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day before the bell Patti shares listed in Shenzhen, to become the new board in the first successful transfer of A stock market of pet supplies enterprises; and in a few days ago, zhongchong shares also followed the pace in July 19th will be successful.

love: the capital winter is a good thing for us. Many VC will cool down at this stage, which will give us many opportunities to invest in angels. Without capital, many VC would invest aggressively and cover earlier projects, and now their investment decisions are more prudent, giving us more opportunities. We also encountered a small capital winter in 12 years, I later found that many good projects were thrown at that time, one reason is that these projects have not been eaten by other institutions first.

it was a very impressive thing for me to do. Because it was hard to prove from the data that she would be so successful.

Q: do you feel that your job is affected in an environment such as "capital winter"?

from the composition of income, pet mat as the company’s most important fist product, in 2015 and 2016 sales reached 489 million yuan, 552 million yuan, accounting for revenue ratio of 82.75%, 87.23%.


now adorable pet power, domestic pet business market tide has been opened, Yiyi shares will be the next one on the A shares of the stocks of

Q: you’ve been involved in many famous projects, such as red book and honey bud. Which one is more impressive?

, we told Mr. Xu why you were so interested in the project. Mr. Xu was very angry and said, "you see Liu Nan himself.". Later, we chatted and found out that she really understood the electricity supplier.

and most domestic pet supplies enterprises, Yiyi shares are also export-oriented OEM mode, more than 90% of revenue and profits from overseas sales. Export products are mainly pet mats, pet urine pants and pet wipes, mainly sold to the United States and Japan; domestic products are mainly adult pants, sanitary napkins and so on.

as of now, Yiyi shares as the largest pet mat manufacturer, has more than 100 kinds of pet and adult care products and 15 kinds of new types of patents.

this is also very good understanding, at present, pet consumption groups mainly concentrated in developed cities, relatively narrow living space, make pet urine pad become part of pet owners rigid demand.

in the pet industry chain, Yiyi shares is focused on pet products such as pet pad, pet diaper, pet pet pet wipes, cleaning bags, garbage bags and so on, income accounted for more than 90%, adult care products while a small part of adult diapers, sanitary napkins, accounting for less than 10%.

, the largest pet mat manufacturer in China,

pet ownership in China is the third largest in the world, but the pet ownership rate PET number / family number is lower. National pet ownership is only 2.6%, the highest in Beijing is only 7.5%, while the United States has a pet ownership rate of 65%. China’s pet population is expected to grow considerably in the future, and the domestic pet economy can be described as a blue ocean.

Q: How did you feel about seeing Liu Nan for the first time,

love choice project sounds a bit sensual – "see if I’d like to have dinner with him or her.". But before joining the game, she worked in an investment bank that relied solely on data for analysis.


Fang love: in fact, there is a little shock, Xu teacher always said she looks like Guanyin, ha ha. At that time, I was talking with the Sequoia investors, I think she has a deep understanding of the logic of the electricity supplier, in addition, she is a very good

export pet products mainly OEM OEM, direct sales to commissioned manufacturing brands, cooperation brands include mountains


once said that women are inherently unsuitable for investment because they are more conservative than men. According to Fang Aizhi, at present the proportion of China female investors at least more than 20%, but for the sex label that she was not willing to accept: "I will not because of an entrepreneur is a woman will pay more attention to her, I don’t think I will know more women as girls than boys in the market. "

love: Honey bud pretty deep impression, Liu Nan was looking for Xu teacher consult some things, some people proposed to buy her Taobao shop, Mr. Xu think she was particularly good, let us vote, everyone had some doubts about this project is good, we also went to see the operation data of her Taobao store. Feel with other Taobao stores are not too big difference.


pet industry in recent years, the hot can be seen, the new three board, another pet supplies enterprises are a bit unable to sit still, Yiyi shares 870245 recently announced the formal acceptance of Huarong securities listed guidance.

One of the starting points of the

in business for 5 years, participants love a number of well-known investment projects, including the little red book, honey bud, steel mesh, car to refuel, klaeng dark pupil and so on, as the "2016VC" in the "list of investors annual influential annual impact investors" candidates through the interview we show the real growth and change the young investor.

other category accounted for relatively small, the pet diaper due to market demand gradually increased, in 2016 sales of 29 million 165 thousand and 800 yuan, representing an increase of 118.73%, this is because more and more attention to the pet owner nursing period.


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