Couldn’t Get Tix to Idina Menzel at Radio City Music Hall? Click Here!

first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on March 22, 2015 View Comments If/Then Star Files News flash, in case you’ve been living under a rock: Tony winner, If/Then star and Frozen sensation Idina Menzel is performing a one-night-only concert at Radio City Music Hall on June 16—but if you haven’t gotten your tickets to the extremely-super-sold-out show by now, you’re probably out of luck. Wait, wait, stop crying! Even if you won’t get to hear Menzel sing “Let It Go,” “The Wizard and I,” “Defying Gravity” and more of your favorites in person, you can have an at-home listening party right here on! Stream all 30 tracks on our Idina Menzel Spotify playlist below, grab some Frozen-themed treats and rock out in your living room. “Let it go, let it go…” Related Shows Idina Menzellast_img read more

Poinsettia Pointers.

first_imgLook for: Georgia greenhouses produce multicolored poinsettias big enough to hide behind, as 9-year-old Avery and 6-year-old Stuart (behind the plant) Thomas can attest. Trick Poinsettias Into Blooming Again Next Year Poinsettias are absolutely safe, too. They’ve been scrutinized over many years and are proven to be nonpoisonous plants, perfectly safe for display around children and pets. Georgia greenhouse growers are readying millions of dollars’ worth of poinsettias for the holiday season. You know it’s getting close to the holidays when poinsettias start showing up at florist shops and chain stores. And if you want to buy the best plant, you need to know where to get it and what to look for.Start by asking for Georgia-grown poinsettias. The very best-quality plants are locally grown and sold to florist shops and garden centers.It’s not easy to produce a perfect poinsettia. But Georgia growers do a great job. They grow more than 20 varieties in a dozen sizes and shapes, including some awesome 18-inch hanging baskets and 3-gallon floor planters, that fit almost any decorative scheme.Worth the PriceGeorgia-grown poinsettias may cost more, but they’re bigger and will last longer. They’ll be as clean and perfect as you can get with a live plant.Florists do a much better job caring for poinsettias, too, while they wait in the store to be bought.To get the best poinsettias, choose plants with thoroughly colored and expanded bracts. The red, white, pink and speckled “flowers” on poinsettias are actually bracts, or modified leaves. The real flowers are the tiny yellow things in the middle of the bracts. Photo: Paul Thomas Photo: Paul Thomas/small> Photo: Paul Thomascenter_img Photo: Paul Thomas After the holiday cleanup, which for most of us is in mid-January, poinsettias must be returned to fairly bright light to remain healthy. South, east or west windows work well.The bracts may begin to fall off fast. This is normal. If they last until March, your poinsettia was very happy where you put it.Before you begin fertilizing, cut off the long stems halfway down to the soil. By early April, when the bracts begin to die, cut the plant back, leaving four to six nodes or segments in the stem.Move OutdoorsAt this point, the poinsettias can be grown outdoors in full sun. If watered and fertilized, poinsettias will grow great outdoors. Trim them in June and plant them in 1-gallon pots or large indoor planters. Bracts with no blemishes.Dense foliage all the way down the stem.Plants about two and one-half times the height of the pot.Strong, stiff stems and broken stems. Support rings make stems less likely to snap.Small, yellow flowers just barely opened.Green, healthy lower leaves. Knowing what to look for can make buying holiday poinsettias more successful. You don’t buy poinsettias for their tiny, yellow flowers, but for the modified leaves, or bracts, that surround them. And though newer colors like this pink are out there now, most Americans still prefer the red ones. Carefully slip off the pot and look for white and light tan roots that have grown to the sides of the pot. Brown roots, or few roots, can be a bad sign. A poinsettia without good roots won’t last long in your home, so it pays to check out the root system.During the holidays, you can place poinsettias just about anywhere to brighten things up. They’ll last about three weeks in fairly dark places.Water CarefullyWhile it’s in the dark, water only when the soil is very dry. And don’t fertilize it. Overwatering or fertilizing your poinsettia during the holidays is the most common cause of rapid death.It’s always good to remove dead leaves, however. Losing a few leaves is expected when poinsettias are in dark places. As a poinsettia grows, trimming the new growth will allow branching and will form an impressive, bushy plant. Trim back new growth again around July 1 and again by mid-August.Outdoors, the plants will require fertilizing every week. Most houseplant fertilizers will do. Apply the same rate as you would for common houseplants. Continue to fertilize your plant all spring and summer, backing off the fertility rate as fall nears.If watered and fertilized properly, poinsettias will grow quite large, as high and wide as 5 feet.last_img read more

