mage replacement text plan a little-known pseudo original means

then is trying to give the character lot to replace, you can use the background plug-in automatically replace the page you can use third party software to replace the word, saved is the perfect replacement character.

"image replacement text" the merits of

image replacement text program "step

Shanghai dragon love the original, in order to write Shanghai dragon Qin is reasonable, in the beginning of this dissertation is to continue to support the original article, original article after all its uniqueness is certain. If occasionally tired, "image replacement text program" or can learn from you, ensure the spider feeding every day, and the collection rate is quite high.

What are the

first, will make good character pictures uploaded to their website space, try to choose some common characters, such as the scope of the replacement will become wide, increase the original degree. Secondly, to avoid their products or words related to text, text is replaced because of love Shanghai not recognize, so the ranking will be affected, if the keyword is replaced, then the influence of intention is fatal.

in the end, in fact, find the popular keywords of the long tail of the olfactory original article is the Shanghai dragon choice, support the original. >


advantages: replaced many of the characters, the original is greatly improved, if coupled with some common modification means at the beginning of the end, so the spider is no reason to refuse. At least I took so long, included rate is quite amazing.

disadvantages: use this means to obtain a large number of false original index, disadvantage is actually the matching degree. Just imagine, customers love Shanghai search, if any one obscure article be replaced, even if it is to be replaced in an arbitrary position, then the relevant degree will be reduced, this is not conducive to ranking. So I mentioned above, replace the characters must be used and does not involve the key characters, such as: "", "", but if the customer search keywords such as "XX type of cable is what" when the correlation is also reduced, so a fatal flaw in the pseudo original means is that the correlation will be reduced. If is the second class website, visitors if replication needs, is certainly not. I finally chose to do only replace the punctuation, the specific effect of the ranking is still acceptable, after all, the index is guaranteed. The effect is shown in figure

may have found that, Shanghai love their products, for example, love Shanghai know the answer, part of the text is not selected image replacement, is not recognized, but still can be described as a seamless heavenly robe, only a small part by means of such camouflage. Why didn’t I not scold, now want to meet but can not meet, but I believe that people are seen.

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