2015 micro business new ways to play four entrepreneurial opportunitiesHow terrible it was to be eng

as Liang Luyu won the juniors of high-ranking officials getting accustomed to the catharsis of abandoned hate, even the man refused to dare to hate myself, so is getting stronger, not will ruin you.

recently hit the "people’s name", tearing corruption looks like a real version of the entrepreneurial guidance.

has always been accustomed to the success or failure of the heroes of the audience, this time generally for Qi Tongwei, Zhao Dehan, a lot of sympathy.

2015 has come, for the micro business, perhaps is really the first year, the industry pointed out that the micro business has entered the 3 era, micro business development momentum will be better, as the Tencent and Taobao compete products, micro business full of the future. But it is undeniable that if we do not rectify the micro ecology, reducing the experience of WeChat users, micro business trick killing is not impossible.

looking at 2014 micro agents, the development is quite fierce. Micro business only a year to complete and beyond the Taobao spent ten years developing 10 million sellers, the number of micro shop over 12 million pockets, not to mention the sellers circle of friends, is amazing. But at the same time, micro dealers also often spread this sentence: "we do not sell products, trust."." When accompanied by "sell trust" small partners more and more, WeChat has appeared in this sentence: "since doing micro business, then no friends."." Facing the stern micro quotient social ecology, and this kind of phenomenon also continues to this day.

is, first of all, micro business independence. Micro business success on the one hand rely on the basis of trust, on the other hand need to use WeChat this platform, which is different from the ordinary micro B2C key. Although WeChat has launched the "WeChat store", but did not affect the micro business. The author thinks, will establish a micro shop into a separate space, with fans in the number of public borrowing mode, can purify environment, circle of friends, let the real needs of people to see the news, to improve product promotion.


micro business in 2015, the ecological side will face a "go" and "stay", from this perspective, I think WeChat should make full use of the powerful micro business potential and WeChat’s own advantage, the marketing and the circle of friends to diverge, to achieve a win-win situation.

, when Qi met Liang Lu’s moment, the trajectory of life completely reversed.

Liang Lu Qi Tongwei because she was pregnant by the pursuit of people to vent their anger on men abandoned, essentially intertwined resentment and catharsis, just Revenge of the object into a Qi Tongwei. But Qi Tongwei’s favorite is Chen Yang, for his ten year old Liang Lu can not talk about feelings, leading to Lu Lu pursuit of three years and can not be obtained.

followed by turning to C2B and embracing "small and beautiful"". WeChat’s own product features, doomed micro dealer exposure is not large enough, the development of space is insufficient, can only take B2C, "small and beautiful" route. But I believe that, B2B, B2C’s electricity supplier model has been developed on the network very mature, and then dubbed "micro quotient" title, and not much significance. Since it is a micro quotient, it is necessary to be different, and with other B2B, B2C model, it is better to highlight the characteristics of private order, so that customers take the initiative to make their own needs. In order to meet the needs of customer service "private order", such a model can help micro agents to fine direction, while getting rid of those annoying things >

then Tongwei from Qi spirits vision back to taste, he was first power politics rolling, "entrepreneurship" is not so simple.

Qi Tongwei who is every entrepreneur may repeat the mistakes, "the high-rise building collapsed – dinner guests -" the life cycle of reincarnation and staged mapping thousands on thousands of, is a small figure in real life.

their work is complicated: the smoothness of the progress, the randomness and disorder. Popular point is the fault of their work, not all personal fault. If a person is in their position, is likely to converge, resulting in ten dead nine venture.

his fallen reality, but also the decadent helpless.

guide micro business in 2015, first of all, micro quotient independent, followed by turn to C2B, embrace "small and beautiful."". In 2015 the micro chamber of Commerce has more new ways, the rise of micro business to the market is bound to bring business opportunities:? O2O market ushered in the fall; the rise of the micro business training market;?? from the star brand to create depth; for the back-end marketing market space?.

if you Tongwei Qi was president of the student council. Graduation assignment not see people face, "the power of a little wayward Qi Tongwei was sent to 30 years to see the head mountain township judicial institute, and Chen Yang also went to the distant Beijing, those students like Qi Tongwei’s, have entered the cities unit.

the world’s most complex jobs are two: state leaders and bosses.

Qi Tongwei was born in a poor rural area, a poor boy admitted after ten years ", with the ability to elect the president of the student union, in a powerful two generation heap, as Hou Liangping, Chen Hai as" Heroes ", then the Qi Tongwei how thinking about themselves in politics in high and vigorous spirits, it will have a" start "as some.

Tongwei because Qi life trajectory like a climb and fall from the vendors capital predators, calculating, jianfengshiduo, ingratiation and suspicious vicious worry about personal gains and losses……

Qi Tongwei has been struggling many times, but he thinks he’s going all the way and knows what he wants. He’s a little bit of the students, chairman of the conceit by Liang Lu "rights of a small self willed" blows away, probably is stubborn and backbone, let Qi Tongwei still save so a little fantasy in mind:


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