Shanghai Longfeng thinking Shanghai Longfeng culture is er

now is different, the people finally have a decent web site outside the chain of technology is no longer the light of day, the abuse of those have to do outside the chain, has gradually been reduced the weight, then you send a lot of junk chain or hang black chain, you not only get good rankings, otherwise easily love is found in Shanghai. The chain era makes people crazy, to get a reverse use unscrupulous divisive tactics link, so many webmaster to break the website of others for a living, hanging black chain in someone else’s website, let this part of people are the source of life, but with the big update several foreign chains to love Shanghai. Most of the students to the sale of the chain for the platform to die, as Ali is now in love with the sea slightly, K 10 Fen left, there are some other chain platform, as well as punishment. To fundamentally solve the chain algorithm bring negative, then you need to let the outside chain life team have no business, no one believe in the value chain, the chain can make your site turned around, then you have the direction of development, Shanghai white dragon and Phoenix techniques can be more people are concerned.

is the so-called culture, personal habits, every one has its own unique character and habits, Shanghai dragon personnel also to have the same culture and habits of their own, we do Shanghai dragon is a long-term process, different periods of Shanghai dragon have different methods, but there are also a part of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners or some webmaster, for one person has their own, regardless of search engine algorithms, to engage in violation of personal accomplishment.

this is an occupation gradually mature performance, but also.

think, if every Shanghai Longfeng personnel can keep my accomplishment, continue to search engine to provide valuable help content, then the search engine algorithm will be updated? But reflect, these are also constantly making black hat technology, search engine technology constantly the challenge of personnel, but also promote the search engine constantly upgrading, was abused in the chain’s website, you can have no very high quality content, but as long as you have too much the chain, then your site will be more and more credibility, but in some sites in earnest because there is no people? Outside the chain, and eventually led to the website is depressed. Because they have no more outside chain resources, they have no more money to buy outside the chain, but also makes their website can not be found for more people.

may be of interest to you, the use of hacking techniques continue to attack others individual stationmaster, server or website, and then get them right in the web site management, hang black chain, this kind of behavior, is the black hat, is also a violation of the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix personnel should have training and quality. Maybe every one have their own different ideas. They think that your site has been linked to the black chain, is because of your own website or server is not good enough, it is compromised as it should be, and never think that their behavior is despised by the public.

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