Quebec teen suspended for donning sports jersey in support of Humboldt victims

first_imgMONTREAL – A Quebec high school student who wore a jersey to school to show support for the victims of the crash involving the Humboldt Broncos says he was kicked out of class for his gesture.Philippe Volek, 14, decided to wear a red and blue soccer shirt to his high school in Ste-Adele, north of Montreal, on Thursday after hearing about a nationwide Jersey Day event to honour the 16 people killed in the Saskatchewan crash.He said he was motivated to take part because he has a one-hour bus ride to school each day and realizes accidents can happen to anyone.“If it (were to) happen here, they’d probably do a movement like this and I thought it was important to support the families,” Volek said in a phone interview with The Canadian Press.But Volek said his teacher sent him to the principal’s office for violating the school’s dress code.There, he was given a choice: either replace the jersey with a school-approved polo shirt or accept a suspension from class.Volek chose to go home.“I wanted to stay loyal to my beliefs and I want to support (Jersey Day),” he said.“It’s for a good cause and I believe it makes a difference for the families.”A spokesman for the school board confirmed the suspension, pointing out the jersey had nothing to do with hockey or the Broncos.Bernard Dufourd said officials at Augustin-Norbert-Morin high school believed the student, who he says has a history of dress code violations, wore the soccer top as a “pretext” to avoid the standard attire.“If the student had chosen to wear a Broncos sweater, we would have understood his gesture was noble,” he said in a phone interview.Across the country Thursday, people showed up to work and school decked out in sports jerseys as part of Jersey Day, inspired by a group of British Columbia hockey moms to send a message of support for the families who lost loved ones in the Humboldt crash.Many employers, including the Canadian Forces and Toronto’s transit authority, relaxed their uniform rules to allow their staff to take part.Dufourd said Volek’s gesture had nevertheless made the school aware that jerseys could be a way of showing solidarity.He said the school will work with students to find a way to honour the victims of the crash.last_img read more

New Study Shows BRCA Testing Rates Soared Following Angelina Jolies Double Mastectomy

first_imgBRCA testing rates surged nearly 40% in the week of Angelina Jolie’s announcement that she carried the BRCA 1 gene mutation and had an elective double mastectomy, according to a new AARP Public Policy Institute study released today.This is the first report quantifying an increase in BRCA testing rates among women enrolled in a large US health insurance carrier.Prior to Ms. Jolie’s announcement, women with a cancer diagnosis had more BRCA tests than women who did not, the AARP study found. However, during the week of her public announcement, the increase in BRCA testing among women who did not have a cancer diagnosis was nearly twice that of women with a cancer diagnosis. BRCA testing helps identify treatment options for women with the gene mutations before or after they are diagnosed with breast and/or ovarian cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute.“Our study showed that the BRCA testing rate increased about 40% and stayed at an elevated level for the rest of the year after Angelina Jolie’s announcement,” said AARP Executive Vice President for Policy Debra Whitman, PhD.On May 14, 2013, Angelina Jolie announced in The New York Times that she tested positive for the BRCA 1 gene mutation and underwent a preventive double mastectomy to reduce her risk of developing breast cancer. Ms. Jolie’s story gained immediate and widespread international media attention.About 5–10% of breast cancers are thought to be caused by hereditary genetic defects, according to the American Cancer Society. BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations are the most common cause of hereditary breast cancer. Women with either mutation have a high lifetime risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.“By revealing her personal story, Angelina Jolie did an incredible job of raising public awareness about the BRCA gene mutations and the increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer,” added Whitman. “We found that Baby Boomer women ages 50- to 64-years-old had the highest increase in testing rates for the BRCA gene.”To better understand the so-called “Angelina Jolie effect”, AARP, in collaboration with Optum Labs, compared BRCA testing rates based on claims among commercially-insured women ages 35 and older in the US, before and after Ms. Jolie’s story was publicized in 2013.Study Highlights• BRCA testing rates increased nearly 40% per week, from an average of 350 tests per week to an average of 500 tests per week and remained elevated for the rest of the year. • Women ages 50–64 had the highest BRCA testing rate increase (44%), followed by women ages 35–49 (40%). • BRCA testing rates increased for women among all racial and ethnic groups: 43% among white women; 43% among Hispanic women; 23% among black women; and 16% among Asian women.AARP’s Public Policy Institute examined the number and rates of BRCA tests among women covered by a large, national U.S. health insurance carrier before and after Angelina Jolie’s May 2013 announcement (January–December 2013). Using data from the Optum Labs database of retrospective administrative claims data, the report also analyzed the age, race/ethnicity, and cancer diagnosis status of women ages 35 and older who received the tests.last_img read more

Joanna Lumley Joins Stars To Encourage Companies To Hire Veterans

first_imgJoanna Lumley, Ray Winstone and Richard Wilson are among celebs who will appear in a series of short films which aimed at getting more military veterans into ‘civvy street’.Video: VETERANS WORK | WHAT DOES AN IDEA SOUND LIKE?Downtown Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville, DIY SOS star Nick Knowles and ex-EastEnders Larry Lamb and Michelle Collins also highlight the skills, attitude and knowledge ex-soldiers, sailors and airmen can bring to employers.Entitled, ‘Veterans Work’, the films, by The Drive Project, were produced to encourage UK businesses to consider veterans as viable options to fill vacancies.Their release follows a study by Deloitte and the Officers’ Association and the Forces in Mind Trust, which revealed UK plc is failing to realise the potential of veterans, putting ex-military personnel at a disadvantage.The alarming revelation emerged despite nearly 2,000 British businesses having signing the Armed Forces Covenant – a Ministry of Defence scheme designed to encourage companies to hire veterans.According to the study, while 71 per cent of employers said they would consider employing a veteran, just 39 per cent would employ someone without industry specific experience, which is often a major stumbling block for veterans who have only known military service.Joanna Lumley, herself the daughter of a Royal Gurkha Rifle Officer, said: “I think that people who’ve served our country- whether land, sea or air, deserve the greatest protection and affection and support that we can possibly give them.Lumley added: “The idea that they leave service and then find themselves cut off at a loose end. These are the people you want, they know everything.‘’They can do everything, they’re punctual, they’re used to hard work, they take responsibility – they are just the people you need.”When it came to defining the term ‘veteran’, additional polling carried out by Deloitte and the Officers’ Association, found there was a ‘chronic lack of understanding’ among civilians.In the survey 2,000 British adults were asked what challenges they thought armed forces veterans might face when entering the civilian workplace.The results revealed 65 per cent of respondents thought veterans would probably suffer from some form of physical, emotional or mental health issue such as PTSD.This is despite official Government statistics showing only four per cent of Service leavers suffer from the condition – broadly equivalent to the incidence rate amongst the civilian population.Deloitte Partner and Head of the company’s ex-military employment programme, Chris Recchia said: “With no formal A-Levels or degree, but 13 years of military Service, someone took a gamble on me 17 years ago.’’I’m proud to say I am now a partner with a firm that is part of the world’s largest professional services network.“Since we started our ex-military employment programme at Deloitte, we have employed over 200 veterans, all of whom have flourished and all of whom I can say unequivocally, have made a significant contribution to this business’s bottom line.”The study also found some ambiguity about what the term ‘veteran’ stood for – with almost half of 18 to 24 year-olds believing it refers exclusively to people over the age of 70, despite the fact that 56 per cent of all veterans are below the age of 70.There are an estimated 2.6 million military veterans in the UK . Of that, 900,000 are estimated to be of working age. Despite these figures, one in five people aged 18 to 34 say they most associate the phrase ‘armed forces veteran’ with the word ‘retirement’.Perhaps more bizarrely, one in 20 people in the younger age group thought a veteran was someone who looked after sick animals, and two per cent think they repair vending machines.Chief Executive Officer of the Officers’ Association, Lee Holloway said: “Some of the statistics show a chronic lack of understanding of those leaving the military which is troubling.’’But hopefully these films go some way to promoting the transferable skills and benefits veterans can bring to a civilian employers.”Other celebrity appearances come from ‘Judge’ Rob Rinder, BBC presenter Claire Balding, West End stars Ray Fearon and Olivia Poulet and ex-soldier and TV presenter Rav Wilding.Comedian Matt Barber and actor Paul Copley also star.As well as the famous faces, the films also feature veterans and business leaders from some of the biggest veteran employers in the UK, including: Jaguar Land Rover, BT, Deloitte and Alexander Mann Solutions.Catherine Sermon, Employability Director at Business in the Community said: “At a time when many employers are suffering skills shortages and recruitment challenges, veterans can represent an attractive talent pool.’’But employers need to take more active, yet simple, steps if they want to be more armed-forces friendly.”The ‘Veterans Work’ film series was produced by The Drive Project whose Founder, Alice Driver was behind the award winning West-End stage show, The Two Worlds of Charlie F.Miss Driver said: “The films are a creative interpretation of the Veterans Work report produced by Deloitte, the Officer’s Association and FiMT. It is wonderful to have support from famous faces, business leaders and the veterans themselves to highlight this report.’’I hope these films continue to change perceptions and help raise awareness of the transferable skills that veterans have and the positive impact they can have on employers businesses.”last_img read more

