Love from Shanghai index grasp and industry trends

such as oranges of the word, the word love Shanghai index peak was one thousand six or seven, usually when the keyword search is only seven hundred or eight hundred. And in front of no strong competitors, we don’t even need to do a website. Only need to master some basic ways of promotion can give us information appears in the search engine in the front, so as to enhance our sales. Love from the Shanghai index of the situation, it should be September began to improve, since September when it is mature in orange, so this time the search of orange talented, so I can get the keywords to do the first page search engine in the season before, and received a lot of orders.

love Shanghai index is the most familiar to the webmaster, but can really love Shanghai people may not use index, we may search for the use of some Er Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index only stay in the query keywords. But today I want to introduce you to the love is the use of Shanghai index grasp the industry trend, when after we grasp the trend of the industry to seize the trend is our successful arrival. Because not every industry is steady growth, but if it is so smooth for us is not what is really of great significance. Just say the word Shanghai dragon, every day and every month the index is about the same. This trend does not exist is not what words we can seize the opportunity, but in some big words there is a changing trend, when we grasp the trend after. We can use various means to make our key row in the search engine home page, thereby increasing the volume of our business.

what kind of industry or what products are the industry trends such as summer clothing, oranges?. The word search volume in summer winter is very small, but the search volume in the summer before the summer slowly up. We can see the word index is what last year which month step up, we have to catch the key words make up in trend before the advent of summer, of course the word competition is fierce. Sure there are many websites in the industry, if we want to make sure there is a certain degree of difficulty. But there is a strong timeliness, competition is not fierce word we can seize. Bring a large amount of business for us.

like this industry basically no industry website too much, so there will not be too fierce competition. Because the hot orange period so two or three months, after will be plunged into cold period. So no one will do this using the website keywords, so we can do search engine home with some other promotion methods, such as the use of love Shanghai blog, Sina blog can put all the words of this class do the home page, and the keywords are great region, such as Hunan Jiangxi citrus, orange. In fact, such regional strong orange can also use geographical segments, such as Shaoyang Changsha orange, orange and so on. We can use some B2B trading platform, blog, love Shanghai know, classification of information and so on do >

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