Love Shanghai outside the chain of real value judgment standard document for ordinary website

then let owners just share the chain from the standard we see not hard, love Shanghai search engine emphasizes the natural chain behavior, emphasizes the sharing behavior of the owners, this is the website submission to bring more vitality, because the chain is generated by the submission site love Shanghai the search engine is recognized, the love of Shanghai also think that this is the result of user support, such as your site is to do to lose weight, then you go to the forum signature, certainly not do not blog sprocket, and the choice of some website submission will also increase the chain, and this kind of love is recognized by the Shanghai chain.

webmaster want to gradually give up and decrease before the chain of garbage, cheat the chain, the chain, the chain of the standard love Shanghai is not difficult to find, for those who love Shanghai website active rectification will be given appropriate consideration, we do website ranking will still exist after the revocation right the chain, it must look at the station.

we can see from the standard of the chain love the Shanghai open is undoubtedly the first three, for the chain most sites love the Shanghai open and pointed out the direction for the development of the website.


April 25th love Shanghai discloses some standard outer chain judgment, through to read the full text found that this is an extension of these standards from June last year, Shanghai love chain regulation, for ordinary sites and emphasized the following contents.

two is a chain of cheating behavior, with website development tools developed, whether sending machine, chain link turbine, etc. have been entered into the climax, many websites are cheating the chain of survival, but from the chain standard time we can see this kind of website is affected by on the mass, especially for survival, the survival of the site link is more of a high strength blow.

first let the webmaster Jingxiaxinlai do outside the chain, give up the forum group chain, do some outside the chain to meet the needs of users, for example, before we do the chain will be carried out by signature, blog, and with the chain standard open, can see in the chain only needs the user sincere support can be, no longer have the chain for the tens of thousands of others and feel the pressure, this is a love Shanghai search engine better.


three is a chain of real behavior, this kind of chain that is the user recommended the formation of sincere love Shanghai, is highly concerned about the search engine.

is a chain of useless behavior, in the love of Shanghai search engine, which is outside the chain of useless junk the chain, the chain for a website without causing a greater negative impact on the benefits of not belonging to the chain is love Shanghai filtering, automatic generation from the search results page for this the chain link in the main set, webmaster service website links, bad garbage collection is automatically generated cheating station links, for the owners concerned this a link not essential.

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