Stand in the search engine’s position on the website construction of positive and negative

: if the opposite promote your website is based on the product, to convey only care about the product information, then the site itself can remove user communication functions, such as user comments, for instance A5 on the top step, because everyone in the construction site usually uses the MYSQL database, the database directly copy the database directory and file, easy stationmaster own management, but if the interaction between users too much, it will cause the MYSQL database operation chaos, serious when can let data connection to.

I tell this story to tell you the key construction site is very clear, that is based on the search engine, while A5 is the author are said to see the user experience, I also agree with this view, but these are the words, the site construction we should be based on the search engine, because only the site was collected and get a good ranking, we need to continue to do so.

PS: if the selected value is the number of words, to give value quotes: for example: P {font-family: " admin"

positive: we all know that CSS file is used (enhancement) of a markup language to control the page style. It can be separated from the content of the webpage information and management, and it appears to make web design more concise.


2. website interactive function of

(1) multiple pages, even using CSS operation mode, reduce the number of its website code

1.CSS file


CSS: reverse manipulation also has the very big difference. A master to make a page only tens of KB, and I made a page actually reached 20M, which use CSS very important. In general, the specific CSS production with three methods:

in the text before, first I want to tell you a story, a young man worked hard for the task can be completed well, but working in this company for 3 years, and no chance to get promoted. The reason is very simple, the owner of the company and the staff of the love, although young people can finish the task on time every time, but in the process the lack of thinking and positioning, always doing so, to achieve the same effect will pay more effort than others.

(2) single page, CSS operation of the head of the document to modify

: the positive interactive function of the website site for the user experience is king of the search engine era acclaimed, can not only increase the construction site within the chain, between the manufacturers and the users can also enhance exchanges, promote the reality of improving the conversion rate and product.

(3) in a small page CSS files, to insert

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