The six can improve the visual effect of creative ways

five: create slides

four: video

There are many methods to improve the

you have not been the only text content site. If you do as a blog, e-books and other visual elements of the lack of any article is hard to attract the attention of visitors, of course, if your writing is good enough. At least you can introduce the some pictures. In fact, according to the researchers, the image effect on a role is very large, especially if you publish articles on the social network, the picture is often the key to attract visitors.

is our human visual animal, sometimes we understand some new concepts of the best way is through vision. After all, this is why said: "a picture is worth thousands and thousands of words". Therefore, since the people love the visual effect, so as our webmaster why not use this fact to wear a more visual effect in the content of your site content. The author here to share six to create the visual effect of the content of the creative method.

: to provide high-quality, professional photos or pictures

as the content of construction, we should also put the information into a part of the strategy chart. People love this information chart, this is not difficult to understand. The chart is the role of information can provide a lot of valuable and easy to digest information. About the value you want to make sure that you choose the topic with your target value of visitors. For example, our tea pavilion to write an article on the tea the most love tea article, we can build a picture information table to make readers understand better.

slide is the best way to show the content and information. Quick tips, examples and data can be easily and effectively be formatted slideshow. Use the slide may make more see attractive and easy to share. You only need to upload to the server, and then on your website you can quote.

two: the establishment of information chart

is the production of video clips which is a visual effect to improve the content of a powerful method. Using this method can avoid using complex text, and make it easier for visitors to understand. More important is the use of video can be very good to attract the attention of visitors.

mentioned above to create an information chart requires a lot of work, if you do not have a mature image information processing technology, does not mean that you cannot show a visual content, you can use the data. Simple data can create a miracle in the content. The following diagram.

content of the visual effect, the author simply share the several commonly used methods, we hope to improve the content of visual effects in >


three: use data to make the visual content of

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