n 2012 our website how to optimize

change, pay more attention to the internal optimization. In the search engine website guide 2, love Shanghai official spent number length in the website the internal construction of things, from the title of writing to the server status are given a more thorough explanation, this shows that Baidu pays more attention to internal optimization.

how to adjust?

changes in three, pay more attention to the chain platform choice. The chain also need not say more, before the "three platform chain, let fly flow a is said to have three platforms, can help us to improve the website ranking, now want to add is not necessarily the three platform, this platform is that as long as the individual users experience, high activity, high correlation, so this platform is a very good platform, it is suitable to do the chain.

The three change

, a station optimization to be careful to do

due to pay more attention to the internal optimization, so we must do better things to optimize the station, a little progress may have brought great changes on the position, not only in the label of the writing on the site keywords optimization station, to more detailed, more in-depth. For example, the website structure and website dead links, web page size, website open speed, web pictures alt label, 404 pages, 301 jump, the content page optimization, these are some of the details, but also very trivial, therefore, we should continuously improve every day, learn some more, master their articles, and gradually improve, to meet the requirements of Shanghai love.


said the bounce rate, we have to mention the clicking rate. The website hits big station also should understand what I remember in Ping said that included * website ranking = website click rate, the first time I still do not understand what is the meaning of this sentence, then slowly understand, if a website only included, no hits so, this is not consistent with the user experience, on the other hand, are included, and the click rate is also high, indicating the site user experience is good. And now in Shanghai dragon world >


Baidu said above, then we optimize the

appeared in the 2011 "love Shanghai search engine website guide 2" I found love Shanghai algorithm in a gradual adjustment, then adjust what? 2012 our website how to do optimization? I will combine to experience some personal practice and the guide for

first of all that has changed:

on your jump out rate

changes in two, more on the bounce rate. What is the rate of jump out, I believe that all the Shanghai dragon Er all understand that if a website jump out rate is too high, indicating that the site is not what, but if the site is too low that some substance can meet the needs of users, but also need Baidu site.

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