Enrich their writing high quality original articles

2, writing skills.

short, writing is this: write you will feel limited space, can write too much; if not also write you.


network optimization? It is said to be inside and outside the chain chain, there are people feel that the station optimization and stood outside optimization. The analogy with the way: network optimization is the equivalent of the U.S. presidential election, the purpose is to "good", can choose. How to choose? On the one hand, to the candidate himself generous, understanding of the industry is doing the president; on the other hand, need to vote. Or, Links is equivalent to recommend people well-known, votes are effective high quality the chain, internal optimization is the president of the high quality and personality charm…… Then, the article? Is the president’s own culture, political savvy, advertising campaign manifesto. This is the website optimization infrastructure, its strong will it be possible to rank well, which is now said "internal optimization than external optimization", "website is the website chain important reason.

second, how to write high quality dry cargo

the first to write the webmaster,

?Why is ?What is the

we can’t write a diary every day to exercise their writing skills, can take a few days and a half months time to impact the classic art. Head of the work boring, complex, similar to the time to write a few articles who also have a lasting day. You have to change to: first of all, the best night before or on the way to work today to write the articles title; secondly, the best morning or afternoon rest after writing, then clear thinking; finally, they want to see, we can write love Shanghai long tail keyword articles.

when I was young, because the speech is often not the teacher criticism; after work, due to the high quality pure original dry cargo and was leading a contemptuous disregard. History is always surprisingly similar, small articles with we spent so many years? Especially in the webmaster network optimization industry, pure original, high quality, dry cargo is the most popular keywords, you will love Shanghai Web2.0 anti spam strategy statement. Well, we’ll talk about why and how to write the original article high quality

wrote before.


all the articles a copy, see you will not copy copy. As a network of personnel, if not the use of cyber source, less than XX. Some people love to copy peer or industry site, but also forget the peer replication, which caused on the status quo of "waking up". In fact, we can always love Shanghai, for example, today to write five articles about Obama, we can love Shanghai Obama, encyclopedia, library, news and articles…… All data changes, fifteen is not a problem.

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