Original rookie station

      I was a rookie, food to HTML, ASP, PHP are only know fur, dish to PS, a FW. But because the job is too busy, games are boring, they still concentrate on pick up a website to do. Although there may not be any development, but at least give yourself a hard direction, the important thing is not to make money, but a goal. I believe that many webmaster should have such an idea.

        well, gossip is not much to say, introduce me to do these days standing experience.

      my website is called multi guest network, web site: http://s.duokee.com (I hope the administrator can keep this web site, to facilitate the following introduction

          the name I bought it in July 2nd, when I do a mobile phone website, but didn’t think what is the domain name, and a webmaster MM talk, just have the inspiration, the name, and the other related domain names are registered, like CN, com.cn, org.cn, net.cn, net and so on.

      domain name bought to buy space, because with Chinese flat-share net space is too unstable for three days, two days later, do statistics server should be very good, so I bought a purple field space, actually used to is really good in general, the speed, but very stable, most people think they are the main internal attitude is very good. To solve the problem of sense.

      I will not make the program, so the station master station and webmaster network, directly took the DEDE CMS to do, and spent a few days to modify their own mold

      domain name, space, CMS template, all done, the station began to seriously do.

      because the site has just come out, I will have my own manual with probably a few hundred downloads, because I come from the thunder, add up, so should be original, plus a few days, I had to Baidu, YAHOO, GOOGLE, and so a lot of search engine submission for landing. Then wait a few days and found that Baidu and YAHOO began to include, GOOGLE has only received my home page. Baidu has been a few pages, for many days are. I wonder why Baidu not update my station? I updated every day. Of course, then I began to collect, and that is in the search engine after the start of the normal collection.

      so, I was in the station and Adsense nets see a >

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