2013 Shanghai Longfeng practitioners how to deal with the love of Shanghai artificial right down

so simple!

method: try to pick only the single keyword optimization order. If the website is only one keyword, probability of being love Shanghai artificial drop right is greatly reduced. I have 13 customer sites, 7 of which are optimized for individual keywords do, so far, and there was no sign of artificial right down, and even if the domain is no longer the first keyword is still ranked in the home, the customer can have a good explanation.

method two: sign a contract according to the keywords denominated cost optimization. If customers require a lot of keywords, and you want to make more money if you can use this method. Now there are some Shanghai dragon er or network company, when they received orders are usually several customer optimization without separate quotation will give a general total price, although it is simple and convenient, but the practice proved that, the more so, the more customers according to come to trouble. I have particular trouble often receive customer call quarrels and how my whichever key words and not on the first page, urging every day be pestered beyond endurance. Since adopting the word offer no such distress. But note that the keyword of single quote as far as possible the use of installment. I signed contract with the customer when optimization is take the first payment of fifty percent, key ranked after the beginning of a quarterly four to pay another fifty percent of the optimization models, the advantage of this is that, even if which keyword ranking out or be in love with the sea malicious right down, when we are incapable of action, we have to listen to customers Tucao every day, not a sentence, the word of the tail, you don’t have to pay!


of the two methods is really helpless choice, but note that if a keyword ranking dropped, don’t worry with the client say no. First thing to do is to carefully check the cause of the right to be reduced, because if it is not Links involved or the chain loss cause panic, still in accordance with the old Shanghai dragon adhere to the original update chain can be restored if, after careful examination, found a chain and the chain are no exception, after the final determination of artificial right down to love Shanghai and then take the method to deal with the intent to. This article from the pharmacy store medical library network 贵族宝贝yikuyaoku贵族宝贝, A5 first, please keep the

wrote an article "2013 Enterprise Station keywords Shanghai dragon die" published in A5, a few days after another QQ someone kept with me, asked if I encountered such a situation should be how to do, is not afraid to answer after the enterprise multi station keyword optimization orders, in order not to think of answering like this answer you, write several ways for your reference.

A few days ago,

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