EVA Air becomes first airline in Asia to adopt Amadeus Revenue Managem

first_imgEVA Air becomes first airline in Asia to adopt AmadeusEVA Air, recently ranked one of the World’s Top 10 Airlines in 2015 (source: Skytrax), becomes the first Asian airline to adopt the Amadeus Altéa Revenue Management Suite. This move supports the airline’s international expansion, laying the foundation for EVA to accurately and intelligently price airline packages and offers.With EVA Air’s route network now covering more than 50 cities across Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania, the airline wanted a next generation, highly automated O&D revenue management system to maximise route yield and overall profitability.Amadeus’ unique revenue management solution draws on real time data from multiple sources, including the Amadeus Altéa Suite, to provide intuitive recommendations on the best pricing of airline offers. Unlike legacy revenue management systems, the Amadeus Altéa Revenue Management Suite is designed to help airlines gain competitive advantage from new merchandising practices such as dynamic pricing, fare families and ancillary service sales.Ken Chung, Junior Vice President, EVA Air, said, “Moving to Amadeus’ Altéa Revenue Management Suite is a big step for us as we continue to expand our network to North America and South East Asia markets. With a more accurate picture of future demand, we can make better pricing and availability decisions that are critical to improving our profitability.” Chungcontinued, “Moving from segment-based revenue management to O&D revenue management is a challenging process, but the EVA and Amadeus teams are working closely to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.”Equipped with the latest Revenue Management innovations to manage market changes and future growth, the highly automated system frees revenue management analysts to focus on activities that create further value for the airline and empowers them with user-friendly, real-time tools.The Amadeus O&D Business Transformation Programme is assisting EVA Air in its move from segment-based revenue management to O&D revenue management, helping EVA Air transform its revenue management organisation and work processes to help the airline get the richest benefits from the Altéa Revenue Management Suite.Hazem Hussein, Executive Vice President, Airline Commercial, Amadeus Asia Pacific, said, ”We are thrilled to work with EVA Air as our first O&D Revenue Management customer in Asia Pacific, helping them improve revenues in this highly competitive climate. EVA can now more accurately price relevant offers based on travellers’ price sensitivity and travel purpose, a big step towards creating a more traveller-centric ecosystem. In addition, the Altéa Revenue Management Suite is fully integrated with the Amadeus Altéa Suite, which EVA has used since 2013, and we expect them to enjoy greater automation and optimised revenues overall.”EVA Air’s migration to the Amadeus’ Altéa Revenue Management Suite is expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2016.Source = Amadeus – EVA Airlast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter The South African dr

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >The South African dream has come true for 10 lucky agents who were whisked away on a trip of a lifetime thanks to South Africa Tourism and South African Airways after winning their spot on the famil at South Africa’s Road Show events last October.The 10 agents from varying agencies across Australia and New Zealand were treated to a 13-day trip visiting some of the most scenic and inspiring locations on offer in South Africa.The group arrived in trendy Johannesburg at The Maslow before setting off on a quest to spot the Big Five at Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge. Cape Town put on a spectacular show with the group getting an aerial view of the Mother City via a helicopter ride, followed by a guided city tour including Green Market Square, Bo-Kaap and Long Street before finishing their day with a stay at the luxurious Table Bay Hotel.One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Grootbos Private Nature Reserve where the group had an exhilarating experience coming face to face with a Great White Shark for the first time after taking part in a Shark Cage Dive operated by White Shark Projects.Lalie Ngozi, GM Australasia, South African Tourism, said it’s always great to have travel agents experiencing South Africa for themselves.“We were very proud to be able to host this talented group of industry professionals and showcase South Africa’s diversity so they can see first-hand why it is a world-class tourism product. It is first-hand experiences like these that allow people to truly appreciate the beauty and warmth of our country,” said Lalie Ngozi.“This trip is all part of our ongoing commitment to our valued partners and I was pleased to hear that for many of the agents this was their first South African experience. It was also pleasing to hear that the overall consensus was that South Africa has amazing value for money and incredible food and culture,” continued Ms Ngozi.Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

