To prevent competitors from the analysis of countermeasures to optimize the angle of failure site

in the actual operation, many website architecture is very perfect, but also has high quality content, but also to enter the first few pages in the rankings, and the construction of the chain is relatively stable, construct a lot of high quality the chain, but such sites are often very difficult to enter into the first few the name, let many webmaster feel very painful, even many webmasters will fall in the victory before the dawn. This will undoubtedly make people very sorry.

first against rival horse attack. For such attacks as long as webmaster friends do the site safety management usually, can regularly killing the virus in the website space, and timely clean-up of popular trojan virus, but also on the website space the username and password for safekeeping, the password should be changed regularly, the difficulty of setting the best high. Is a combination of letters and numbers, so people want to crack the password difficulty will be increased. Usually must pay attention to the content analysis of Web site for bad information content may exist must be timely cleared, so that it can effectively avoid the risk of malicious attacks website.

because with the continuous innovation of love Shanghai algorithm, many websites if you do not pay attention to optimization method, will be love Shanghai right down and punish, Shanghai love the purpose of doing so is to combat Internet spam sites of arrogance, so as to enhance the quality of information on the internet. But this approach has for some bad psychological competitors had the opportunity, their own money to hire someone to optimize the malicious competitors website, allowing competitors to site is down right, and their website can therefore ranks up there. For this problem, how to deal with the

for the domain name analytic malicious behavior prevention. When your domain name registration username and password is cracked, often competitors will be your domain name >

as a webmaster? The last is

this situation is sometimes the webmaster itself without that stick, but on the other hand, there may be other factors, to finally create a successful web site, in the current competitive environment, they can not have the heart, the heart of man is not, because sometimes you painstakingly the website of the reason for the delay in the rankings, get more traffic, and may even be rather baffling is down right and punishment, sometimes it is because you are behind the existing competitors malicious behavior caused by optimization.

then leave the chain of malicious solutions. Many competitors according to love Shanghai for the high quality of the chain, often on many sites using the chain release software for processing, this method is often easy to use, but the damage to competitors is not small. For this problem, the best way is to Shanghai Webmaster Platform, and give the specific reasons, so that it can effectively avoid the harm of malicious behavior optimization. Of course, another is the negative suppression method is to increase the construction of the high quality of the chain, to suppress these negative garbage outside the chain, so as to solve the optimization of the chain of malicious behavior.

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