Small talk about their foreign chain


function: to improve website weight, the same is not absolute.

about three ways of being outside the chain, then talk about the problem at the beginning. A number of articles link does not mean that much of the chain, the site also ranked number outside the chain is not according to the. But the link weight is more dispersed. The weight of an article or PR so much (called weight or PR), then the more you link, the weight of the transfer is spread.

second, the release of the chain is mainly in the forum, blog, B2B platform, network favorites, library, love Shanghai encyclopedia, video and news websites. In short, the chain is indispensable as a means of website optimization.

function: to improve the keywords ranking, but not absolute.

three, the invalid related domain, which is not pure URL, click. Some people think that such links as chicken ribs, so many people do not want to do such a link, but there is a reason. Such links can improve the friendly love Shanghai, if many places have such a site, love Shanghai will think your site is trusted.

function: to improve the love sea friendly, the website is trusted, is also not absolute.

Shenzhen Shanghai dragon wind (www.075>

, anchor text links, can click on the text. A link that most people do, this link to increase the weight of the website, keywords ranking have a great effect, but also can improve the spider crawling rate on your web site.

may have doubts, according to say, just do a link can not you? Why some people want to do 2-5? This is three kinds of existing ways about the chain, although the weights are dispersed, but transferred to the same site, and the chain the forms are different, the ranking of the site is very good.

(PS: simply one form of link, is likely to be considered cheating. So the link should be diversity, do some high quality external links.

today in the group, someone asked: "article three one link to the same site, calculate how much the chain?" perhaps as some of the old Shanghai dragon Er will turn a blind eye to this problem, in fact, this is also a lot of just contact Shanghai Longfeng near new more puzzled place. Some of his ideas and then foreign chain of wind will talk about the problem of view. The home page, should understand the three ways of the chain existence and its role. Here we introduce:

two, effective related domain, you can click on the link. If such links have a lot of words, is conducive to improve the weights of the love of Shanghai, rather than to the keywords, is the weight for a page. So do these links are more people.

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