February data shows decline in US mortgage delinquency rates, Vermont still lowest in East

first_imgLender Processing Services, Inc. (NYSE: LPS), a leading provider of integrated technology, data and analytics to the mortgage and real estate industries, reports the following “first look” at February 2011 month-end mortgage performance statistics derived from its loan-level database of nearly 40 million mortgage loans. Vermont has the ninth lowest delinquency rate in the nation, and the lowest east of the Mississippi.Total U.S. loan delinquency rate (loans 30 or more days past due, but not in foreclosure): 8.80%Month-over-month change in delinquency rate: -1.2%Year-over-year change in delinquency rate: -18.4%Total U.S. foreclosure pre-sale inventory rate: 4.15%Month-over-month change in foreclosure presale inventory rate: -0.2%Year-over-year change in foreclosure presale inventory rate: 7.4%Number of properties that are 30 or more days past due, but not in foreclosure: (A) 4,659,000Number of properties that are 90 or more days delinquent, but not in foreclosure: 2,165,000Number of properties in foreclosure pre-sale inventory: (B) 2,196,000Number of properties that are 30 or more days delinquent or in foreclosure: (A+B) 6,856,000States with highest percentage of non-current* loans: FL, NV, MS, NJ, GAStates with the lowest percentage of non-current* loans: MT, WY, AK, SD, ND*Non-current totals combine foreclosures and delinquencies as a percent of active loans in that state.Notes:- Totals are extrapolated based on LPS Applied Analytics’ loan-level database of mortgage assets.- All whole numbers are rounded to the nearest thousand.The company will provide a more in-depth review of this data in its monthly Mortgage Monitor report, which includes an analysis of data supplemented by in-depth charts and graphs that reflect trend and point-in-time observations.The Mortgage Monitor report will be available on LPS’ website, is external), on March 25, 2011.For more information about gaining access to LPS’ loan-level database, please e-mail sends e-mail).About Lender Processing ServicesLender Processing Services, Inc. (LPS) is a leading provider of integrated technology, services and mortgage performance data and analytics, to the mortgage and real estate industries. LPS offers solutions that span the mortgage continuum, including lead generation, origination, servicing, workflow automation (Desktop(R)), portfolio retention and default, augmented by the company’s award-winning customer support and professional services. Approximately 50 percent of all U.S. mortgages by dollar volume are serviced using LPS’ Mortgage Servicing Package (MSP). LPS also offers proprietary mortgage and real estate data and analytics for the mortgage and capital markets industries. For more information about LPS, visit is external).JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – March 21, 2011 – Lender Processing Services, Inclast_img read more

A new director of the Institute of Tourism has been elected

first_imgAt the session of the Management Board held on October 2.10.2017, XNUMX. year, for the new director of the Institute of Tourism was unanimously elected Dr. sc. Damir Krešić, a longtime member of the research team of the Institute of Tourism.Dr. In the curriculum of the Institute, Krešić announced a new step forward in business, both in the segment of scientific work and in the segment of cooperation with the tourism industry. Particular emphasis was placed on the need for practical application of the results of scientific and professional work in the tourism industry, and the need to connect science with the tourism industry. Dr. sc. Damir Krešić has many years of experience in tourism development planning, both in Croatia and in the region. During his career so far, he has participated in numerous professional projects, is the author of a number of scientific papers in the field of tourism, and his work has contributed to improving the business of many entities engaged in the provision of services in tourism.Until now, the Institute of Tourism was headed by Dr. sc. Sanda Čorak, under whose leadership the Institute has successfully implemented numerous projects important for the sustainable development of Croatian tourism. Some of the significant projects of the Institute in the past period are the Tourism Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia until 2020, the Tourist Satellite Balance (TSA), TOMAS – research of attitudes and consumption of tourists in Croatia and many others. Dr. Čorak remains at the Institute of Tourism in a scientific position.last_img read more

