The use of high quality index of love Shanghai mining long tail keywords

all of the above methods to expand keyword. How about next love through the Shanghai index selected a number of relatively high quality of words. Shanghai love index can query to popularity, keyword search, the main users gather areas, such as age and the information, the information can do a keyword expansion. The retrieval can extend out more of the long tail keywords, and the area of long tail keywords, on-line after Aladdin, on a local website ranking more forward, the region of the long tail key word is also a good choice. We often have a misunderstanding that Momo keyword search volume will be great. Rank the results after go up and not how much IP, such work is in vain. Do a keyword expansion before the need to query related search times in Shanghai how much love index, 200 people a day in search of such words very good, to take home also brings a lot of high quality IP for the web site. Some words are not related to the search query, you need to use the love of Shanghai index account. Account (kevin0795 Code: hacker) the long tail keywords you love to join Shanghai index inside, the next day you can see the long tail keyword search volume. After login index will find this account and general account is not the same, one more I index into my index, the long tail keywords you want to expand the added second days, according to the search volume to decide whether to choose high quality long tail.

1. long tail keywords through love Shanghai love Shanghai drop search and search, search Shanghai know love.

…The performance of iPhone4

6. can love the Shanghai index and Taobao search rankings to explore long tail keywords. To understand the user’s search habits, human development of long tail keywords.

3. regional website. Such as Zhengzhou sofa, sofa sofa Market Zhengzhou custom, Zhengzhou..

2. by noble baby Adwords tool can query to some relevant keywords.

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5. e-commerce, iPhone, performance, iPhone price, iPhone online ordering, the market price of money

In the next iPhone

first introduced to some new, what is called the target keyword keyword, keyword search volume is relatively large, some words, such words competitiveness is relatively large, the disadvantage is the relatively large flow of user demand fuzzy. The conversion rate is not high, and the long tail keyword is the target keyword to long. Relative search volume is a lot less has the advantages of high conversion rate, accurate demand characteristics. Through the long tail key word came to users are generally needs in this area. The long tail keyword effective development and layout can also target key word do the first page. A lot of valuable users for the site. Access to the long tail keyword and then talk about how to expand the site’s long tail keywords.

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