Novice webmaster in establishing a blog site how to do the optimization of Shanghai Dragon


the first small to say is: the domain name and host

when building your own personal blog website to choose a memorable, short domain name is essential, but how to choose the domain name suffix Xiaobian to tell everybody is, try to choose the domain name suffix贵族宝贝,.Cn,.Me of the three mainstream, do not choose.Xin,.Top,.Link,.Ren etc. the domain name is not very good, because the mind is on the one hand there is the search engine is not conducive to the Shanghai dragon. Take Hu Yu personal blog of the domain name, the domain name "" is not a simple but meaningful? For the domain name suffix search engine for.Me personal blog site is just perfect. As for the host choice as soon as possible according to personal economic conditions on the line, Xiao Bian does not recommend the use of an individual or team agent host; use to choose a good reputation and high visibility of host

Why is

small to say the source code as simple as possible? Because Shanghai Longfeng consultant general often in the diagnosis of a website is the first look at the website source code, source code is more simple more conducive to search engine crawlers. Then this site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization won a big cut. But this "simple" does not mean that even the contents of source code search engines are not grab; refers to the less JS files, CSS files, less less advertising. Because the establishment of many blog site using the WordPress blog system is for novice webmaster website front looks good, very beautiful; it is instead of the mouse arrow is rather baffling with small pets like, in fact, for the search engines are not friendly. One is too fancy for readers, two is often these function calls JS file, CSS file number effect >

with the advent of the Internet era, people are more and more use of WordPress, Z-Blog, emlog and other personal blog system construction of the personal blog, maybe a lot and small part slightly understand Shanghai Longfeng webmaster will find most of them at the beginning when the novice webmaster to establish their own personal blog, is blind, is blind, Xiao Bian also scrapped over, just contact earlier. If you build your own personal blog site just to the site as a notebook to use, then this article you don’t need to look down. Because in this article small to say is in the establishment of personal blog sites using WordPress blog system as the new head of the Shanghai dragon you how to do optimization, and what the Shanghai dragon

second small to say is: the source code as simple as possible

optimization techniques?

actually, when many new Adsense tend to create their own personal blog site in WordPress, is not ready for the novice! Always messing about, see this article may help the novice webmaster friends less take some detours.

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