Announcement of protests by carriers throughout Croatia: Tourist transport on its knees

first_imgThis combination shackled us in quarantines, more or less strong, made us change our lives, habits, thoughts, jobs… One of the industries that first succumbed, and then completely stretched out is – tourism. Closed borders between cities, states, canceled transcontinental flights, ferry lines, stopped trains, buses… Until when? But we will like it. Safe. Tomorrow, Thursday at 11:55 am, buses, minibuses and vans will leave for a peaceful ride in Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Osijek, Pula, Dubrovnik, Šibenik and Zadar. The realistic scenario is for leasing houses to seize 600 buses. But who will drive tourists when the borders open? Does this introduce foreign carriers through small doors in Croatia? It is a kind of parade, less a protest of the owners of companies in OCCASIONAL TRANSPORT, which were deprived of the opportunity to work, and thus income, by the ‘crown crisis’. They are ‘pressed’ by obligations under vehicle lease agreements, and tourism is not even in sight yet. Even if there is, who knows under what conditions tourists will ride. Weeks fly by, installments pile up, nervousness and helplessness take their toll. Leasing a home, because let’s be realistic, few people are able to open a bag and buy a bus in cash, they have no mercy. It is known how it goes and who will be the first to drum. Debentures are activated and a crash is imminent. Primarily small, and over time, stronger players. Few will survive, and when the borders open one day who will drive? and in what? A realistic scenario is that this will open the market to foreign carriers that their countries have helped keep their business afloat. What the ‘Occasional Transport’ representatives are looking for is; that the state help them, in agreement with the leasing companies, to freeze the principal and interest on their contracts for a minimum of one year and to urgently grant them liquidity funds, and extend the job rescue measure for a minimum of three months. Many industries are on the verge of collapse due to the crisis and leasing costs, and one of them is carriers. Permits for transit through the cities have been issued by the police, and tomorrow you can leave – which you will not board. With, of course, a distance of two meters and a thumb up for the survival of the transport profession in tourism.center_img They also sent a press release, stating that Hanfa had left the fate of the carrier to leasing companies with a recommendation on a moratorium. Literally, she sacrificed them. One scenario is that leasing companies could seize more than 600 vehicles for tourist transport throughout Croatia. There are almost 2000 employees in this sector. They fall at the expense of the state in an instant. The measures taken so far to save jobs are just a drop in the ocean of the needs of carriers in tourism. The owners are fed up because they are aware of the value of every driver, mechanic, every link in the fragile industry. The large outflow of drivers in the last ten years to Western countries for better wages and working conditions has been a problem anyway, so it is all the more important to keep all employees. The well-known syllable #stay at home, the carriers paraphrased in #you will be left homeless. Small, so tiny that it can’t be seen with the naked eye, a virus – the world has stopped. As in a giant wall of domino tiles, regions, states, cities, continents fell… Everything stopped because of that little evil, which got its name CVD-19. But the virus, colloquially called the ‘crown’ is not alone. He has two powerful allies – ignorance and fear. Nobody knows. The first battles have been won, the number of healed is growing, but the war is still going on. And not one. At the same time, there is a war for survival. It’s hard to say who is the most vulnerable category in the trouble of a stopped world. From everyone’s point of view, the burden is the heaviest for everyone. But there is no doubt, economically speaking – tourism was the first to fall. And the latter will rise into a new circle of life. Different, no doubt. One segment of this huge industry managed to organize itself – with plenty of emotions, discussions and stories – and launch an initiative that will turn Zagreb, Split, Kvarner, Istria and Dalmatia for half an hour into a soundscape we are not used to in recent months of silence. Photo: Pexels.comlast_img read more