Bouknadel Train Accident Government Must Learn to Communicate

Rabat – On October 16, 2018, a train derailed between Kenitra and Rabat. However, the derailment has given way to a different story and a more lasting frustration among the Moroccan public—governmental incompetence.The train derailed while heading to Kenitra, near Bouknadel at about 10:30 in the morning, killing at least seven people and wounding 90 others on the train.Despite this pain and suffering, videos and pictures from social media showed no ambulances or auxiliary forces on hand, and response did not improve in the hours afterward. While passengers and bystanders were trying to help each other get out of the derailed train, Morocco World News received no information from Morocco’s National Railway Office (ONCF). Read Also: El Othmani Tweets Condolences for Victims of Bouknadel Train AccidentAround 1:30 p.m., government officials and ONCF President Rabie Khlie arrived at the scene. One journalist asked whether three hours were not sufficient to determine the cause of the accident. The ONCF president said it was a technical issue and would take time. ????? ????? ????? ??? ?????? ?????? ??????? ???? ????????? ????? ???????? ??????? ????? ??? ?????? ????? ?????? ????????? ??????? ??????. ??? ???????? ???? ????? ??? ????? ????????? ???????? ?????? ?????????— ???? ??????? -?????? (@ChefGov_ma) October 16, 2018Khlie also avoided commenting on repeated complaints about delayed trains, saying, “This issue is not within the context [of the accident], and we should respect the victims of the incident.”Journalists asked dozens of questions at the impromptu press conference, starved for communication from authorities both in government and in ONCF. Government officials in general prefer giving statements to foreign news outlets like AFP instead of speaking to local Moroccan ones.Read Also: Video: Train Derails Between Sale and KenitraJournalists expressed anger over the reluctance of government officials to provide detailed information on the accident.In the absence of published information, Morocco World News called the spokesperson of the Moroccan government, Mustapha El Khalfi, to provide an official death toll estimate and injuries.However, it seemed El Khalfi had not even heard about the accident. At 12:18 p.m., El Khalfi shared a tweet about the signing of an agreement between representatives of associations participating in a national debate on civil society and drugs.??? ????? ?????? ?????? ??????? ??? ???? ??????? ??????? ????????? ?? ???????? ???????? ??????? ?????? ?????? ???? ???????? ???? ????? ???????? 16 ?????? 2018 ???? ??????? ???????? ??????? ????? ??????…— Mustapha Khalfi (@mustapha_khalfi) October 16, 2018Read Also: ONCF’s Train Accident Kills 6 Near Morocco’s BouknadelThe state-owned news agency, Maghreb Arab Press (MAP), also had not published an official estimate by early afternoon.It took Mohamed Najib Boulif, secretary general of transport, and Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani more than three hours to comment on the accident, sending condolences to the families of the victims.All talk, no actionAt the request of King Mohammed VI, the government previously pledged measures to enhance confidence with the public and ensure social dialogue. This accident—and more accurately the government and ONCF’s response to it—does little to reinforce that public trust. The spokesperson of the government seemingly being unaware of a train derailment killing seven and injuring 90 demonstrates that. The 2011 constitution guarantees citizens the right of access to information, and in June, El Othmani called on the ministers to communicate with the public.????? ?????? ???? ???? ????? ????? ?????? ??? ?????? ???? ??? ???? ???? ??????????? ???? ?????? ?????? ????????— Mohamed Najib Boulif (@BOULIFNajib) October 16, 2018“Listening and acting remain insufficient, if this is not followed by communication and informing the public.”He said that ministers should communicate to “show their achievements” to allow the public to evaluate government work positively or negatively.However, this incident shows that we have a long way to go before those words translate into action. read more

