Because of slow speed would miss one hundred million test your site has lost so much


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speed experience is the most important user experience

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assumes that the site open speed reducing 500ms search volume decreased by 25%, the noble baby Amazon into a single volume decreased 1%, Facebook decreased by 3% and the data browsing, visible, slow site is fatal to the site, will bring a large number of users jumped even dropped order volume of the website as the main is the time! Examine how to improve web page open speed to enhance their own site traffic.

data show that more than 80% sites and 5 seconds of loading the user choose to leave the site.

website speed drop? Is mainly in three aspects: Server processing logic, network link time, page rendering time, after which the two accounted for 70% of the proportion.

page to open faster speed and higher page arrival rate will encourage users to increase in the website to stay, but also means that the function of the website, click on the use of advertising, the order volume will rise.

recently, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform line loss flow calculator, to calculate how much love you missed the Shanghai traffic, can click on the link below for testing:

search engine optimization in the process of the user experience". And in the mobile terminal, web page open speed is one of the most important indexes in the user experience. With the show and search engine users to search a large number of high-quality website target keywords related pages more, users may not spend a lot of time to stay in an "open" website, imagine, if we are users will tolerate long waiting to open a web page

, the search engine and information integration are introduced in the solution to enhance the cooperation site content show speed, such as the love of Shanghai MIP mobile Web accelerator, noble baby AMP, to love Shanghai MIP mobile Web accelerator as an example, after the transformation of the station opened the first screen time is reduced by 30% ~ 80% the site, the arrival rate is improved by 5% ~ 40%

The most important .

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