Governor Wolf Announces New PAsmart Apprenticeship Grants to Boost Northwest PA’s Industries

first_imgGovernor Wolf Announces New PAsmart Apprenticeship Grants to Boost Northwest PA’s Industries February 06, 2019 PAsmart,  Press Release,  Workforce Development Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf announced $467,000 in PAsmart grants for Northwest Pennsylvania today as part of his PAsmart initiative. The grants will support the northwestern region’s plastics, advanced manufacturing, and building and construction industries with on-the-job training opportunities and private- and public-sector partnerships to help Pennsylvanians in this region gain the skills they need to succeed in the 21st century economy.“Our world is constantly changing with new businesses, new industries, and new technology. To keep up, we need a workforce development system that is just as innovative and flexible to prepare people for those emerging fields and careers,” Governor Wolf said. “These PAsmart grants will provide opportunities for students, workers and job seekers to gain the technical skills needed in growing industries in Northwestern Pennsylvania.”The governor launched PAsmart last year to bolster STEM education, apprenticeships and job training. The governor’s budget unveiled Tuesday builds on the success of PAsmart to create opportunities for Pennsylvanians from birth to retirement. The governor’s Statewide Workforce, Education, and Accountability Program (SWEAP) provides opportunities for Pennsylvanians from birth to retirement. The proposal expands access to early childhood education, increases investments in schools, and partners with the private sector to build on the PAsmart initiative, a groundbreaking approach to workforce development for Pennsylvania’s economy. Governor Wolf’s goal is to develop innovative solutions that close the skills gap and rapidly meet the needs of employers.The apprenticeship grants announced today support potential and existing programs to increase “earn while you learn” opportunities across Pennsylvania. The Industry Partnership grants will help to establish industry programs connecting workers and multiple employers in the same industry in a public-private partnership to provide job training.The following PAsmart grant winners and amounts were awarded in Northwest Pennsylvania. To view full details, visit Northwest PAsmart Grants.NWPA Job Connect – A $60,000 pre-apprenticeship grant was awarded to develop sponsored certified pre-apprenticeships in Northwest Pennsylvania and invest in education and training opportunities that support economic growth by building a pipeline of skilled and ready workers for registered apprenticeship programs in the Northwest area.Greater Erie Community Action Committee – A $45,950 pre-apprenticeship grant was awarded to administer a registered pre-apprenticeship program. The program will recruit, train and educate students about the opportunities in plastics in Northwestern Pennsylvania.Thomas P. Miller and Associates – A $280,555 Ambassador Network grant was awarded to convene a consortium of partners to identify local needs and provide quarterly webinars, technical assistance and promote apprenticeship growth and retention.NWPA Job Connect – A $43,252 Next Generation Manufacturing Industry Partnership grant was awarded to create a partnership in the Advanced Manufacturing industry.NWPA Job Connect – A $36,984 Next Generation Building and Construction Industry Partnership grant was awarded to create a partnership in the Building and Construction industries.Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) Deputy Secretary for Workforce Development Eileen Cipriani met with the Greater Erie Community Action Committee (GECAC) at Executool Precision Tooling in Erie today to highlight the new SWEAP proposal, as well as GECAC’s pre-apprenticeship PAsmart grant award.“SWEAP overhauls how state government coordinates education, workforce, and human services strategies so people can get the skills to be successful in in-demand jobs with family-sustaining wages, through programs such as registered apprenticeships,” said Cipriani. “The pre-apprenticeship grant awarded to the Greater Erie Community Action Committee will allow the organization to establish a pre-apprenticeship program to reach students in high school on career opportunities in their own backyard.”GECAC’s registered pre-apprenticeship program will recruit, train and educate local students about opportunities in plastics. The pre-apprenticeship program will offer a robust overview and hands-on experience in injection molding, and will build on the growing plastics industry in Erie County. Executool Precision Tooling is a registered employer under the pre-apprenticeship program, and partner Erie Together will assist in recruiting local employers and school districts to participate. Related technical instruction will be offered through Penn State Behrend’s Office of Community and Workforce Programs. The pre-apprentice program will be the first step for students who want to explore the plastics trade.“We are excited about the opportunity to support the PAsmart initiatives,” said Danny Jones, Chief Executive Officer of GECAC. “We believe this pre-apprenticeship will be a powerful program that will connect students to in-demand jobs opportunities and training throughout Erie County.”Cipriani toured Executool’s manufacturing facility in Erie and met with GECAC and Erie Together staff, Executool company officials and local school district administrators. Executool staff led the tour of the facility shop floor, including manufacturing equipment such as milling machines and lathes that pre-apprentices will operate as they are introduced to CNC basics and the basic mechanics of plastic injection molding.“As owner of Executool I’m very excited for the opportunity to work with GECAC, Penn State, and Erie Together on this pre-apprenticeship program,” said Gary Mayes, President, Executool Precision Tooling. “With our combined collaboration, we are bringing great career opportunities to the local region. Being a part of this educational program is a phenomenal benefit for my company.”Apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs approved by L&I’s Apprenticeship and Training Office (ATO) provide employer-driven training to create a more productive, highly-skilled workforce for employers and help reduce employee turnover. The program provides job seekers with increased skills, and a nationally recognized credential to support future career advancement and increased wages.The Wolf Administration created the ATO in 2016. Since then, the office has registered 137 new sponsors and 187 new apprenticeship programs or occupations, bringing the total number of registered apprentices to 16,940 statewide.For more information about pursuing an education and career in Pennsylvania at any stage of life, visit PAsmart.Visit ATO for more information about apprenticeship programs and the Apprenticeship and Training Office.center_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

