Website optimization to avoid some boring

server and space to long-term stability

first, change the layout change harm

website optimization is a systematic work, there are many details that need attention, do a good job search ranking will have been made before, if not good, not only the search rankings not closer to the top, and even the original ranking to slip down, the causes of these errors are hidden in the title, change the layout so some of this should not change the project changes, so here we do research about the practice of Web site optimization is very necessary.

2, the website search engine retrieval of data for analysis, every time a new site, thus extending the time to grasp the key data.

website optimization is not only inside things, sometimes also pay attention to the impact of space and the server, the first point to assure that the server and the stability of the space, time began to choose carefully, to stabilize the time by the late, this is every webmaster will be told to the server and operating essentials of space use. So, the main problem is that the search engine will often change the address of the server’s website is a new web site, and add to change the server, often caused by "open slowly, which is to improve the views more unfavorable.

website information is no longer here was a commonplace talk of an old scholar, you just want to remind the webmaster, site optimization is a long-term sustained and stable work, not because of busy busy today tomorrow will appear the phenomenon of play fast and loose, the high ranking is no good.

3, often change, change links, search system will be suspected of cheating, are marked if it is difficult to remove.


third, website content management and link management

In addition Shanghai Longfeng project optimization of

1, a lot of Shanghai dragon head, get the optimization planning problem steps to fill today, change the title, change the day after tomorrow keywords, the layout and adjustment of all links again, is also a kind of moment of crisis, easou such optimization ideas on the website of the harm is great.

, website optimization, exchange friendship chain and exchange quality is also very worthy of attention, in general, a website can have twenty-five exchange chain website can be used, if more, both little benefit may also be considered cheating.

4, the mark will be some dead links, for a long time, the search engine will give this website to reduce the value of

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