Summary of the latest Shanghai dragon chain construction


I usually do in the chain, probably from the following places to do, the relative efficiency will be higher. But for the webmaster, a person can do outside the chain and inside pages, may not have so much time to do everything, so, choose the most suitable for the shortest time to do the highest efficiency, finally obtained the effect also can be effective.

this is very simple, love Shanghai classified information website, ranking are Shanghai love the second, as to how the hair, the hair of what this needless to say, it is best to send the relevant information, don’t be misunderstood as refuse to delete. Every technician about 5 on the line. Remember not to repeat, do not have to repeat every day.

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in the past, Shanghai dragon in the process of the chain, will waste a lot of time, a web site outside of the chain also reflects the site of the weight. Many webmaster in website optimization in wasting a lot of time in the chain, in addition to the purchase link or change Links relatively easy. In the chain I waste a lot of time, but also summed up some good ways and included fast collection channels, I hope to give you some help. I Department of Shanghai Longfeng novice, there is wrong bad place please forgive me.

as far as I am concerned, I feel the effect is very good, if there is a good theme, for example I am a real estate station, I’m sure there are some second-hand housing Yishoufang or resources, then I will make it, as long as I stand, but also through the audit on the line. The best display date set for the longest, usually for 1-3 months, some a few stations and the first half of the year, on her own. Basically I like 58, the market is the second of the station.


is the Tencent and ask, this relatively good to do some, for some QQ, do it slowly, 10 a day, a little too. But when asking questions with a little better, if, in the course of time, will be deleted… I deleted a lot, the chain suddenly reduce hundreds, check, ask a lot of questions in the results is deleted…

is the first choice for Shanghai to know love, ask the Tencent. As everyone knows, know love Shanghai, love Shanghai’s own products, included natural needless to say. But for now, love Shanghai know audit too strict, some of my friends in Shanghai Longfeng 7, level 8, basically all the blacklist, because the hair too much, either random independent or answer questions, immediately delete… My number is an example. But this can add some know each answer, let others help you answer, on the line, the effect is good, every day to do 1 on the line. If is to make the product, some people find each other top, the goal is to keep people searching for the love of Shanghai their products will be very good in the front row.

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