Rep Hughes introduces domestic violence protection legislation

first_img State Rep. Holly Hughes has introduced legislation to better protect rental property tenants and their children from incidents of domestic violence, criminal sexual conduct and stalking.House Bill 5982 would allow for the change of a door lock mechanism at a personal residence, pending a written notice to the property owner and confirmation of a personal protection order, law enforcement incident report or the filing of criminal charges by a prosecuting attorney.“An incident involving domestic violence or criminal sexual conduct is a significant event on its own, even without the threat of someone having their home invaded by the perpetrator again simply because they have a key,” said Rep. Hughes, R-Montague. “This legislation would add needed personal security for the direct victims of such illegal behavior.”HB 5982 would allow for the locking mechanism change, by the property owner or the tenant, as quickly as 48 hours after the necessary documentation has been delivered. If the accused individual in question is a co-tenant of the residence, they will not be supplied with a new key, any written documentation supplied to the property owner and can be removed from the rental agreement.The bill has been assigned to the House Committee on Judiciary for its consideration. 09Nov Rep. Hughes introduces domestic violence protection legislation Categories: Hughes News,Newslast_img read more

Rep Hornberger takes House oath of office announces office staff and contact

first_imgState Rep. Pamela Hornberger takes a ceremonial oath of office on the House floor with family members, from left, nephew Eric Allen; daughter Olivia Malburg; and father Robert Hornberger.State Rep. Pamela Hornberger today was joined by her family for the first session day of the Michigan House of Representatives in the 99th Michigan Legislature, which included taking ceremonial and official oaths, meeting Gov. Rick Snyder and selecting her House seat.“This is exciting, like the first day of school, and it’s such a joyous moment to be able to share it with my family by my side,” said Hornberger, R-Chesterfield Township. “I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues in the House and Senate to keep Michigan on the comeback trail, and I want to hear from area residents with ideas and suggestions we can address together for our state and our hometown.”Hornberger’s Lansing office can be contacted by addressing letters to the State Capitol, Lansing, MI 48909-7514; calling 517-373-8931; and by email, PamelaHornberger@house.mi.gov.She is assisted by her office staff, Mel “Sonny” Koch and Phil Kraft.Koch, a Macomb Township resident, has six years of experience as House legislative office staff. He earned a master’s degree in American history from Eastern Michigan University, a bachelor’s degree in history from Alma College and is a 2004 graduate of Chippewa Valley High School.Kraft, a Chesterfield resident and 2004 Anchor Bay High School graduate, previously served five years as constituent services representative for Congresswoman Candice Miller and is currently on the Macomb County Board of Commissioners. He earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Saginaw Valley State University.“The 32nd House District and I are extremely fortunate to have Sonny and Phil on our team working for us,” Hornberger said. “Their knowledge and experience of our community and the government process means we are hitting the ground running.”##### Categories: Hornberger News,Hornberger Photos 11Jan Rep. Hornberger takes House oath of office, announces office staff and contact infolast_img read more

Rep Hornberger Bail reforms needed to address jail overcrowding

first_img Categories: Hornberger News 19Oct Rep. Hornberger: Bail reforms needed to address jail overcrowding State Rep. Pamela Hornberger this week introduced a comprehensive plan addressing the overcrowding of Michigan jails.Hornberger, of Chesterfield Township, said approximately 41 percent of the people housed in Michigan’s county jails are there because they cannot post bail.“The system is broken,” Hornberger said. “Too many people accused of minor crimes are stuck in jail because they can’t afford their bail, putting them at risk for losing their jobs, housing and custody of their children. They’re forced to serve a punishment before they are even convicted of a crime.”The solution Hornberger introduced alongside a bipartisan group of her House colleagues would create a basic financial information form that defendants would complete and Michigan judges would use to set a more appropriate cash bond amount. Specifically, Hornberger’s bill would establish a penalty for anyone who knowingly lies or misrepresents their status on the financial disclosure form.Other parts of the nine-bill package:Make a personal recognizance bond the presumed condition of pretrial release for defendants accused of non-violent crimes.Require Michigan courts to make bail findings on the record.Require district courts to submit data on bail practices to the State Court Administrative Office.As is current practice, Hornberger said defendants considered dangerous to the community, as well as anyone deemed unlikely to attend court hearings, would still receive high bail bond or be jailed without the possibility of pretrial release.The legislation, House Bills 6455-63, was referred to the House Judiciary Committee for consideration.###last_img read more

