6 at the end of Shanghai Dragon World raging like a storm

June is an unusual month, especially at the end of 6, the Shanghai dragon circles a few things to discuss, can be said that the entire Shanghai dragon has stirred up small cyclone. Here are a few things at the end of 6 Shanghai dragon industry retrospect.

Google PR long update at the end of the 6 time and again finally come out, some people are happy people worry, some stations from 0 to 3 or PR directly to 4, and even some directly to 6, but many acquisition station directly from 4 down to 0, the forum is also on the same day have posted comments although the Google PR is not what the real meaning of love, Shanghai ranked, but there are still a lot more attention to the webmaster of this indicator, after all, who do not want to be 0, 贵族宝贝eophoto.net from 0 to 3 贵族宝贝521ttt贵族宝贝/ directly, directly from 0 to 2, the two station is a customer station, one is their own forum stand up, natural to be happy, don’t drop discouraged, will have the opportunity.


under discussion at the height of the rain, June 30th, Shanghai dragon ranking disappeared from the love of Shanghai, no doubt the news seems to validate some of the speculation, said Shanghai is love artificial, some people say the reason is because the website of the. However, things are not so simple, as people imagine in July 1st is also the birthday party that day, the morning rain, Shanghai dragon ranking again, and also is the first, it seems not be artificial, although now ranked third, landed in Shanghai Longfeng after why, but the rain has reached Shanghai dragon his purpose is that reputation, although use what means, we do not know, that is the core competitiveness of the people, can not be outside, the rain Shanghai dragon can bring what kind of change to Shanghai dragon world, we have to be seen. Shanghai Longfeng rain events will continue to persist.

rain Shanghai dragon can be said at the end of 6 the most attractive eye dragon event in Shanghai, to go beyond the Shanghai dragon why in just 2 months, even beyond the love of Shanghai encyclopedia, Shanghai dragon world no one dared to believe that really is not a small earthquake. The forum without talking about, some say is cheating, some people say cheating, even come up with concrete evidence and data to speak, there is speculation that he will not live too long time will fall, some people said he did the word Shanghai Longfeng do the first is to make the training money.


2, Google PR update: the attention index assumes

3, love Shanghai update event attention index: assumes


in Google PR update, it seems that love Shanghai is also a big update, all speculation is to deal with Google PR update, so that we do not value the Google PR, but no matter how, this update > love Shanghai

1, Shanghai dragon rain attention index: assumes

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