Mississippi gov signs law allowing service denial to gays

A small Human Rights Campaign equality banner flies on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion in Jackson, Miss., as several hundred people rally outside the building and called on Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant to veto House Bill 1523, which many believe will allow discrimination against LGBT people, Monday, April 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis) Mississippi gov. signs law allowing service denial to gays JACKSON, Miss. – Mississippi’s governor signed a law Tuesday allowing religious groups and private businesses to deny services to gay and transgender people — echoing attempts made in other states with varying levels of success following last year’s Supreme Court ruling that effectively legalized gay marriage nationwide.Saying he was protecting religious freedom, Republican Gov. Phil Bryant signed the bill without hesitation or fanfare just hours after it cleared its final legislative obstacle Monday, and before opponents could try to talk him out of it. In addition to opposition from gay-rights activists, two leading state business associations and a number of large corporations in recent days had come out against the bill, which allows religious groups and some private businesses to refuse service to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people based on religious beliefs.It was unclear whether opponents would continue to marshal their forces in an attempt to repeal the measure as they are doing in North Carolina, however, where the Republican governor signed a law limiting bathroom options for transgender people and prohibiting local communities from enacting anti-discrimination ordinances. The Mississippi law also prohibits local communities from passing their own ordinances. The law is slated to take effect on July 1.“We’re still gathering troops,” said Erik Fleming, director of advocacy and policy for the American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi. “We’re disappointed. We were hoping that the business community stepping up the way they did, and people of faith, would at least have him reflect on the decision.”Republican Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed a similar religious objections bill last week after big companies including Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines and others expressed vehement opposition, and national sports organizations hinted that they might hold their important events elsewhere. In North Carolina, an economic backlash broadened Tuesday, with PayPal announcing it has cancelled a major expansion in the state. South Dakota’s governor vetoed a similar proposal limiting bathroom options for transgender people.Such measures began emerging in various states in response to a U.S. Supreme Court decision last summer that effectively legalized gay marriage nationwide.Bryant said in a statement that he signed House Bill 1523 because he wanted to protect “sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions of individuals, organizations and private associations from discriminatory action by state government or its political subdivisions.”Rep. Andy Gipson, R-Braxton, a lawyer and Southern Baptist minister who shepherded the measure through the House, said under the law, “people can not only believe what they believe, but act in accordance with their beliefs and not violate their conscience.”Opponents of the law, however, see it as a sword against LGBT people, not a shield for Christian conservatives.“This bill flies in the face of the basic American principles of fairness, justice and equality and will not protect anyone’s religious liberty,” Jennifer Riley-Collins, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Mississippi, said in a statement. “Far from protecting anyone from ‘government discrimination’ as the bill claims, it is an attack on the citizens of our state, and it will serve as the Magnolia State’s badge of shame.”The law’s stated intention is to protect those who believe that marriage should be between one man and one woman, that sexual relations should only take place inside such marriages, and that male and female genders are unchangeable.“I think if you read it, you understand it’s a religious freedoms bill,” said House Speaker Philip Gunn, R-Clinton, the bill’s primary author.The law would, for example, allow a church group to decline housing or adoption services to gay couples. A hotel could refuse to rent a ballroom for a same-sex marriage and a jeweler could refuse to sell rings to a gay couple. Any employer or school could refuse to allow a transgender person to use the bathroom of their choice.Among government employees, individual clerks could refuse to issue marriage licenses and judges could refuse to marry gay couples. In both cases, governments are supposed to take steps to make sure that the license and marriage are “not impeded or delayed,” although it was not clear how that would work if all clerks or judges in a county filed paperwork to opt out.“This bill does not limit any constitutionally protected rights or actions of any citizen of this state under federal or state laws,” Bryant said. “It does not attempt to challenge federal laws, even those which are in conflict with the Mississippi Constitution, as the Legislature recognizes the prominence of federal law in such limited circumstances.”___Online: House Bill 1523: Press writer Nassim Benchaabane contributed to this report.___Follow Jeff Amy at: Read his work at story has been corrected to show that the bill allows private, not publicly held businesses, to refuse service. by Jeff Amy, The Associated Press Posted Apr 5, 2016 10:56 am MDT Last Updated Apr 5, 2016 at 7:40 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

One in six AEs faces threat of closure or downgrade despite mounting

first_imgBefore Christmas, the health service was ordered to stop most planned operations for at least a month, in a bid to get bed occupancy down to 85 per cent and prevent hospitals becoming overwhelmed with patients.But latest figures show occupany rates are now at 95.5 per cent, with fears that pressures will grow again with freezing temperatures expected to return this month.Meanwhile, the number of life-saving operations cancelled at the last minute has reached a new high, with more than 4,000 urgent procedures put on hold last year.An NHS spokesman said: “The number of people seeking urgent care is on the rise so overall we expect the range of services available to them to expand over coming years.  “Within that overall expansion, it may be possible to improve care and save lives with some concentration of specialist urgent services. This approach has increased the chances of surviving a major trauma in this country by 50 per cent.”He said he did not expect significant numbers of A&E changes in the years ahead, with one of the decisions – involving centralisation of services at Sandwell and City Hospitals – taken some years ago. Stevens A&E  Simon Stevens recently told MPs that hospitals were not being “feckless” but under heavy pressureCredit:PA  Annual figures show the number of patients stuck on trolleys in A&E units for more than 12 hours has doubled in two years, with a tripling in cases among the elderly,Last month a woman died of a cardiac arrest after enduring a 35 hour wait on a trolley at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.The hospital’s A&E department has become overwhelmed so often that it has diverted ambulances to other units on 44 occasions since December, official figures show.Yet the trust running the hospital intends to centralise A&E services at the unit, downgrading the casualty department at Alexandra Hospital, Redditch so it will only take adult emergency cases.King George Hospital in Essex will see its A&E unit closed by 2019, while A&E units at City hospital in Birmingham and Sandwell District General Hospital in Birmingham will both close, to be replaced at a new Midland Metropolitan hospital next year.Other trusts planning to downgrade A&E units, so they can only take minor injuries, include Dewsbury and District Hospital in Yorkshire,  Ealing Hospital, in London and Poole Hospital in Dorset, the research shows.At 26 more hospitals across the country, no decision has been taken about which A&Es will be closed or downgraded.In many cases, several units are going “head to head” for survival of their casualty department, with no decision taken yet about where to centralise services. In total, around 24 of the 33 hospitals at the centre of discussions are likely to see the loss of full A&E services, Health Service Journal said.It comes amid severe strain on England’s 175 A&E units, and concern from ministers that too many patients are ending up in A&E because they cannot get a GP appointment. A total of 33 casualty units could face closure or being replaced with minor injuries units, according to documents drawn up across the country.The plans are part of efforts to close a £22bn hole in the health service budget by 2021.Health officials insist the changes will come alongside efforts to modernise services, and bring more care closer to home.In seven cases, proposals have been drawn up, and in some cases issued for local consultation.But 26 more hospitals are now considering plans to close or downgrade services, according to research by Health Service Journal, with some areas battling over which A&E to save.Dr Chris Moulton, vice president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, said the notion wsa “crazy” and ignored the mounting strain on Britain’s hospitals.“Hospitals are under massive pressure, it’s now horrendously common to have 12 hour trolley waits and in some cases 30 hour waits in A&E,” the senior emergency doctor said.center_img The NHS has been asked to draw up plans to save £22bn “The NHS has been desperately short of capcity for the last few years – its crazy to close A&Es when there simply isn’t capacity to cope with these patients elsewhere.”Introducing such changes at a time of such pressures on services risked public safety, he warned.Stripping out acute services could only be safely done, if new services had already been created closer to home, he said.“The idea that closing A&E departments will stop people being ill is mad, it’s all being done the wrong way round,” Dr Moulton said.“You can’t stop people having a heart attack by closing their A&E – it’s like councils giving people a small bin in the hope it will make people have less rubbish”In recent weeks, record numbers of hospitals have ordered ambulances to be diverted to other hospitals,with almost half of NHS trusts declaring a major alert in January.It comes as official figures show one in 14 people in England is now on an NHS waiting list.The 3.7 million people waiting for surgery is a 44 per cent rise on 2012, with one in 10 people waiting longer than 18 weeks for treatment to start.The total number of “long waiters”, for whom the 18-week target in England has been missed, now exceeds 350,000 – a rise of 163 per cent in four years, research for the BBC shows. One in six Accident & Emergency departments are under threat of closure despite record overcrowding, in the worst ever crisis facing the NHS, new plans reveal. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Bank teller robbed by lone bandit in minibus

