Web site chain optimization strategy

The principle of

third party website

The effect of the

chain is not only to the website of Shanghai Longfeng increase the weight of the site, it is not only to improve a keyword ranking. A high quality of the external links to the site can bring good traffic.


if there is a certain writing ability, can write some high quality soft Wen issued to each big website or blog and leave a link address at the end of the article, if adopted, there will be a large number of websites reproduced, so as to obtain the chain of considerable.


buy links


Links, is a simple form of cooperation between certain resources complementary advantages of the site, the other site were placed on their website pictures or text name of the site, and set the hyperlinks to other websites. Users can find their own website cooperation from the website, to achieve the purpose of mutual promotion, so often as a basic means of website promotion. Generally speaking, the content and similar site exchange Links, not only can improve site traffic, improve the user experience, can also increase the weight of the website.


purchase link is through the chain to buy a lot of high weight website, make your website ranking can be promoted in a short period of time, this is a device with an increased risk of the way of the chain, the search engine is not welcome this behavior, because fairness which is contrary to the website ranking, website once those the sale link was found, the search engine will make corresponding punishment on it, such as drop right or delete data from the database of the website.

method and the optimization of the chain has many kinds, some are applicable to most methods of websites.


directory is the website information system to provide a classification according to category editing web directory, in each category, arranged belong to this category website name, URL, abstract, and sub categories, can be in the catalogue by browse for related websites. Catalogue of the weights are very high, as long as they can join can bring a high quality and stable chain.


therefore, buy links should be a stage of planning behavior, can not give you the website in a short period of time to buy.

chain refers to from other websites into their own websites. Link is a very important process for website optimization. The quality of import links (i.e. links of page weight) directly determines the weight of our website in search engine.

links in some information can be submitted to the third party website, the hair of the chain website very much, the weight is good, such as social networking sites, blogs, forums, and Post Bar know, Wikipedia and so on, the information required to comply with various websites issued rules, so as to avoid the content posted by the administrator delete.


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