Using love Shanghai word segmentation example analysis blog more keywords ranking

we can come out a lot of words from the inside: Shanghai dragon, website optimization, website operation, website promotion, blog, independent, even if you want to segment words can also be divided into a single word, a single word, such as a web site optimization can be divided into optimization, network station. Here simply said, certainly more than so much, just to let everyone know about it, don’t get tangled up in this place.

< meta name=" description" content=" Wuhan Shanghai dragon mix boy: committed to site optimization, Shanghai Longfeng promotion, website operation, website optimization mixed blog guy, to share with Shanghai Longfeng, website optimization, promotion and operational aspects of the experience, welcome to consult the QQ:97094048" / >

I look below the random combination of keywords ranking, we first combined Wuhan Website Optimization:

first of all to see my title, keywords, Description:

Wuhan Shanghai dragon mixed kid every day recently busy cooking is cooking, cooking ah toss me, hand there are many websites need to maintain, so blog has not answered the list, looking for someone who is very much, yesterday was a Guangzhou man and I QQ, consulted the net station. At the beginning, he is also a friend in Shanghai dragon, the boss gave him a website to do 8 words in the home page, because each keyword some long some short, with the whole, it feels very long, perhaps the effect is not very good, just ask me, in fact, this kind of problem in my previous also entanglements, but slowly use case solved, reasonable use of love Shanghai segmentation technology can achieve this purpose, this article will analyze the example of my blog, let novice friends directly Shanghai love know what is word segmentation technology application.

/ >

< meta name=" keywords" content=" Shanghai dragon, Wuhan Shanghai dragon, website optimization, website promotion, website operation "



pictures also send out, let us observe more intuitive:

< Title > Wuhan Shanghai dragon website optimization promotion mix boy blog Shanghai Longfeng independent blog and website operation < /title >

we first understand the love of Shanghai word is what? Here is a quote from the Shanghai love Wikipedia’s explanation, I but stated. Query processing technology of the word segmentation is the search engine for the user submits the query key string after string according to the user’s keywords a technology with various matching methods.

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