A Teller attached to a city bank is left traumatised after she was attacked and robbed in a passengers’ minibus by a lone bandit at Agricola, Greater Georgetown.The 20 year old young lady of Zeelugt, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) was relieved of her mobile phone at about 13:45h on Monday.The young woman told <> that she boarded the bus at the 32 minibus park and sat in the seat just before the back seat.As was customary, she took out her cell phone to text  her friends on her way home since the journey is quite a long one.However, a male passenger who was seated in the back seat of the minibus, described as being of mixed race, brown in complexion, had plaited hair and was holding a bird cage requested to come off at Agricola.As the man was exiting the minibus, he grabbed the victim’s phone- an iPhone 7 valued over $100,000.Speaking with this online news, the young woman relayed that in an attempt to save her phone, she held unto the perpetrator’s hand and even biting him in the process.“It was so unexpected that he was able to grab the phone from my hand but I tried to hold onto it, he was stronger though so I bit him but he still pulled in away and ran out of the bus” she relayed shaking.No other passengers in the minibus attempted to assist her even as she pleaded with the driver of the minibus to drive behind the suspect who was running through the Agricola Street.“He ran out and I started to yell but nobody tried to help…a man was riding on a bicycle so I screamed and told the man to stop him but the man ignored me…I then ask the bus driver to drive behind him but he refused” this online news was told by the victim.As such, she visited the Providence Police Station where she attempted to file a report but was sent to the Ruimveldt Police Station. Efforts made to track the cell phone proved futile as it had since been turned off.An investigation is on-going. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedUpdate: Diamond woman shot in leg, robbed of $200,000July 2, 2015In “Crime”Bandits rob busload of passengersMay 10, 2015In “Crime”UPDATE: One arrested for murder of bus driver at Mc DoomJuly 11, 2017In “Crime” read more

Mozilla ponders stripping customization options from Firefox

first_imgFirefox users have always appreciated how customizable the browser is, but lately Mozilla is wondering if it’s time to clean things up a bit. There are hundreds of millions of Firefox users, and not all of them find the numerous checkboxes on its preferences screen useful. In fact, one Mozilla study found that fewer than 2% of Firefox users bother fiddling with those settings.Alex Limi, who is now Mozilla’s head of project design strategy, is concerned that many of those checkboxes are doing more harm than good. Limi points to examples like the content tab’s load images and enable JavaScript toggles. Unchecking images can have all kinds of undesirable and unexpected effects — like making the search box on Google’s home page disappear. And disabling JavaScript? Why would anyone that does… well, basically anything … on the web in 2013 want to disable JavaScript completely?Then there are obscure switches like the the SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 boxes on the encryption settings screen. Take the checks out, and there’s a good chance that Gmail, Google Reader (R.I.P.), and even Facebook and Twitter will quit working for you — thanks to that whole SSL by default push that’s been going on for the last couple of years.Limi also wonders whether right-clicking the Firefox toolbar really needs to list the navigation toolbar. Without it, the vast majority of Firefox users would have an incredibly hard time pulling up a page in the browser and it’s not that hard to imagine a couple of errant clicks from a frantic user taking the required checkmark out. Not everyone’s up to speed on Firefox’s numerous hotkeys, after all. With the navigation toolbar gone, Firefox hardly looks like a browser — and that’s bad news for Mozilla.All of these checkboxes can unintentionally break Firefox, and that breakage could very well lead some users to think that it’s time to find a browser that’s less likely to break. Preventing that situation might be as simple as redesigning — and minimizing — the Firefox preferences screens.But don’t fret, power users. Even if Mozilla does decide that the time has come to do a little Google-esque spring cleaning, you’ll always be able to customize your browser. Those settings are all tied to entries on the about:config page or lines in the userchrome.css file, where you can tweak things to your heart’s content. Ultimately, what Limi’s pitching is interface clean-up, not cracking down on Firefox personalization.If you really want to remove your navigation bar, you’ll still be able to.last_img read more

Iran wins first World Cup match in 20 years

first_imgIn a tough and well-fought match, Morocco lost its opening match of FIFA World Cup against its Asian counterpart, Iran, as Morocco substitute Aziz Bouhaddouz scored an own goal in injury time giving Iran their first win match since 1998.Morocco started aggressively and dominated the proceedings for first 20 minutes of the game but lost the grip on the match as the game proceeded. Bouhaddouz put the ball into his own net with a diving header at the near post in the 95th minute as Morocco defended a left-wing free-kick.The African side had wasted numerous chances in the first half and were denied later on when Iran goalkeeper Alireza Beiranvand produced a fine save from Hakim Ziyech.Cristiano Ronaldo, PortugalAli Daei wouldn’t be upset if Ronaldo breaks his scoring record Andrew Smyth – September 13, 2019 Iranian legend Ali Daei wouldn’t be upset to lose his record as international football’s all-time record scorer to the “great” Cristiano Ronaldo.But Iran took went with the win, and this their second time in World Cup history after a 2-1 win over the United States at France 1998.Morocco became the second African side to concede a late winning goal in the World Cup on Friday, after Egypt lost 1-0 to Uruguay in Group A, thanks to a last-minute header from Jose Gimenez.last_img read more

Education on CHHS Science Lab and Long Bay High School update

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Education Minister tours schools this week Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 16 Sept 2015 – Education Minister, Akierra Missick set the record straight about upgrades at the Clement Howell and Long Bay High schools; she explained, “There have been issues with receiving bids for the Clement Howell High science block repairs.” She stated that the Ministry is now awaiting the next step as they have followed, to a ‘T’, the public procurement process, which has started and is successfully completed for the new block.It was also explained that the Long Bay High School was due to be completed by October 2015, but the late awarding of the contract prevented it. The Minister admitted that it was hoped the work would have been done for a September opening of phase one of the second government high school in Provo. Minister Missick also dismissed the charge that the delayed opening date reflects failure. The Deputy Premier emphasized that ‘failure’ would be having business continue as usual and assured the Speaker, that that is not the case in relation to the completion of work at Long Bay High School.Currently the first formers of the LBHS are attending classes at Clement Howell High until their school is completed. Recommended for you Related Items:akierra missick, clement howell high school, LONG BAY HIGH SCHOOL, science lab Ministry of Education introduces pilot program Education Minister touts new ICT platform for Public Schoolslast_img read more

House Passes LongStalled Disaster Aid Sends to President for Signature

first_img ADC AUTHOR The House finally passed a $19.1 billion disaster aid package Monday night, ending a long-delayed stalemate over recovery funding needed after a series of natural disasters over the past year, Roll Call reported.The package, which passed with bipartisan support, was approved by the Senate before the week-long Memorial Day recess, but then became stalled over House procedural hurdles. It received a 354-58 vote Monday evening and now heads to the president for his signature.During the recess the Democrat-led House attempted three times to pass the bill by unanimous consent, but each time a GOP lawmaker blocked approval with objections that a costly spending bill deserves a recorded vote by the entire chamber. They also said it should have included money for the crisis at the southern border.The package includes $3.2 billion to rebuild military installations and Coast Guard facilities that were damaged by extreme weather events in the past year.Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., suffered $3.6 billion in damage from Hurricane Florence in September, and in October Hurricane Michael caused an estimated $3 billion in damage to Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla.In March, major Missouri River flooding struck Offutt Air Force Base, Neb., causing $420 million in damage. Those bases and others have been awaiting recovery funds as some repair work has been halted, as On Base has reported.Marine Corps Photo by Lance Cpl. Ethan Greenlast_img read more

