n those years the Shanghai dragon query tool gap and love Shanghai

(2) love Shanghai today included love Shanghai today refers to the spider crawling pages, previously included in today re crawling too, will also delete some old pages.

, Shanghai dragon tools (in station for example) has become one of the essential work of Shanghai dragon R analysis tools, web site with Shanghai dragon tools can be simple ranking changes, the latest snapshot, included and anti chain numbers on a base of the website, but it is just a tool love, but not the Shanghai own development tools, some Shanghai dragon lovers in their development, call love Shanghai, love Shanghai and the actually generated data is different, the Shanghai dragon of the query as an example to explain, is to tell you that Shanghai Longfeng tool is good, but it is recommended we do not make reference only, the final result.

, a Shanghai traffic forecast:

this question I haven’t found a reason, some colleagues explained that Shanghai, Shanghai love hidden dragon Tools > call wrong

but this included in yesterday and the day before, that is, not on the basis of yesterday today included plus.


Shanghai dragon love Shanghai index combined with the tool according to your website ranking is expected to flow, we combine this station statistics tools for their own look, obviously does not meet the. According to the thought of Shanghai dragon R said, "Shanghai dragon forum" the top three keywords (love Shanghai ranking, mentioned below refer to love Shanghai rankings, no description) website is not to the total flow of keywords ranking of 30%, then the love of Shanghai traffic is expected not to mention. On this basis, the flow of Shanghai is associated with the love love Shanghai webmaster tools to evaluate the weight of it is nonsense.

love The

love Shanghai total is included 64 thousand and 800 figure:

1. today included increase, no increase in actual total included:


two included:

website www. $$$贵族宝贝 today is included as Figure 3:

1: website www.***.cn, query tools today included Shanghai dragon 49 thousand and 400, as shown in figure

I have encountered two problems about love in Shanghai today included:


explained in two ways: (1) love Shanghai recent convulsions, database problems, over a period of time like


click the number "3", under normal circumstances there will be 3 results included, but this is only two, as follows:

2. today included the number and the actual display number does not meet:

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