How to use the search engine for website promotion

website search engine promotion is a long-term basic work, in the promotion process should pay attention to find new methods using search engines to promote your website’s purpose. The promotion of the website to be considered a "

third to find out the suitable internal optimization, search engine search method. The search engine included a set of basic rules, if your website complies with the rules of search engine ranking can be greatly improved, contrary to the opposite site and search engine rules, ranking is not very ideal, so how to comply with the law of the search engine. The 1 is to reduce the images and FLASH files in web design, pictures and FLASH too much will affect the internal site search engine speed, and in recognition when there are some pictures and FLASH is not fully identified, the search engine will think is waste, so the PR value of the site to reduce the branch. 2 is to improve the ranking by single page set keywords, keywords accounted for a large part of the proportion in the search engine, to improve the set of keywords can also reach the purpose of the site optimization. The 3 is to select and use Links. Links use can bring a lot of traffic to the site, this is really the webmaster to do things.


electronic commerce today, the world economy is in the rapid development, more and more enterprises have found the benefits of network marketing, a large number of enterprise website appeared. Yes, a successful website for enterprises to expand business, improve efficiency, reduce costs and so on. At present, the main way of network promotion are: Forum promotion, QQ group promotion, mail promotion etc.. The nature of these promotion is to increase traffic, increase sales, so how to use the search engine for website promotion, let a search engine to help your site

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first select the appropriate keyword search is a very important content, choose an appropriate search keywords to let potential customers through the search engine to find their own website, so how to choose the appropriate search keywords? 1. positioning website promotion, a site with a different goal in the development process that is likely to be looking for customers, increase traffic and so on, so to determine the proper promotion target is helpful to select a good keyword. 2. collect information, understand the market situation, the market information the myriads of changes, the market situation is very necessary to understand the basic information whenever and wherever possible, through the market, grasp the dynamic information to select keywords to.

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second by bidding to improve website ranking, most users will not see the search engine after 3 pages, only the top of the information users will receive attention. Through the auction to obtain ranking is a commonly used method of many small sites, this method can quickly improve website ranking, bring popularity and traffic, the disadvantage is to spend money, if there is a need to choose this way is feasible.

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