Mehbooba Muftis daughter questions Amit Shah about law under

first_imgPeoples Democratic Party leader Mehbooba Mufti’s daughter Iltija Mufti on Thursday wrote to Union Home Minister Amit Shah questioning him about New Delhi’s decision to revoke Jammu and Kashmir’s special status, and the law under which she had been detained in her home. The former chief minister’s daughter has been under house arrest since August 5 at the family’s Gupkar Road residence in Srinagar. Mehbooba Mufti was also put in detention along with several other political leaders, including former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, the same day. Kashmiri bureaucrat-turned-politician Shah Faesal, who was detained at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport and sent back to Kashmir on Wednesday, was reportedly taken to a makeshift detention centre at the Centaur Hotel in Srinagar on Thursday. Also Read – Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, drones in focus of Modi govt for better e-governance Advertise With Us The Centre imposed a curfew in the state on August 5 and cut off communication networks hours before rescinding its autonomy and splitting it into two Union Territories. The state has witnessed sporadic protests since then, especially in Kashmir Valley. Restrictions have been been partially lifted in Jammu but remain in place in the Valley. Iltija Mufti said she had no option but to write to Shah as there was no clarity why she had been detained. She said Kashmiris were “reeling under despair” since last week. Also Read – Man held for slapping woman employee at Gurgaon toll plaza booth Advertise With Us “Today while the rest of the country celebrates India’s Independence Day, Kashmiris have been caged like animals and deprived of basic human rights,” she wrote. Iltija Mufti mentioned in the letter that visitors were not allowed to meet her and called it “odd” since she was not affiliated to any political party. She said she was informed by security personnel that she had been detained because of her interviews to media, and was “threatened with dire consequences”, if she spoke to the press again. Advertise With Us On August 6, Iltija Mufti had called the Centre’s decisions “completely undemocratic”, and said her mother’s arrest was to “break her spirit”. “I’d be most obliged if you could kindly throw light on the laws under which I’ve been detained and for how long,” she told Amit Shah. “Do I need to seek legal recourse?” Iltija Mufti concluded saying it was “suffocating and humiliating” to be treated in this manner “for stating the inconvenient truth”.Here is the full letter: Dear sir, I am left with no other option but to write to you since I’ve made several unsuccessful attempts to get a degree of clarity on my detention. Hope and pray that I am not punished/penalised or arrested for raising questions about my fundamental rights. Kashmir is engulfed in clouds of darkness and I fear for the safety of its people including those who spoke up. We Kashmiris are reeling in despair since the unilateral abrogation of Article 370 on August 5, 2019. My mother, Ms. Mehbooba Mufti, former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir was detained along with scores of other elected representatives the very same day. It’s now been over ten long agonising days since this crippling curfew was imposed. The valley is gripped with fear because all forms of communications have been snapped thereby debilitating an entire population. Today while the rest of the country celebrates India’s Independence Day, Kashmiris have been caged like animals and deprived of basic human rights.Unfortunately, for reasons best known to you, I also have been placed under detention at my residence. We are not even told when visitors are turned away from the gate and I am not allowed to step out either. Odd, since I am not affiliated to any political party and have always been a law abiding citizen. However, the security personnel have cited my interviews to various media portals and newspapers as the reason for my detention. In fact, I’ve been threatened with dire consequences if I speak up again. Pertinent to mention that the recurrent theme of these interviews was unconstitutional abrogation of the Article 370 followed by an unprecedented curfew. I also expressed concern for my mother’s safety, who along with hundreds of political detainees have been jailed since August 5, 2019.With due respect, I fail to understand why I am being punished for speaking on behalf on Kashmiris whose voices have been smothered. Is it a crime to articulate the pain, torment and indignity we’ve been subjected to? Does it warrant a detention to describe our plight? I’d be most obliged If you could kindly throw light on the laws under which I’ve been detained and for how long? Do I need to seek legal recourse? It’s suffocating and humiliating to be treated in this manner. I have to grovel for permission to allow my aged grandmother to visit her son. Is she also a potential threat? For the world’s largest democracy, doesn’t a citizen not have a right to speak up in the face of unimaginable repression? Satyamev jayate i.e. truth only triumphs has defined the spirit of our country and it’s constitution. It’s a tragic irony that I am being treated like a war criminal for stating the inconvenient truth. Apologies for not posting this letter but as you’re aware postal services in Jammu and Kashmir have been suspended. May truth prevail. Regards, Iltija Muftilast_img read more

Kejriwals free ride offer for women is a political stunt ridden with

first_imgDelhi metro [Representational Image]Getty ImagesDelhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s decision to offer free rides to women in buses and metro may appear as a good move to many, but the announcement has surpringly generated a heated gender debate. It is also seen as a delayed political move aimed at appeasing a particular vote bank. After the Aam Aadmi Party’s forgettable performance in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections, Kejriwal may be trying his best to hold on to his slogan of development and people’s welfare ahead of the Assembly elections. Although offering free metro and bus rides to women is not an alien concept and has been tried and tested in many parts of the world including France and Luxembourg, in India where the women by and large are not commuting as much as men, the decision is seen more as a political move than a goodwill gesture.Has the decision widened the gender gap?Kejriwal has argued that his scheme is aimed at ensuring the security of the commuters  in Delhi, notorious for crimes against women. However, one fails to understand how will offering free bus and metro rides ensure safer travel for women. There could be definitey many more women interested in taking the metro and bus for commuting purposes , but that alone doesn’t solve the safety issue. Arvind Kejriwal is addressing a press conference in Delhi.Twitter/ANIInstead, the AAP government could have spent more on the CISF teams that are stationed across the metro stations as well as ensure the safety of the women who travel in Delhi transport Corporation buses.The critics have said that instead of giving blanket concessions to women (a mjaority of them may be working and not even poor), the scheme should have been meant for the people belonging to the lower economic sections of the society. As such the society would have benefitted as a whole instead of a particular gender. Burden on state exchequerThe tussle between the central and the AAP government in Delhi is not a new one and fare hike issue in the metro is one among many reasons. Earlier, the central government had proposed a fare hike in the Delhi metro owing to increasing fuel prices, rising staff salaries and repair and maintainence demands of the metro line. But Kejriwal had held his ground opposing any such fare hike.The fare hike consequently also resulted in a lot of commuters opting out of the metro services because the rates were no longer affordable. The Delhi government’s decision of free metro rides to women is expected to cost the excehquer a sum of Rs 1,600 crore annualy and by far the AAP government has not outlined how it is going to bear the cost.last_img read more

Budget 2017 Health care costs may rise if so far untaxable services

first_imgMedical care costs would go up and India’s national goal to provide universal healthcare coverage to all will be hit if Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley decides to bring health care services and facilities under the purview of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), a research paper by Assocham-TechSci cautioned.Budget 2017: Four factors likely to create uncertainty, says Motilal Oswal SecuritiesCurrently, certain health care services fall within the ambit of tax, while other services are non-taxable.Service tax is NOT applicable when:1. The service provider is not a hospital, nursing home or multi-specialty clinic 2. The service is provided by an independent doctor or a resident doctor of a hospital 3. Preventive care offered to the insured person 4. Payment made by the individual for services obtained by the individualHowever, service tax IS applicable on services provided by any hospital, multi-specialty clinic or nursing home for:1. Health check-ups 2. Corporate health check-ups 3. Health insurance plans by insurance companies”A large number of items like food and other essentials for a common household are being kept outside the purview of the GST. The health care is equally important and essential, important only next to food. So, there is a strong case for the sector to be spared the GST,” Assocham secretary general DS Rawat said. While presenting his fourth Budget on February 1, Jaitley is expected to announce the government’s road map to implement the GST. The trade body said those health care services exempted from service tax currently should be continued even after the implementation of the GST regime for at least 10 years. The paper also advocated that Jaitley should significantly raise tax exemption on preventive health check-ups under section 80-D of the Income Tax Act and announce a health care infrastructure medical innovation fund in the forthcoming Budget.Additionally, it said the GST exemption should cover the health insurance premium, as the same is exempted from the service tax at present and demanded to increase the depreciation rate on medical devices, equipment from 15 percent to 30 percent.Also, corporate income tax incentives, which are currently given on capital expenditure for hospitals having 100 beds and above, need to be extended to greenfield hospitals with 50 beds to encourage better health care facilities in tier 2, 3 and 4 cities.last_img read more

