Keywords deep understanding and in-depth understanding of key value

I am such a definition of keywords, keywords is a bridge between us and our customers, we in the computer side, while the client computer in the end, we set the keywords or promotion is the search and user form is not consistent, if it is, then we can connect the customer and, if anything is wrong wrong, of course can not deal and there are a series of complex factors, but behind the first step wrong is all wrong, and each key value is not the same, we look at the definition of the two bidding for the value of the master key.

for keywords explained very well defined, our teacher is my flat in Shanghai dragon circles the most admired man, he often said in the training of the word is to put people to the page. What is the name of the person, it is behind the search keywords is right, wrong keywords all wrong.

?" I have seen several

we look at another I admire Zhao Yang for the auction master keyword value of the definition: "we should pay attention to key words, what is more should pay attention to each of the search word behind the visitor’s psychology? When users in the search of the keywords in order to get what they want, what." He is actually in a very high level keyword value.

search marketing do not narrow understanding of search engine marketing, in fact, whether the Alibaba or the Taobao search engine is also the same, although these years, Taobao and Alibaba continue to weaken the search traffic, but I believe either flow Ali or Taobao 70% are from the search box, a box where key words, we can say a little more, in fact, even micro-blog WeChat is a search box, but their influence is much smaller.

finally cite a case to illustrate the importance of keywords, I see a lot of auction items, such as slimming products, landing pages are downloaded from the Internet, basically did not change too much, very much in line with marketing and psychology, they find the operation bidding account is conversion keywords >

search marketing is the best marketing practices of small and medium-sized enterprises at present, promotion method is the fastest and most direct and most effective, it is needless to say, a little experience knows. Marketing is the basic search keywords, such as the Shanghai dragon will know that, in the Shanghai dragon’s first thing is our key research. But I see a lot of people to understand this concept is not thorough, today I will talk about the importance of key words we can hope that the keyword research further.

first we see the adsemer blog for keyword value judgment: "if we want to see a word is worth doing, usually at two points, the first point is our target customers and the word search users have much consistency, that is to say the word search users have much may be our customers? And when our customers in search of our products much may find the word

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