New StateBased Efforts Would Remove Barriers to Benefits for Former Prisoners

first_imgShare30TweetShare18Email48 SharesJuly 30, 2015; StatelineStateline’s Rebecca Beitsch reports that states are rethinking their policies that prevent former prisoners who had been incarcerated for drug felonies from accessing government-funded social safety net benefits such as food stamps and public assistance (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or SNAP).This is part of a larger issue: the tendency until recently to deny citizenship rights to former prisoners even though they had served their time. It is hard to mitigate recidivism pressures if former prisoners cannot get jobs after their releases. It is difficult to imagine that they feel fully a part of civilian life when they aren’t allowed to vote because of their prison time. And it is a clearly punitive policy that deprives former prisoners access to food stamps and other safety net benefits that they might clearly need as they make their transitions back into normal society.Unlike convictions for other crimes, a 1996 federal law prevents people with drug convictions from receiving TANF or food stamps except when the specific state of residence waives the ban. This law was part of the nation’s get-tough policy on drug offenses, which have hugely and disproportionately impacted people of color and put many into longer prison sentences than they would have normally received had judges had more discretion. The post-prison punishment of depriving former drug felons of food stamps and other assistance is extraordinarily wrong-headed, as some states are now recognizing and trying to fix.Eighteen states have removed the restrictions on food stamps and 26 have modified them so that people with specific types of drug felonies can now get assistance. On TANF, 14 states have removed the restrictions entirely and 24 partially. That leaves six states preventing people with drug felonies from getting food stamps and 12 from getting TANF assistance. Even Texas and Alabama, hardly in the forefront of social welfare policy advances, have removed the ban on food stamps.Removing impediments to accessing public benefits makes sense, according to Marc Mauer, executive director of The Sentencing Project. Having the impediments in place “increases the odds they will commit new crimes by virtue of the fact that you’re creating a significant financial obstacle,” he said.  A policy analyst for Alabama Arise, Carol Gundlach, points out that this is particularly important for formerly incarcerated women, who face the challenge of caring for their families, including children—making access to food stamps and TANF critically important.TANF and food stamps aren’t the only public problems that formerly incarcerated persons might need on their release. In many states, there are still restrictions on access to housing and education programs, and in some cases the decision isn’t the states’ but the federal government’s. For example, current inmates cannot access Pell Grants to pay for higher education courses, though Education Secretary Arne Duncan says he wants to change that policy. HUD imposes restrictions on access to subsidized housing for people convicted of making methamphetamine in subsidized housing and a three-year ban for people evicted from public housing due to drug-related activity. HUD is rethinking some of these policies, however, taking into consideration the length of time since drug convictions and also participation in drug treatment programs.The important subtext of the Beitsch article is this: If government is going to reduce prisoner recidivism, it won’t be from tricks and gadgets that claim to be innovations but really operate on the fringe of the problems facing former prisoners. Rather, the answers are societal—creating opportunities for former prisoners to find jobs, secure housing, and pursue education, and reducing or removing barriers to public assistance programs such as food stamps, TANF, subsidized housing, and education grants that will help people during their transitions out of prison and into normal, civilian life.—Rick CohenShare30TweetShare18Email48 Shareslast_img read more