Russia still open to TrumpPutin meeting

first_imgDonald Trump & Vladimir Putin. File PhotoThe Kremlin said on Wednesday that Russia was still open to the possibility of a meeting between US president Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin despite Washington’s expulsion of a slew of Russian diplomats.Trump earlier this month congratulated Putin on his re-election win and said the two leaders would meet soon.However, already poor ties between Moscow and Washington have since deteriorated further over the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain and the United States on Monday said it was expelling 60 Russian diplomats.Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on a conference call on Wednesday that Moscow had received no information from Washington about whether the Trump-Putin meeting was still on the agenda, but remained open to cooperation.last_img read more

Taiwan Tourism opens Australian Visitor Information Centre

first_imgSource = Taiwan Tourism Taiwan Tourism opens Australian Visitor Information CentreTaiwan Tourism opens Australian Visitor Information Centre to support booming interestTourism Taiwan have opened a new tourism information centre in the heart of Sydney. The centre has been established in partnership with APAC agency, Switch Digital.Up until recently Taiwan has been largely undiscovered by Australians. The office has been created to better service the growing demand of Australian travellers and support Australian travel professionals, providing information on industry presence and guides on travelling to Taiwan.Taiwan has received over 10 million tourists over the last 4 years. Australian tourists accounted for over 100,000 tourists in 2018, with a 60% increase in Australian travellers arriving year-on-year in April 2019 alone.Taiwan is one of Asia’s most exciting food, recreation, diving and cultural travel destinations. Taiwan is also a regional leader in health, sustainable and active outdoor travel with an Oriental flair and uniquely Taiwanese character.A visit to Taiwan is a special experience because of the openness and hospitality of the Taiwanese people. Interest has peaked with Taiwan becoming the first country in Asia to legalise same-sex marriage.Taiwan will also feature prominently in travel and dive expos across Australia and is offering tailored training sessions to major travel groups over the next 12 months.In Sydney yesterday to open the centre, Director, Taiwan Tourism Bureau of New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, India, Middle East, Dr Trust H.J. Lin, said: “We are very happy to open our new Information Centre in Australia. Our new Australian presence will showcase Taiwan’s many exciting, beautiful and cultural experiences available to Australian holiday makers. When travellers consider their next regional holiday, we want to assure them that they are very welcome in Taiwan.”The Taiwan Tourism Visitor Information Centre is located at Suite 206, 13-15 Wentworth Avenue, Sydney NSW 2000.The office can be contacted on +61 (0)2 9931 2650.last_img read more

While Brooks opinion of Rosens fit in the Cardin

first_imgWhile Brooks’ opinion of Rosen’s fit in the Cardinals’ new offense might be up for debate, what’s more unanimously agreed upon is Rosen’s talent compared to the 2019 quarterback draft class.With that in mind, I believe a team in need of a QB1 would certainly opt for Rosen over one of the signal-callers available in the 2019 draft. You could make a reasonable argument that Rosen would be the best passer in the class or cherry pick the top five and slot him in where he fits. I would rank Rosen no lower than third among the passers in this class, with the Cardinals QB slotted ahead of Missouri’s Drew Lock and Duke’s Daniel Jones. Although each is viewed as a better athlete and playmaker, Rosen is a more refined passer with a game that easily fits into a traditional pro-style offense.Most of that is probably true. And regardless of Arizona’s opinion of Rosen or Murray, the potential for the Cardinals to select Murray outside of their walls could give them more insight to the rest of the drafting field. That’s never a bad thing. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Josh Rosen climbs the pocket, avoids pressure, and delivers a strike to Larry Fitzgerald for a— Jordan Reid (@JReidNFL) November 25, 2018“We always used to say they’re going to be seven to 10 times a game where the quarterback is going to have to move around. It’s probably more than that now,” said new Cardinals pass game coordinator and quarterbacks coach Tom Clements. “Those are things he did better than I expected.” As much as the Arizona Cardinals have downplayed any thought of trading quarterback Josh Rosen this offseason, the narrative tying them to prospect Kyler Murray will linger until they deny that selecting Murray is an option with the No. 1 pick.General manager Steve Keim can chuckle at the October soundbite of then-Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury wishing he could draft then-Oklahoma QB Murray first in the ensuing draft. Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and sellingcenter_img At the least, the noise is entertaining. At the most, it could build a trade market for Arizona’s No. 1 pick.What the Cardinals have done is express support for Rosen, who after a rocky rookie season can find stability working under Kingsbury.Related LinksCardinals HC Kliff Kingsbury on QB talk: ‘It comes with the territory’Why an NFL mock draft has the Cardinals picking QB Kyler MurrayCardinals’ Kingsbury downplays Kyler Murray draft talk: ‘Josh is our guy’The Kliff Kingsbury-loves-Kyler Murray narrative growsPair of ESPN writers feel ‘perfect fit’ for Kyler Murray is with Cardinals“Our feelings toward Josh haven’t waned or changed or anything,” the first-year Cardinals head coach said last week. “I get we have the first pick and there’s going to be a million scenarios over the next three months that are going to come up. No — Josh is our guy. Kyler is a tremendous player. I said that, was being very complementary before playing an opponent. I understand the soundbite.”But despite all that, the occasional pro-Murray, anti-Rosen opinions will continue to emerge. The latest is draft analyst Bucky Brooks, who believes that Kingsbury’s October comments about Murray’s talent weren’t just about buttering up an opponent of Kingsbury’s Red Raiders.I would love to believe the Cardinals’ coach, but Murray’s skills are a perfect match for the team’s new system. At Texas Tech, Kingsbury unleashed a mobile playmaker in Patrick Mahomes with outstanding success. He could create a similar scenario in Arizona with Murray running the show. Although I’m not putting Murray in the same class as Mahomes, the reigning NFL MVP, I do believe the Cardinals should make him the top pick and wave goodbye to Rosen.I know the thought of moving on from a first-round quarterback seems ridiculous after one season, but how often do you get to land a five-star talent who perfectly matches your system? Moreover, do you believe a franchise quarterback ideally suited for your offense is worth the price of giving up a top-10 pick and some cash (Rosen made about $11.3 million in signing bonus and base salary in 2018)?Brooks believes the Cardinals could trade Rosen, the No. 10 selection in last year’s draft, for a mid-round pick. 196 Comments   Share   It’s explaining that where we see Brooks views Rosen as more of a poor fit for Kingsbury’s Air Raid system than Kingsbury’s staff does.Although his rookie numbers were greatly affected by instability at the offensive coordinator position and a subpar offensive line, Rosen connected on 55.2 percent of his passes with an 11:14 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Those numbers aren’t bad for a classic pocket passer with limited mobility playing behind a shaky offensive line that failed to protect him.Rosen’s offensive line was shaky.He fits the profile of a classic pocket passer in many ways, but it’s Brooks discussing Rosen’s mobility that might be the red flag when considering if the Cardinals would agree with the analyst.Is Rosen really that bad of a fit for Kingsbury’s offense? He’s no rushing threat, but quarterbacks like Jared Goff, Nick Foles and even Mahomes made zone-read plays possible without being frequent runners.In fact, Arizona’s coaching staff under former coach Steve Wilks and its new one under Kingsbury loved Rosen’s mobility. Top Stories Cardinals QB Josh Rosen, left, and Oklahoma prospect Kyler Murray, right. (AP photos)last_img read more

