The complaint is not equal to the natural snapshot snapshot

. The first complaint income and natural independent

love Shanghai open is a free entrance snapshot processing. According to the experience of small series, the snapshot can get through snapshot complaints. But after the snapshot is likely to stagnate, and may even be snapshot. Normally, the natural snapshot is the reflection of love Shanghai for the speed of the site and grab efforts and complaints income the snapshot is completely no reference value. Therefore, completely independent from the snapshot snapshot of the complaint and the nature. To prove the relationship between the two is actually a picture can explain.

third. The snapshot complaints to determine the behavior of

in my impression, many webmaster for the love of Shanghai is still very important snapshot. Because most of the symptoms through various manifestations of snapshot can probably infer website. Although we can not say that is 100%, but at least one direction. Today, the subversion of the snapshot complaints of this tradition, it looks very new snapshot is very likely just a fall in love with the sea index database of external links. The blind > snapshot complaints

according to the story, this website in the complaint after the snapshot, looking forward to the normal update, so that the site has ranking. But from this website’s performance, the four key words set by no one in the top one hundred, so that the love of Shanghai index is 0 words can have ranking. Thus the snapshot complaints ranking ability is quite weak, even no ranking ability.


Many snapshot snapshotSnapshot complaints channel

second. The ranking of no great importance

make people become obsessed with love Shanghai snapshot, Shanghai has declared that although love, love Shanghai and independent website ranking snapshot. However, the snapshot is to determine whether a site is an important standard of health has become deeply ingrained webmaster. Since love Shanghai snapshot complaints, this feature was a lot of people abuse. Nothing to complain a few websites, you say no, not curses, helpless. Today, Xiao Bian did not say vague topic the importance of snapshot like, I have to mention a few snapshots of personal opinions, hoping to help you.

two from the above picture, we can clearly see the contradiction between the two. The complaints by the snapshot, the date is complaint day, November 22nd. From the capture pressure map love Shanghai, on November 22nd, before the station basically did not grab ", but second days snapshot complaints there has been a lot of grab. What we know is that if you are a natural snapshot, must be first crawl the web page from the index database after release behavior. This can easily launch a conclusion: snapshot and nature is completely unrelated to the snapshot complaints income.

snapshot complaints


jamming station

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