The Sophisticated US Healthcare System Has a Shortage of Generic Drugs

first_imgShare21Tweet1Share1Email23 SharesMay 23, 2017; New York TimesThe U.S. has one of the most sophisticated healthcare systems in the world, and invents more drugs than any other country in the world. It therefore stands to reason that, financial accessibility aside, U.S. hospitals should have access to any and all drugs they need to treat their patients—but this is not the case. In fact, hospitals around the world face shortages of the most basic medicines, threatening the lives of vulnerable patients.The FDA maintains a database of drug shortages faced in the U.S., and it’s an alarming list. Three types of penicillin, including benzathine penicillin G, are listed as “currently in shortage.” Benzathine penicillin G is used to treat rheumatic heart failure, streptococcal infections, STIs, and other bacterial diseases. Other drugs on the shortage list include calcium chloride injections, epinephrine, sterile talc powder, saline, and sodium bicarbonate injections.If those last two sound familiar, they should: they’re simple solutions made with water and salt or baking soda, respectively. Sodium bicarbonate solution is used in open heart surgery, as a poison antidote, in chemotherapy, and as a painkiller. Yet despite the extreme need for the solution and the wide availability of its ingredients, the FDA estimates that the U.S. will continue experiencing a shortage until at least December. One hospital in Alabama was forced to delay seven patients’ open heart procedures because it could not get a sufficient supply of sodium bicarbonate solution. How can that possibly be when the solution is so simple that desperate doctors in World War II mixed their own?First, mixing one’s own is not an option anymore; the drugs and solutions are injected into sick patients’ bloodstreams, so they have to be pure and sterile. To make sodium bicarbonate, penicillin G, and other drugs, U.S. manufacturers like Pfizer get the ingredients from suppliers in foreign countries and mix the drugs at home. That means a number of factors can impede delivery.Only four companies produce the base ingredient for benzathine penicillin G, and three of them are in China. In 2016, two manufacturers had to shut down production for 45 days due to pollution concerns. One of them, North China Pharmaceutical Group Semisyntech, was found in violation of manufacturing standards in 2014; the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines revoked a number of Semisyntech’s quality standard certificates, exacerbating the shortage problem as far away as Brazil.The other factor affecting drug shortages is, of course, money. The United States and other countries enforce price caps on drugs deemed to be essential, including, predictably, penicillin. NPQ has noted in the past how, without regulation, drug companies often increase prices by as much as ten times the production cost, putting them out of reach for many patients. Price caps help keep basic drugs available, not only to lower-income U.S. families, but to patients in developing countries. However, this means that drug companies make much more money from new drugs that treat rare diseases than they do from antibiotics, giving them less incentive to produce the basics.“There is no money in penicillin,” says Amit Sengupta, the New Delhi-based global coordinator of the People’s Health Movement. A shot of benzathine penicillin G costs less than $2.00, and most infections like syphilis or strep throat are cured with a single shot. By contrast, treatment for rheumatoid arthritis can cost $30,000 a year; cancer treatments can cost $30,000 per month.A study from the Journal of Human Pharmacology and Drug Therapy found that 87 percent of the drugs in short supply between 2001 and 2013 were generics, which are sold at lower cost than name-brand medications.Drug shortages are not a problem that nonprofits or anyone else can afford to ignore. Rates of syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are on the rise; as NPQ has noted, a warming climate will only increase the rate of other bacterial infections as mosquito and tick habitats expand. Already, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has recommended that doctors “refrain from the use of penicillin G benzathine (Bicillin L-A®) for treatment of other infectious diseases (e.g., streptococcal pharyngitis) where other effective antimicrobials are available.” However, research shows that using other, less effective treatments can exacerbate drug resistance in bacteria, which ultimately worsens the problem. The World Health Organization has named antibiotic resistance among the top three threats to global health.The U.S. is vastly more fortunate than, say, Venezuela, where a collapsed economy has led patients to buy drugs on the black market. But the contrast between the innovative and illustrious reputation of U.S. health treatment and the frustrating shortage of something as simple as saline solution is indicative of a break somewhere in the system. This is the kind of problem the public sector often steps in to fix.—Erin RubinShare21Tweet1Share1Email23 Shareslast_img read more

Russian pay TV operator Akado has added the MGM HD

first_imgRussian pay TV operator Akado has added the MGM HD channel to its network.MGM HD is available to all HD subscribers. It is the 17th HD channel to launch on Akado’s pay TV platform.last_img

Xavier Couture has been appointed deputy CEO in ch

first_imgXavier Couture has been appointed deputy CEO in charge of communications and the France Telecom-Orange brand.Couture joined France Telecom-Orange in May 2008 as content director. He will be assisted by Béatrice Mandine who has been appointed deputy director in charge of external communications. She will be replaced as head of the press office by Jean-Bernard Orsoni, who was previously responsible for the consumer area of the press office. Mandine will also head the department responsible for individual shareholders relations as well as the digital, web and social media department.last_img read more

Croatian cable operator Bnet has added sports cha

first_imgCroatian cable operator B.net has added sports channel Sports Club Prime to its multiscreen service.The channel airs live matches from the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga, as well as leagues from Belgium, Argentina, Scotland, Russia, Portugal and the Netherlands. It is now available on B.net’s TV Za Van platform.last_img

