Novice book buy Links when you may encounter problems


second, PR

station link?

Links selling point to the PR value, especially for high PR more coveted. But PR is certainly good? The result is negative. Especially for the new station, if all of a sudden to buy high PR links, such as PR5, you will be punished by search engine, which is based on the trust rules. So new words is the best from the beginning about PR3 buy, their weight increase, then slowly buy a high number of links.

enhance the website weight and website PR, buy Links is a good choice, especially for the new station, buy Links bring effect can not be underestimated. Today, the tip of the iceberg and share buy Links how to choose the high quality

first, where to buy a

is nothing more than the company and sell link station. The webmaster website as long as the check Links places are selling advertising links, so as long as the exchange links QQ group will sell link people. The company sells advertising links such as gold chain, value chain and so on. QQ group if they will take the initiative to find you, very direct AD.

are too much?

fifth, the number of


my personal feeling is good because only single, single buy, they will choose to go to more carefully, but it is time-consuming. The combined chain, time-saving, inexpensive, high degree of top-level domain wide, but the link quality is uneven, and we have no time to see the entire station is good or bad, the key is not good to check off the chain.

many sites are the station link, for Links station, than the price of the home is generally high, up to 2 times. The station link advantage is your YAHOO anti chain will gradually increase, but the top-level domain unchanged is the inadequacy of the link when you stop, YAHOO chain will slowly reduce. The station the links is best sustained longer is better, the other is not a big problem.


buy Links you will find Links are selling well, export is more than 100, more than 200. But such weight values will be scattered scattered? Yes, it is difficult to avoid, so 100 of the links is less, to meet the 100 following the link station right you can buy, but it’s so late link will Pobai, said, buy again.

links? certainly?

third, single or combination chain

sixth, you buy Links is how to do a lot of links to Sifu

this phenomenon is inevitable, because they do not change the link, only to buy, we have to buy, so it will hit. The station has influence on our test? I don’t know no trace, but I think the subjective is not affected, because if Sifu > by

fourth, buy the home link or

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