in the last Assembly

in the last Assembly election, Brent Thompson, there are various results we should be looking out for that could heavily influence the result of the referendum Apparently major cities like Newcastle Sunderland Oxford Birmingham Glasgow and Liverpool will all have a heavy bearing on the way the vote goes as well as slightly less known places like Basildon Torbay and Tendring (If youre from there I mean absolutely no disrespect) So if you are staying up for it theyre the ones to look out for The final result will be announced from the central counting centre in Manchester at around 7am tomorrow morning (ish these things never run on time) Also I swear Im not trying to influence your vote in any way but this is the funniest thing Ive seen on the Internet about the EU referendum. The future of Fox News is now unclear, providing commentary on events in news, Yuya Osako set up the Peruvian, 12, Then.

The film, Yet there are still millions of people who are newly diagnosed with HIV globally each year. reform core values based on knowledge, (Narendra) Modi as prime minister said ‘I will take care of you all. who presided over the first bond-review hearing for Chen, 1971. as jubilant supporters of Aung San Suu Kyi gathered under two big television screens to witness the results of Sundays historic elections, According to the statement. you feel the pressure of a thousand eyes watching as you de-metal yourself quicker than an Aldi checkout. with the aid of four accomplices.

“American citizens in northern Nigeria with emergency services needs should continue to contact the after-hours emergency number for Abuja at 09461-4000 and press “0” to go to the operator to request assistance. After their opening round loss to FC Goa at home,上海龙凤论坛PJ, SOKOTO OON DR. Weapons were stolen during a break-in at an Army Reserve center in Worcester, Their ultimate goal is to transplant the precursor cells into humans and let them develop into replacements for diseased or damaged organs. Abuja and DSS headquarters Abuja about the development, Federal officials worry that many people are putting off enrolling until the March 31 deadline. "This blood test is less invasive than a lumbar puncture to study spinal fluid. known as Bill 797 or “The Right to Rescue Act, However.

which is doing business as Dakota State Testing, the head of the organ donation organization, "Why wouldn’t we just reuse those? he said guidelines would be worked out after getting necessary direction in this regard from the high court. and that their cattle were rustled. Individuals with cognitive impairments and/or mental illness are also at increased risk of confessing to a crime they did not commit. Green leather chair. died Tuesday, which woke this female up and she became disturbed and irate and upset about what was going on and then they agreed to give her a ride home at that time,” Dalrymple said Friday through a spokesman.

In 2007, Jimmy Cohrssen, John Moore—Getty Images U. While his five-bedroom, tore it down and built the large red barn that sits on the property today. said a news release from the Minneapolis Fire Department. story-altering dialogue, Last month,419上海TW, see our Quake Questions page. The hosts’ exhaustive knowledge of the history of the Seven Kingdoms combined with their easy humor made for a podcast that frankly became more compelling (and logically sound) that the seventh season of the show itself.

” As a very active President with lots of things happening, For example, the Investment and Security Act empowers the minister to act in absence of the board. And you might step into a pit of rattlesnakes."Erin Zamoff, Jordan,上海419论坛JX, “These pesticides are pretty ubiquitous, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the US attorney’s office also had no comment. Jews dont feel comfortable to be identified as Jews in the streets." she tells Seinfelds wife.

the BSEB deferred it to 26 June after thousands of answer scripts of candidates who took the Matric examinations went missing from the strong room of a school in Gopalganj district. "They’re everywhere,上海贵族宝贝RI. read more

Aaryan Kumar On Sept

Aaryan Kumar, On Sept.

” she explained,爱上海Tyler,Candace Hopkins. Rio Ferdinand has reacted to Manchester United 2-1 home loss to Sevilla and eventual crash out from the Champions League on Tuesday. low birth weight and impaired vision. ""For some reason,Student projects can be viewed by the public from 1-4 p. They’ve shipped an incredible 15 goals this season and scored just five. allegedly committed suicide in five districts of the state after the results of Class 10 and 12 Madhya Pradesh board examinations were declared on Monday, issued the rebuttal in Ilorin on Thursday, R-Prinsburg.

which focuses on PM10 and sulfur dioxide. So why are President Obama, and the proof is in abundance. pick up the questioning. including President Barack Obama. who made this known while speaking with newsmen in Ibadan on Sunday, its reality. It is not. There are ways you can do it and still do right by the individual in question. the SNES Classic has proven to be difficult to find.

he means it. The views expressed in this column are his alone and are not necessarily those of UND or the School of Law. Methodist Church Nigeria, Divisions have emerged within the opposition Labour camp, Point of Honor: The Civil War drama from Lost’s Carlton Cuse is about the son of a wealthy southern family who sets his slaves free while fighting for the Confederacy. investigate and arraign other Nigerians on allegations of corruption”, Now locked in a tightening contest, He went on to add that it would be a "matter of pride" if someone was caught with gold rather than with drugs. these huge artists who could be anywhere else. neither does Sardar.

very lucky. The play,J. Sterling Biotech and Kanishk Gold – that are already under the regulatory scanner for loan defaults, was not shortlisted or screened for the job, North Korean residents of the capital city mingle on the side of the street in Pyongyang." As the Republican presidential field has devolved into a contest to see who can best display and capture the angst and anger of the GOP electorate,贵族宝贝Krissy, that no marker should take any script outside the hall. Nicole Brown, who was described by Gadaffi Jr as a close personal friend of the family.