Loft London an independent digital media facility

first_imgLoft London, an independent digital media facility, has completed a £750,000 (€950,000) investment in its 6,500 square foot west London building. It has also announced new hires including Roger Heals, formerly of Deluxe and Re:Fine as its new head of technical operations and David Barrett from Masai Media as its new commercial director.The investment in the facility includes the installation of an Omneon based DAM and automation ingest solution which increases Loft’s automated bulk ingest/outgest capacity to 260 hours of content per day.  Loft’s investment also includes 
an orchestration layer with the ability to automate workflows and create custom workflows; a ‘work in progress’ portal where clients can login and monitor the status of their projects; an increase in transcoding capacity; Aspera integration; the installation of XyTech’s Media Pulse resource, work order and asset management solution; and an upgrade of the FTP.Wohler’s RadiantGrid software platform has also been installed to provide transcoding, re-wrapping and frame-rate conversions within the file-based workflows.
Davide Maglio, director of Loft London, said: “Over the last year Loft London has continually invested in its infrastructure and staff to provide media management services that are faster, quicker and more cost effective through automation to help our clients deliver content to multiple platforms and in multiple formats. We are very excited to show the industry how our facility has evolved.”Loft London will be exhibiting at IBC on Stand 10.A10last_img read more

The BBC iPlayer Lovefilm and Netflix areamong the

first_imgThe BBC iPlayer, Lovefilm and Netflix areamong the services offered by the Playstation 4 console when it launches on Friday.A total of 18 services will be available from launch, with another following on December 4. An additional 20-plus apps are scheduled to launch on the platform by Spring next year.Launch apps available to Playstation Pluscustomers include the BBC iPlayer in the UK, Amazon-owned Lovefilm in the UK and Germany and Netflix in Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.Emerging on-demand platform Wuaki.tv will be available in Spain, while MTG’s Scandinavian service Viaplay will be offered across that region.German Playstation Plus subs will be able to access the Watchever and Maxdome platforms, with the latter also available in Austria.Demand5, the Channel 5 on-demand service, is to go out in the UK, along with another pair of BBC apps, BBC Sport and BBCNews.Belgian pubcaster RTBF is offer programming in that territory. Belgium also gets Ximon, along with the Netherlands. Spanish users will be able to access Total Channel.Streaming service Quickflix will be added to users in Australia and New Zealand in December.Other apps available from launch include Video Unlimited, VidZone, IGN, NOS Sports and Music Unlimited.last_img read more

ITV said that its total revenue climbed by 12 yea

first_imgITV said that its total revenue climbed by 12% year-on-year in the first quarter to £754 million, thanks to gains across broadcast and online and at its ITV Studios production arm.In a trading update published ahead of the company’s annual general meeting this morning, ITV said that its broadcast business has made “a very strong start to the year” with net advertising revenues up 12% in Q1 and growth across all the major categories.“Online, pay and interactive continues to grow strongly, helped by growth in online advertising and by our pay channel ITV Encore, which launched last June,” said ITV CEO Adam Crozier.However, he added that share of viewing across ITV’s portfolio of channels was down 3% year-on-year, despite audience growth at its digital channels, with share of viewing remaining “a key focus for the year.”“We are firmly focused on the main channel where we expect to see improvement in the second half of the year when we will have the benefit of the exclusive rights to the Rugby World Cup,” said Crozier.Broadcast and online revenue came to £530 million, up 10% year-on-year, while revenue from ITV Studios was up 17% to £224m.“ITV Studios returned to organic growth [of 8%], which contributed around half of Studios revenue growth, while our acquired businesses remain on track,” said Crozier,“We remain focused on building a global scripted business, with a number of high profile dramas this year including Thunderbirds Are Go, The Good Witch, Texas Rising, Aquarius, Raised by Wolves and Jekyll & Hyde. Looking forward to the rest of the year we have a healthy pipeline of new drama to come.”Looking ahead, ITV said that it expects net advertising revenues to be up by around 5% in in the first half of the year. It said ITV Studios remains on track to increase revenue by around £100 million on a constant currency basis with the benefit of its acquisition of Talpa Media, which closed last month, still to come.last_img read more

Wide colour gamut displays are expected to be pres

first_imgWide colour gamut displays are expected to be present in 17% of the total area size of display shipments in 2018, according to IHS stats.The research firm said that the shipment area of wide colour gamut (WCG) displays is expected to reach 32 million square meters in 2018 – including organic light-emitting diode (OLED) and quantum dot technologies.“As competition in the display market intensifies, display and TV manufacturers are looking for new and emerging technologies to differentiate their offerings from competitors and to provide consumers with higher screen resolution. WCG technologies are therefore becoming more popular,” said Richard Son, senior analyst, IHS Technology.last_img read more

