Shanghai dragon Er analysis website from three to observe the numerical quality

The weight of

two, Google PR


how to judge the quality of a web site, is the thing that a lot of Shanghai dragon Er wants to know, because no one wants to study those poor quality, no level of the site, who do not want to exchange links with those who do not have the weight of the site, although the website weight is a very with no reality whatever things, just with the naked eye data sometimes affordable with error, for example, included in the site of the chain, and so on, these are only some data on the surface, the said three simple to determine the site quality value, they are love Shanghai weights, Google PR and Sogou value. The two Xiamen tea website screenshot more cattle X as a case:

Sogou Sogou search Google

PR although it looks a bit messy, a lot of new sites in one or two months to 2 and 3, but I think it still has certain reference value, the general site of PR can be more than 5 is still very Niubi, that is not any website is casually to PR5, PR4 the following sites are more difficult to judge the standard, but to be sure, once the site is Google K, the PR value is 0, the influence factors of the PR value is included in the site and the chain.

, a Shanghai

love Shanghai weight value is a concept recently introduced, although the weight is difficult to define, for many beginners have no way to experience, if you can use numerical to reflect, it is simple and clear, now there are many tools to find out a weight value according to the I love Shanghai. The observation, with the maximum weight value love Shanghai relationship is love Shanghai traffic, some time ago will find the chain and set him website somewhat, now decided to fall in love with only standard weight value is the flow of the sea.

three, Sogou value

value of love

when a site traffic of tens of thousands, love Shanghai weight value can reach 6, the number 7, when the site right down, only a few hundred flow, love Shanghai weight value decreased, so the Shanghai dragon Er simply want to judge a website love whether Shanghai has the weight, the easiest way is to look at the other site love Shanghai weights, generally with the sea weight value is 0 of the site, Shanghai traffic is certainly love from the scanty.

2, sumcl tea

1, intoxicants mall


is the value of a numerical lead, although a lot of Shanghai dragon Er rarely mention it, depending on the do not care, because few friends are specialized in the optimization and promotion, but it is for judging a website weight is a little reference value, the new general Sogou value is 1, with the development of the website, Sogou value will gradually increase, with the establishment of the person that Sogou value is proportional to the time time.

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