Feng Shui constellation fortune website how to survive in the competition

Feng Shui fortune to the user experience is a kind of magic, they do not believe there was no letter information, to transfer positive energy to the user, need to pay attention to some awesome information to attract users. The old copy of the content of others is not new, but also can not really help users solve the problem, China culture is broad and profound, meaning are double, to let customers can feel the spirit of conformity content.

under the Shanghai Longfeng intensity of competition is more and more high, more and more owners are beginning to evolve into SEM, the author of the Feng Shui constellation fortune website 88 tiger fortune net of the whole process of construction, but also consider many factors before officially launched, looking at the site can be on the line in their plan time, is also very gratified, operation early to get his own achievements, to share with you by this web site planning scheme.

careful planning website


in the passage of time, people in the growth, knowledge is never enough, Feng Shui constellation fortune is new to me, to better integrate into the new field, learning new knowledge has become the home station task plan. You may be confused why they don’t learn these knowledge, every article should own? Each passage is original for large portals may not do, but the content is the core of the website, if not the core content of the supporting body, the spider will not love website, users not website content.

the Internet let the needle in this with all sorts of strange things in a period of time, almost always indulge in the construction of the website, the on-line operation of the new type of Feng Shui constellation fortune site, the site before the friend has been advised not to get involved in such sites, competitiveness will be particularly large, but think of yourself as a webmaster, no competitive power is not. After half a year of precipitation, finally officially launched a new operation.

they all know that the reasonable layout will allow users to quickly find the core content and services when browsing the site. If the layout is not reasonable, the user needs to think about how to get the page information, screening services from the content of the page. Here to remind you that in order to reduce the rate of jump out of the site, you can start the reasonable layout to start, more useful information in the layout.

meditation new knowledge

The content of the website

before I have been engaged in is building a small site, no systematic planning of large portals, the whole process of establishment of the new network let me learn to care "". Your network is mainly to Feng Shui, fortune telling, constellation as the core, the layout of the web page as the focus, the layout of the page is also integrated into the Shanghai dragon optimization and user visual experience factors, but also to show more content so that users can find the key. In the page layout planning, every page on the site layout, content classification, column page classification is always a careful analysis of the location of the user, rather than arbitrarily placed column content, not only to fill the site layout.

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