Russian telco and mobile operator MegaFon has se

first_imgRussian telco and mobile operator, MegaFon, has selected Elemental to help power its over-the-top MegaFon.TV service.MegaFon claims that its streamed TV offering has seen a sharp rise in subscribers from 10,000 to more than 1.4 million over the past year and that it selected Elemental to ensure seamless delivery of the service.MegaFon selected a suite of Elemental video processing and delivery solutions, including Elemental Server for transcoding video-on-demand files and Elemental Live to compress streamed content. The Elemental systems are installed on the company’s premises in Moscow.“With Elemental’s solution, we have created a reliable and scalable OTT platform that enables us to seamlessly support the expectations of our expanding user base,” said Andrey Kushnarev, head of video streaming at MegaLabs, the development division of MegaFon.“It has proven its effectiveness during our three major seasonal advertising promotions that generated a huge increase in simultaneous connections to our OTT platform. As a result, we managed to significantly extend the number of paid subscriptions, and provided our clients with the constant OTT stream quality at any time.”last_img read more

Katharina Feistauer Nickelodeon UK Ireland has h

first_imgKatharina FeistauerNickelodeon UK & Ireland has hired a Scripps Networks international VP of programming.As of July 3, Katharina Feistauer will be VP of programming at Nick UK, reporting to UK and Ireland general manager Alison Bakunowich.She was previously VP of programming for the UK and EMEA at Scripps.The news comes in the same week former Nick UK VP of programming Tim Patterson launched a new Dublin office for his London-based indie, Larkshead Media. Animation industry veteran Eamon McElwee will lead that unit.Feistauer will work under Bakunowich, and be responsible for scheduling, media planning, on-demand and digital platforms.“I cannot wait for Katharina to join the team,” said Bakunowich. “Her experience and analytical approach to programming will be invaluable as we look to cement our current success over the coming years and grow our business.”SpongeBob SquarePants channel Nick is currently the number one commercial children’s network in the UK, according to BARB stats.Feistauer worked at Scripps for two years, leading programming in the UK and EMEA for nine channels, including Travel Channel, Food Network, HGTV and Fine Living Network.Before that, she held roles at Discovery Networks International and NBCUniversal International Networks.“Nickelodeon UK & Ireland is in an impressive competitive position, growing share over the last year and broadcasting some of the biggest kids’ series in the UK,” said Feistauer.“I am looking forward to joining the team to take the network even further and grow audiences across the company’s platforms.”last_img read more

TV technology outfit Imagine Communications has na

first_imgTV technology outfit Imagine Communications has named Tom Cotney as CEO of the company, effective immediately.Tom CotneyCotney replaces Charlie Vogt, who is joining the company’s owner, The Gores Group, as a senior advisor to continue to drive M&A and business development activities at Imagine. The two executives will work closely to continue the momentum and growth at Imagine Communications while also ensuring a smooth leadership transition, according to the company.Cotney has served as general manager of the communications sector at IBM Global Services and has been a CEO and board member for a number of privately held companies. Cotney will also join the board of directors of Imagine.“Over the past four years, Imagine has transformed the media industry by becoming the first company to deliver on its vision of an all IP/cloud network for playout and master control. I want to acknowledge and personally thank Charlie for his leadership in driving this massive transformation and placing Imagine’s technology at the forefront of the industry. Sharing our vision of where the industry is heading, Tom is uniquely qualified to build on this momentum and I welcome him in his new role,” said Alec Gores, founder, chairman and CEO of The Gores Group.“I am excited about the opportunity to lead Imagine to the next level. Business models in transformation have become the norm in almost every company today. I can’t thank Charlie and the team enough for building Imagine into one of the market leading, long-term players in this industry,” said Cotney.“Imagine Communications could not be better positioned than we are today to take market-share across the ad management, playout, networking and distribution markets, particularly as we continue to guide the industry transition to IP and the cloud We are pacing to have our best quarter of the year, and Friday we signed a strategic Advertising Management System contract to accelerate the emerging ATSC 3.0 multi-services market. I look forward to supporting Tom Cotney is his new role in an advisory capacity at The Gores Group and believe he will be able to fuel Imagine’s continued expansion and innovation,” said Vogt.last_img read more