Wakerley home plenty of space for a big family

first_imgThe home at 24 Ivy Cres, Wakerley.THIS two-storey home in Wakerley was designed with a young family and entertaining in mind. Owner Kate Miles said when the home at 24 Ivy Crescent was built, her must-haves were a swimming pool and space for her five children.“It’s a home with plenty of room,” she said. “Everyone seems to congregate at our place and there’s always space for visiting relatives to stay.” On the ground floor, there is a double lockup garage, laundry, powder room, family room and a study that could be a fifth bedroom. The outdoor area at 24 Ivy Cres, Wakerley.The remaining three bedrooms have built-in robes and the family bathroom has a separate bath and shower. There is also a living area on this floor. Ms Miles said the home was in a beautiful neighbourhood with wonderful neighbours. “We’ll miss the community and the house’s comfortableness and homeliness,” she said.The home is being marketed by Michelle Rodgers and Tamara Hall of McGrath Estate Agents Bayside Manly. The kitchen at 24 Ivy Cres, Wakerley.At the back of the home, there is a rumpus room and an open-plan living, dining and kitchen space which opens to an outdoor entertaining area. The open galley-style kitchen has a gas cooktop, electric oven and walk-in pantry. Outside, the entertaining area is close to the inground swimming pool and lawn area — handy for watching the kids while they play. More from newsCrowd expected as mega estate goes under the hammer7 Aug 2020Hard work, resourcefulness and $17k bring old Ipswich home back to life20 Apr 2020“The pool is constantly being used,” Ms Miles said. “It’s a solar heated pool so we comfortably get eight months a year of swimming.” A living area at 24 Ivy Cres, Wakerley.Upstairs, the master bedroom is a private space with walk-in robe, balcony and ensuite with big shower and dual basins. “I would say my bedroom is my favourite space in the house,” Ms Miles said. “It’s like a sanctuary away from everything else and we have a beautiful city view from our balcony.” The floorplan of 24 Ivy Cres, Wakerley.last_img read more

Charmer’s breezy appeal

first_img27 Queen Street, North Ward.The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home is on a large, 836sq m block on a prestigious hillside setting with a tranquil outlook.The covered deck is suitable for year-round entertaining while there is also a renovated kitchen complete with a stone island bench.The master bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite while the home also has polished timber floors, airconditioning and ocean glimpses.More from news01:21Buyer demand explodes in Townsville’s 2019 flood-affected suburbs12 Sep 202001:21‘Giant surge’ in new home sales lifts Townsville property market10 Sep 2020 27 Queen Street, North Ward.SITTING on the expansive deck of 27 Queen St surrounded by trees, you could  be forgiven for thinking the hustle and bustle of the city was many kilometres away.The stunning North Ward property (pictured) is, in fact, only a stone’s throw from Townsville’s CBD and will go under the hammer on site on Wednesday, September 6, at 6pm. 27 Queen Street, North Ward.McGrath Agents Townsville principal and selling agent Brad Matheson said the home was in a superb location and had already received strong interest from potential buyers.“Last weekend we had over 20 people inspect it,” Mr Matheson said.“We’ve had all sorts of buyers look including some people with families, professional couples and it could suit a couple with a teenager or with small children as well.“From the property you can walk straight down to Gregory Street and The Strand and all the cafes.“It’s on the hill so it gets breezes and is surrounded by trees and nature.”center_img 27 Queen Street, North Ward.Mr Matheson said the property was unique and therefore hard to put a value on, which made the decision to go to auction an easy one.“The owners have purchased somewhere else so they don’t want it on the market for a long time, so it’s best to leave it up to the market and see what people are prepared to pay,” he said.“It’s hard to pinpoint a value on it because there is nothing identical down the road that you can compare it to.” ■ The home will be open for inspection Saturday from 12pm to 12.30pm and Wednesday from 5.30pm to 6pm before the auction on Wednesday, September 6. For more information call Brad Matheson or Jimmy Lockhart on 0418 777 670 or 0418 353 968.last_img read more

