M ordered 4 SP business began to rectifyLink development skills

brand promotion on these uses, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan,

link popularity and link analysis

a site link popularity refers to the total number of foreign links on the site. Search engines must track these external links. Not long ago, it was believed that the popularity of a site’s link was determined only by the quantity of the site’s external links without it. That is, the more links you have to your site, the higher your ranking. This is only the first half of the story of LP. If you think so now, it’s wrong.

link analysis and link popularity is very similar, but they are different. Link analysis or link popularity analysis refers to the quantity and quality of an external inbound links that refers to your site, not just the number of links. As we can see, the focus of link analysis is not just around the quantity but rather the quality of these external links.

the so-called link analysis refers to the evaluation and Analysis on the quantity and quality of the link. The factors that affect the popularity of links are more than just the number of links. In this article, we’ll see what else is going on

      because of false propaganda messages to lure users to use or send bad information, the Ministry of information industry ordered 4 telecom value-added enterprises SP to suspend business for rectification.

at the same time, the Ministry of information industry also informed criticism, ordered rectification, administrative penalties and 187 of the SP enterprises; basic telecom enterprises in accordance with the cooperation agreement to stop settlement, stop business, and close the port business offline processing enterprises reached 324 SP. The existence of irregularities and violations of the SP business, China Mobile is responsible for access to 113, by China Unicom responsible for the access of the 269, by the China Telecom responsible for the access of the 59, by China Netcom responsible for the access of the 70.

9 reporters learned that the 4 companies for the Beijing Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing post code Mitac linkage Century Science & Technology Development Co Ltd, Shenzhen City Interactive Technology Co. Ltd. and Shenzhen beauty industry Co. ltd..

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