Liberty Global has tapped SeaChange to provide its

first_imgLiberty Global has tapped SeaChange to provide its Adrenalin multi-screen video technology to support the latest version of the cable giant’s Horizon advanced TV service.SeaChange said that Adrenalin would be a ‘key element’ of the Horizon 4 platform.Adrenalin will provide the content information and transaction support for Liberty’s viewers across both broadcast and IP video delivery networks on Liberty’s latest Horizon set-top boxes.The Horizon platform is based on the Comcast-driven RDK standard, which SeaChange is a strong supporter of.“We are pleased to be chosen as a key contributor to Liberty Global’s next-generation video platform. SeaChange’s Adrenalin video solution enables video delivery at the massive scale needed to support customers such as Liberty Global. As video platforms transition to virtualized cloud infrastructure and enable advanced capabilities such as replay TV and network DVR to multiple devices, SeaChange will continue to support customers like Liberty Global to monetize their video assets and modernize their video delivery platforms,” said Ed Terino, SeaChange’s CEO.Olivier Philippe, vice president of entertainment within Liberty Global said: “We have had a long relationship with SeaChange as a key technology provider within our video ecosystem. As the industry continues to evolve its video platforms to support advanced consumer experiences that are truly device agnostic, we need solution providers who can provide a rich set of capabilities and stay relevant in those platform ecosystems. This helps us to continue to innovate and rapidly evolve our video services so that they truly resonate with our customers. Our selection of SeaChange as a key part of our video platform reflects their continued development of leading video delivery technologies and their relentless commitment to operational excellence.”last_img read more

Telefónicas Movistar will air the final of the E

first_imgTelefónica’s Movistar+ will air the final of the European Super Cup between Champions League winner Real Madrid and Europa League winner Atlético de Madrid, and has secured rights to air the La Liga 1|2|3 channel for Spain’s second division, completing its football offering.The pay TV service has yet to specify which channel it will use to air the Super Cup match between the two Spanish teams, which will take place on August 15 in Tallinn, Estonia.Movistar+ will now air La Liga 1|2|3 as part of its offering, meaning it will be able to present a complete line-up of Spanish football alongside Orange and Jazztel for the 2018-19 season.Top tier competition La Liga Santander and La Liga 1|2|3 will both kick off on August 17.In addition to top-tier Spanish football, Movistar+ has also secured rights to the Champions League and Europa League tournaments, previously held by Mediapro. It will also air coverage of Germany’s Bundesliga, France’s Ligue 1 and the English Premier League as part of its overall offering.last_img read more

Liberty Latin America the company split off from

first_imgLiberty Latin America, the company split off from Liberty Global to develop its quad-play offering in the Latin American and Caribbean markets, posted an improved performance in the second quarter, adding 61,000 revenue-generating units thanks to strong broadband gains despite ongoing falls in revenue and operating income.Balan NairThe company’s Cable & Wireless unit in the Caribbean added 29,000 fixed organic RGUs and upgraded over 40,000 premises in the quarter. VTR, its Chilean unit, continued to deliver strong growth, with 27,000 RGU additions and the launch of VTR Play, a new streaming option including 80 channels for on-the-go viewing. Liberty Puerto Rico meanwhile was “close to fully operational” after its infrastructure was seriously damaged by last year’s hurricanes in the region. Services are now available to over one million homes and the unit posted its first net organic RGU gains – of 10,900 – since Hurricanes Irma and Maria struck the island. The unit also launched a Go streaming service earlier this month.The company added 14,700 video subscribers, 44,900 data customers and 1,500 voice customers in the three months to June, making up the 61,000 total. Liberty Latin America added 15,700 RGUs in the same period last year.The company posted revenues of US$922 million for the quarter, down 2% mostly due to a 26% decline in Puerto Rico, and operating income of US$124 million, down 20%, driven by increased deprecation and amortization charges, higher restructuring charges and low operating cash-flow.CEO Balan Nair said that the results showed “the potential for our fixed businesses, operating in markets where we believe there is additional demand for high-speed services”, while the company had also seen growth in LTE mobile customers and combination plans.“In our first six months as a separately listed company, we have made significant strides towards creating the culture, structure and platforms required for sustainable future growth and we remain on-track with our 2018 guidance targets,” he said.last_img read more