Duterte tells ninja cops: ‘I can be more evil than you’

first_imgPresident Rodrigo Duterte warns police officers, who are allegedly recycling drugs seized in antidrug operations, not to be confident in their illegal activities. PCOO “Well, I think you are… It’s a verystupid paradigm because I can be evil like you and more, if I want to be,” headded.   “Huwagmo ko bigyan ng ninja cops, mga gangster kayo. Kayong mga ninja, ‘holdaper,’ drugpusher, akala niyo kayo lang ang matigasbecause you think you have a monopoly of evil,” Duterte said on Thursday.  Duterte’s caveat to the ninja cops andcriminals came days after police General Oscar Albayalde stepped down asPhilippine National Police chief after being linked in illegal drugs. MANILA – President Rodrigo Dutertewarned police officers, who were allegedly recycling drugs seized in antidrugoperations, not to be confident in their illegal activities. Albayalde was the chief of Pampangapolice when 13 police officers allegedly let suspected drug lord Johnson Leeflee in exchange for P50 million while most of the 200 kilos of “shabu”confiscated during the operation were not declared and presumed to have beensold back to the drug market./PN With over two years remaining in histerm, Duterte said he can easily “create hell for everybody” and could also bea “good boy.” last_img read more

Aklan top cop orders disposal of faded PNP uniforms

first_imgPHOTO BY NOEL CABOBOS/RADYOTODOAKLAN KALIBO, Aklan –In the observance of the Philippine National Police’s (PNP) “Oplan TamangBihis” program or the proper wearing of uniforms, the chief of the Police ProvincialCommand here has ordered the confiscation and proper disposal of faded policeuniforms. “Our uniform isan important part of our daily life as it carries an undeniable symbolic valuereflecting the police’s authority and source of our pride and respect. A dirtyand faded one, on the other hand, decreases the respect people have for thepolice for it loses their positive symbolic value,” Osia added. “So, we shouldbe at all times disciplined and snappy in wearing our uniforms.”  Last year, thePNP planned to impose stricter measures in the sale of police uniforms so thatpolice impersonators “won’t get hold of them.” Unauthorizedwearing of police or military uniforms is penalized under Republic Act 493,which prohibits civilians from wearing, using, manufacturing, and sellingmilitary uniforms, insignia, medals, and badges prescribed only for soldiersand policemen.(With a report from NoelCabobos/RadyoTodoAklan/PN) “We believe thatwith this program, all police personnel will be forced to make use of theirclothing allowance to buy new ones. There is really no reason for us not tochange our old and worn-out uniforms,” Osia said, adding that the confiscateduniforms will be shredded and buried per the order of the police nationalheadquarters.center_img Osia said thecampaign was part of the “internal cleansing program” of the PNP in the entireregion under the directive of Police Regional director Major General RenePamuspusan.   Every threeyears, all police officers are given P14,000 each termed as ReplacementClothing Allowance to buy their new sets of uniforms.    Colonel EsmeraldoOsia Jr., director of the Police Provincial Office here, led the overallappearance and checking of uniforms of police personnel yesterday. There was also aproposal to assign serial numbers on each set for easy identification of thefake ones which are allegedly used by criminals.last_img read more