Beijing Shanghai dragon spirit of imitation brand Shanghai Longfeng mode of operation

start operation!Fifth step

maintenance of website, to be punished to stand to make the weight transfer of

!The first selected The

everyone should know, do imitation brand station headache is the most easy to complain, then your provider of space space! So do optimization before, must choose a stable, imitation sealed space or

Beijing Shanghai dragon spirit to you today talk about English Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the highest profit the most intense competition in the industry trade counterfeit Shanghai dragon. We all know that imitation brand industry with big profits, simple operation and other advantages for the majority of Shanghai Longfeng darling. Do English Shanghai dragon in Shanghai Longfeng copy card to pay a sweat too! In fact imitation brand Shanghai Longfeng words simply is not difficult, the difficulty lies in his profit is too large, almost the majority of Shanghai dragon to compete for these words, do imitation brand Shanghai Longfeng knows the key words on the home page will bring order, so many people are willing to spend lots of money please do Er imitation brand Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon. What brand of imitation station group, the black chain, the original article released, buy links and so on, almost all of Shanghai dragon can use practices have been made out, only one purpose, to obtain the number of orders is up high! In 2-3 months basically to enter the hot season imitation brand. This time all the preparatory work began preparing for the imitation brand is very important, we have the following in the imitation brand Shanghai dragon should do some work in the season before a brief talk about the

is selected to sell products, we start the analysis of the core keywords and long tail keywords of the product. All the key words to dig the product. Key words do not necessarily bring core effect is the same, should also pay attention to the long tail keywords, the number of orders often bring the long tail keywords is very objective!


began to build a website, all the keywords analysis according to a certain order of difficulty, core keywords the most difficult set at home, followed by the keyword set in the list page or column page, again the keywords (i.e. long tail keywords) reasonably and evenly distributed to the product detail page. The news page, the final product is to do the chain, generally similar products are ready for each product chain, foil theme.


second analysis

does not explain

third construction site, do the keywords layout

website after the success began to regularly update the website content, the basic guarantee every day 1-2 article update, conditional can write original conditions no lover, you can take your own pseudo original tools! This time again can even do a small amount of work at the same time collect the obvious effect of bookmarks, blog articles, foreign article delivery station foreign enterprise, name card, forum signature, message board, etc. some of the chain resources! To collect a certain number after the start of the chain according to the daily growth of a certain amount of


fourth update, the collection of resources

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