Building a solid foundation for the development of a good website


distance love Shanghai 6.28 and 7.23 in large area has been updated for a long time, A5 webmaster friends for the attitude of the event is easing, compared to before revealing all sorts of bad behavior love Shanghai, webmaster friends thinking more now is how to seek more long-term development in the existing environment. Although this is quite upset, but in the love of Shanghai is a single large China search engine industry, thinking more often than complain more practical. However, this update event or expose a problem that some rely on the original regular website also lying in the gun, then we have to think of the meaning of content is king is also used in the search engine? In fact, today more and more intelligent, original content alone cannot meet the spider’s appetite, because you through the software or is the adjustment of the same paragraph, can create the literal meaning of "original", but the original user experience at all? So when we complain about their original instead of K station, we should think of their own content to the user in the end there is no value, there is no user experience, also in turn we, how to build web content to enhance their website value to a new height?

web content theme to the current hot spots to tell

good article, then the meaning of the article, if not effectively arouse the reader’s attention, it is a failure of the article, as we write articles for publication to A5, if you want to make the article, the first point is caused by editing the attention of a friend. Anyway, for the website content creation based on our current hot news, the use of some of the more popular terms of fire, writing interspersed in the content, just like the London Olympics, cleverly interspersed with related content in the content we can own editor, like my site is to do the training, so when the supply of content, I will choose the London organizers support people as a case, so that the students in the school of broadcasting >

is now a pursuit of efficiency of the times, we are living in a fast paced, all hope to obtain what you want most in the shortest time, so the owners must seize this user demand psychology, let oneself website content has a certain length limit, even if the content and meaning, also to webmaster to edit it, will focus the paragraph to show up, and in the limited space for the user to convey a sense of their own values, if you are a business website, you will contribute to the trading of goods, if you are a service of Shanghai dragon or the training site, then you have to service order as soon as possible to the customers, in a point I want to control the space of the article, but there is one point to note is that we should make use of the website related articles, for their service scope A brief description of the case in the process of service because of misunderstanding caused unpleasant cooperation.


first of all to ensure that the overall moderate length, easy to read

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