanghai Longfeng process, contents and strategies on how to do the difference and characteristics? It must be to consider problems from multi dimension factors, detailed analysis and discussion to. read more

The 365 group website optimization chain you will notice

tried several times this kind of domain name input, the output results are the same, so you can let everyone have a worth thinking, love for Shanghai www com * * * * such as web site, where you rely on this way to post links, this is the chain I have? Try this way, in the domain web site after the emergence of a similar link.

as the saying goes, "content is king, the chain for emperor", for everyone is very clear, the search engine for the contents of the original original works are very popular, it is to use their own language to tell their own experiences. This, I believe that everyone can do, only is a brilliant and ass problem, today we to talk about web site optimization is called "the emperor" part of the site outside the chain. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization knowledge static URL Technology

for URL static, URL Rewrite Module most of the most common methods is to use the server. In (Linux+Apache+Mysql+php) commonly used in the server is the mod_rewrite module, then URL rewriting code is based on what? That point is dynamic URL structure of each site is different, the server settings will be different, I naturally we need different code, we should remember in writing when the static website URL the code must be careful, the wrong characters are likely to make your site into a tragedy. read more

Some discussion on the choice Links note


don’t think too much at once, to add a dozen PR high site Links day, this is not love but harm you, you think the naive search engine this happy, every day to your site update, is actually a big mistake. The search engine is to visit your site, but the site itself is not suitable for so many high weight chain, but you just want to attract, this kind of practice is called Cleverness may overreach itself., finally you can get is sad, money, no effect, the site is down right.

three.PR high site to take chain than what is almost removed. read more

Shanghai Longfeng example West YALG’official website of the Shanghai dragon of the whole cabinet

solution: it is also an important personal website found that since the love Shanghai promotion, is love Shanghai note up, often included, because love Shanghai high quality outside the chain, the website in just a month will be some keywords ranking to the first page first the first second pages, or.

encountered problems in the process of two: general background, resulting in many of the same kind of all pages to all have the same title.

West YALIG’whole cabinet is a 8 year old Hebei whole cabinet brand, but in e-commerce started late, the latest revision of the website launched on May 2011, YALIG’ official website 贵族宝贝xiyalijia贵族宝贝. In the aspect of Shanghai Longfeng responsible by me, but it is also a difficult site. From its first line, to be included on the discovery of major problems, the following detailed introduce the optimization process. read more

Application of canonical label in Shanghai Longfeng in optimization

"canonical" label can solve the problem of too many similar content, cause the page to overlap, with this tag you can make the search engine grab one you want the page to be made. The gift of tea set (贵族宝贝 feeds.

this code, so the search engine will only index the page, other pages will not participate in the ranking of words, we can see the love of Shanghai search engine also recognized this property.

"canonical" label was introduced by Google, to regulate the highly similar web page content, for example, we have several pages are about tea, tea when we optimize the relevant keywords, will not know which pages link to meet good, this is the time when we can take a page as the important page, add a "canonical" label, the page indexed search engine will. Although this label is launched by Google, but now in Shanghai search engine also taking action. read more

Small tips to improve the weight of the inside pages of the

, increase the weight of the inside pages

1, improve the The

page is also have some weight, want to have high weight inside pages have to think of ways to increase, increase the weight of two points: 1, the inside pages of information to be rich, to the original, if a piece of content only a few dozens of words, so even if the web page is collected, will not give you high weight the information is love Shanghai to see you this page is doing and give scores. 2, in the manufacture of the inside pages of keywords, the content of a web page only around the keywords to write, the best title of the content above, told the Shanghai word is very important, love Shanghai will begin to analysis the theme of this article, and give the keyword ranking. read more

Shanghai dragon second realm of long tail optimization basic operation

many people in a very long time to learn the Shanghai dragon, but always in the first stage, also is the keyword optimized, station code, structure, tags, pictures also adjust very well, there are still some visible skills, but encountered optimization of long tail words don’t know how to do. Confused, then update constantly, constantly by the long tail word as the page title to the so-called long tail word optimization, when more than 1000 pages to find articles included, add a lot of IP, but the effect is very poor, almost no growth, in fact, the optimization of the long tail word is not a simple add articles, I remember in the Zac in an article said: only up to hundreds of thousands of the long tail word above the page is the long tail optimization, of course, master who is of great reference value I think, however, long tail optimization is a concept, and stand size, how many relations content is not great, for many enterprise stand for, not less than 50 pages of the station can do long tail optimization, some of the basic operations following my own office renovation site optimization case the optimization of the long tail word. read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis basic corporate website

The second step:

in the optimization process have used some cheating methods, the most common is the mass. The domain name of the website is to buy the domain name or its registration. There is no love sea site K, have no right to be reduced, these problems need to ask. Understand the history on the "web site optimization after an antidote against the disease.". Mainly from two aspects: the "drug"

, 1 station: talking about the station optimization of enterprise website, not so complicated. It is the design and content of two common problems, website design is the form and image too much. The station is the largest enterprise product pictures, and some great pictures. So we must optimize these pictures, can use the small map as far as possible with the small map. Another picture of the ALT attribute is the key. Although DIV+CSS is the code users design trend, but there are still many enterprises with a large number of tables for table use station, too many sites recommend a DIV+CSS layout. In addition to tables and pictures Q > read more

Shanghai dragon website optimization progress from doubt


two: learn to doubt can let you find beyond the competition key

In fact, !Optimization of

: learn to doubt to constantly adjust the search engine algorithm needs

such as the site of second-hand car home site is constantly growing from doubt, had simply not what robots file, the search engine can look at my web site, the optimization of the trace to search engine land, so in site operation after a month, I will set my website robots file, the domain name is CHE2 at the beginning of the site after several rounds of screening a final, this domain is relatively short, in comparison with the second-hand car, very easy to remember, to know the choice of domain name basically can related to the success or failure, so the final choice of the domain name CHE2 I still feel very satisfied, then your site to KEYWORDS gradually, all the details of META affecting Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect have made adjustments, Sometimes there is an error, but after a long period of data analysis, and continue to doubt, now is the good of my site rankings and weight is read more

The 10 Shanghai white dragon skills, only God can

we have been talking about the white hat Shanghai dragon, then white hat Shanghai dragon skills will be your today? Take you to see the 10 white hat Shanghai dragon skills, said that only God can, with a look.

3. navigation list users most want to see the topic, with sweeping robot as an example, users most want to know is: which brand is good, the evaluation and ranking, then we can layout in the navigation: brand recommendation, robot and robot ranking evaluation. Users see these he most want to know about the topic, can click to view the user to stay, even no ranking read more