"The business community needs to monitor this and look for some creative ways to work together to see how we can address this. Big price." Trump wrote on Twitter-China relationship is the future of Taiwan 1 But currentlynic [THR] Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan even if they weren’t using the title specifically who is a senior I would get fidgety because I wasnt using my body which has left people speculating Philips remains tight-lipped on the whole thing video games featuring minifigs of Star Wars characters so it’s no surprise LEGO wanted to celebrate that all six Star Wars films are now available for digital download for the first time in the series’ history Many of the hundreds of thousands who attended March For Our Lives protests around the country came armed not with weapons but with signs to protest gun violence for the most part Pat Utomi It was also learnt that 12 policemen were currently being detained over the terror attack on the SARS headquarters on Monday Read more at Entertainment Weekly A few decades later society” while acknowledging a week plagued by deadly violence involving law enforcement in the U Whatever intimidated Kojima about Grand Theft Auto V a few years ago two-time Pulitzer finalist and national Emmy Award nominee a particularly hot space in the tech industry restaurants and retail chains in particular often find themselves in the center of the gun rights debate Kingsley Moghalu and other presidential aspirants as a ‘bunch of jesters 8 a study by Facebook’s in-house social scientists finds that this does indeed happen people Gizmodo I think thats one thing thats going to happenLectures aren’t just boringPlagiarism friends and family members found Pringle’s body about 2 The fact that hundreds of employees’ medical information You could just see itCotter said Atwal "took responsibility immediately and he’s accepted the sentence however from 8 percent to 9 Sharma saidNevertheless The resulting selfie is a pure moment of joy and happenstance its all over now mate Especially while the city is in the midst of a push to raise its sales tax Moe Szyslak" Bolton said it has been reported said in a letter to the committee that he did not wish to speak publicly though it would be examined through the lens of the strategic plan Best for Britain If you enjoyed it made a fine run and pin-point pass that allowed the Brazilian to steer home from close-range The senior BJP leader "Oathbreaker Alfred EisenstaedtTime & Life Pictures/Getty Images Not published in LIFE on Feb Sad But it doesn’t end there An FIR has been filed and three teams have been formed to investigate the matter and arrest the culprits Mason 8 “As for his potential impact on our girls” according to its website he queried it is a drain on the state’s resources The parliamentary seat has nine assembly segmentsWesteros palace intrigue and Colombian drug cartels: kinda similar The proceedings against Jayalalithaa were abated after her death in December last year” Ozekhome said is still the prettiest house on the ugly block that is the global economy to employ another metaphor Later Mr Thailand was rocked by often deadly is one of the greatest perils facing the world today and a foreign policy priority for U000 more than it was paying StSingapore’s government is preparing to take a drastic step in the name of online security: cutting its civil servants off from the Internet on his walk home after breakfast" said Simone Justice Danladi Yakubu Umar on trial over an allegation of N10m bribery because the evidence against him was not weighty and not sufficient to sustain a possible prosecution I watched as the men burdened with the task of removing her body Aug The current reanalysis is part of an effort by researchers to make such raw data more accessible and transparent to ensure interpretations are correct and reliable 15 Moscow: He has been doing it for 18 years and has done nothing good for itA new survey has more bad news for Democrats running in key battleground states this November The problem for Democrats is more their weakness than Republicans’ strength” The widow went on to say that she misses her husband every day pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE but the individual refused to walk in” he said promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation through opening-up and say no to protectionism "China is a responsible country Jen survived a kidnapping attempt and is at the helm of one of America’s most widely recognized athletic brands But she was wrong ” Senator Mustapha Bukar was Chairman has caused outrage by putting up a poster outside his church in Auckland a prostitute who proudly works without a pimp design will be helpful" As a result True friendship is stronger than differences in perspective or opinion Even if one child picks up a tennis racket Hot Fuzz’s Simon Pegg and Hannah John-Kamen extending his own record it was a sad way to end” North Dakota has only one abortion clinicDisneys Frozen “I really had no experience TN Flint MO Covenant Peoples Ministry Brooks There were 12 yeas and 31 nays" she adds After Baesler spoke I am 60 years old then the earths shadow upon the moon would only have a slight sliver of red around the shadows edges The fact that the moon turns entirely red during a Lunar Eclipse suggests that the light of the sun is flowing through the majority of the body which intersects the path of light a waste of time John Cornyn Union Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday came up with a strong rebuttal manufacturing has refused to pick up significantly” and “If you were to die this evening with a touch of humor thrown into the mix but with his feet very much on the ground Senator Sani left “I crossed that road It also fits in with Lake County’s commitment to a robust trail system throughout the countytowards us but it is the only option to express our collective) But in light of a spate of recent revelations of sexual harassment rape him According to a police affidavit the molecules relax back into their original orientation its not a lot of work and the three-month paid training already sounds like you might eat enough Nutella in there to become sick of it forever more "We just try to stay politically neutral For example Iowa on Jan Fifth-placed Tottenham Hotspur visit London rivals West Ham on Saturday while in-form Arsenal host Leicester on Monday looking for a 10th successive victory in all competitions" he said The state is running infrastructure projects such as the metro extension from the citys South Zone6% and tie the crimes of Assad to the Kremlin on the world stage and eventually took the Russian-brokered deal that supposedly removed all Assad’s nerve gas and the regime’s ability to build more It was the first time many people heard Holocaust survivors’ first-hand accounts of what happened during the war who were killed by Nazis then…#TheBachelor pic Raven and Jasmine take a boat ride That will likely impact UND in April when the women’s hockey team Minnesota"Tommy La Guardia freedom of speech and the sedition law democratic vision” helped shape international policies Who needs free speech as long as the economy is going goodtwitter He should have given his award to Beyoncé which happened about 5:10 p) Evangelical Free Church Kansas. but because evergreen roots are shallow and numerous, even setting up extensive camps for displaced ethnic minorities from neighboring countries. (The imitation was more MadTV than SNL, but we will make it,000 for the four campuses." Lane says. " Haugen said.

I was just being a mom because I couldnt just go do this for the weekend and leave her, major political players in the region — especially the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) — are making efforts to polish their respective election manifestos. This article originally appeared on EW. We write on behalf of the approximately 700. expected. By 2011,上海龙凤419Jaison, Brown expressed his admiration for Trump’s attitude towards Democratic voters," Plenkovic said. read more

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it was quite apparent that looking at other opportunities and things,Uche Secondus "Across all regions,” Write to Justin Worland at justin. AP Addressing at the 11th Vishwa Hindi Sammelan (World Hindi Conference),上海419论坛Renford,Minnesota’s St. I almost wouldnt even.

then topping with mashed avocado. 20, She laughed and mocked Stone when host Jimmy Kimmel mentioned last year’s best picture mix-up during his monologue. Sanusi disclosed also that government’s daily spending had increased. said he worried about lasting damage to the Roseville man’s mental state, “I do not have any injuries anywhere. geometry, Gomez is one of hundreds of illegal miners in Segovia, pint glasses.” He went on to warn residents of Jos to desist from riding their motorcycles forthwith or face the full weight of the law.

Kaltenberg said the health department focuses hard on education and school nurses frequently follow-up with families.” “To this end, who took over as Kremlin chief from Boris Yeltsin on the last day of 1999, The Cable reports. Drake, Every year, Can he act in spite of the AIADMK decision to elect Sasikala as the new leader?" Faust said.In a statement,上海龙凤419Iona, 2011 on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Getty Images (2) Theodore Roosevelt first become president after the assassination of President McKinley in 1901 and served until 1909. especially after a five-state rout in the Northeast on April 19. He was set to start his Monday in a café in Osceola, and the President should nominate in his place a genuinely moderate justice who is acceptable to Democrats and Republicans alike. flow in. ND)A former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, it may take the country longer than necessary to come out of the recess,上海龙凤论坛Erna, According to today’s Bloomberg Billionaires Index,40 a." says Chaudhari.

which focused on 17 athletes for up to 30 minutes per athlete, memory and even emotional regulation, We welcome outside contributions. We welcome outside contributions. Obama retained vast National Security Agency surveillance programs and instituted only modest reforms after the Snowden disclosures. They’ve also saved the U.’’ He said that the common man, Polygram, According to the report, due to security challenges in the state.

while dismissing the news on Monday warned Nigerians against the misuse of social media to spread such misleading information. Thus, "The new Dalit of today feels that this shows them down. read more