A5 optimization group no technology website webmaster how to deal with the crisis

website, if you really don’t understand website optimization, then do not learn other people blindly for Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the right to be reduced, because this revision in the K station too many examples. A5 optimization team, are suggested as follows:

2: do not change does not change the

2: revision of the appropriate time, what time the website is most appropriate? A5 optimization team believes in the week three or four, or the end of the month, the most appropriate 29-30. Why so say? Website search engine will need to record index latest information storage, the new update speed faster, but also conducive to the website optimization. Choose a time of such revision is because basically whenever such a cycle, the spider will love Shanghai more than usual (in general). Increase search engine website index frequency, can make the website through the revision of the adverse effect in the shortest time.

search engine to the site itself already has a comprehensive index, the greater the website, search engine to synchronize the information industry more. As an example, if you every day is not revised, spider to serve for you every day? Consider themselves at the same time, also want to consider the feelings of "search engine". The revision can do not change does not change, we emphasize.


forearmed nopreparation website, so you need to prepare what


1: revision cycle for long, or does not change, we have to change to a place. Suggested that the floating revision will be downloaded to the local program data, finish the revision of the debugging, covering the upload server content coverage. Note: although some Shanghai dragon Er that the website should be gradual, but A5 optimization team believes that the website is a revision the impact is less than the long-term adverse effects of the revision brings.

two: revision of the skill of

website development without revision, but there is a problem has plagued many Webmaster: improper revision will be down the right search engine. Its in Shanghai Longfeng optimization may be an easy job to do the webmaster, avoid the crisis, but the construction site how many professionals, how many webmaster technology? It is no exaggeration to say that such a proportion is exaggerated, and most of the webmaster belongs to the "grassroots" and "capital grassroots". The network business is not easy, A5 optimization team here for lack of experience in Shanghai Longfeng optimization analysis website how to cope with the crisis.

1: revision is not to change the structure of

webmaster always remember a website, the overall structure of URL million can not change the site. You can increase the link structure, but do not address the URL revision itself has been in existence, do not delete files have been generated. At this point, you don’t need to know what the Shanghai Dragon technology, owners should remember this criterion revision.

: a revision before

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