Eat from the truth in the understanding of Shanghai Dragon

two, speed = Shanghai dragon

dinner must pay attention to the speed, if your dish is too slow, you eat too slow, so under normal circumstances, or you did not eat, either you love to eat food not to eat. This is a very sad thing. Shanghai dragon is the same, must pay attention to the speed, fast, accurate, it is the Shanghai dragon Peugeot label. Change of love in Shanghai, we have to guard against and with the fastest speed to know; the needs of users, and we want to help users solve the demand with the fastest speed to know; the company’s information, we will use the fastest speed to know and posted to the site; the content of production, we have to beat the competition and quality assurance with the fastest speed; even the chain, will use the fastest speed to occupy our hill. For example, the 458 Hospital of Guangzhou (贵族宝贝 website, because the medical industry, the competition is quite large, if there is no fast accurate way, you can place in the home page? Basically impossible, don’t look at me is the two level domain name, because it is the main domain of heaven, so the two level domain name weight I the high and stable, not easy to be K.

a lot of people in the new site, there is a misunderstanding, it is hard to send the chain. This is what to eat, too polite courtesy, at the end of his did not eat not to say, who is also falling pretentious label. The crazy hair chain with comity is not the opposite? Why? Because in Shanghai dragon, a new web site in the content, is still in the review period when the hair of the chain too much will only cause love Shanghai antipathy. So do not eat too polite, but not polite, Shanghai dragon is the same, the promotion of new sites must from the content set, then go on to do outside the chain, do Shanghai dragon is the best starting from.

How do

recently talked with colleagues to eat, also from realizing that some of the details of Shanghai dragon with dinner. Chinese to eat as a good way to increase the feelings of all. Hunger breeds discontentment, and Shanghai dragon who is of course user day?. Although it is to eat, but the truth is hidden in the meal is deep, every detail reflects the purpose of this meal. Liu Yufan from eating in realize the truth, according to Shanghai dragon, is a new.

Shanghai Longfeng no speed based on the field.

, a kind of Shanghai dragon =

eat a lot of people are kind of superficial. But in that place had to pretend it was very distressed. I sometimes eat too pretentious, of course is to see people. They are God, I can only be the sun. But generally eat between friends is not necessary to install.

switched to the Shanghai dragon, what is the kind of point? Of course refers to the new site just started when Shanghai dragon. This time must be low-key, to love Shanghai must be polite, do not provoke love sea or tired, put you in the dark room sooner or later.

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