Mass flow station ranking operation

always cannot do without the topic is the chain and promotion.

when we are filling stations all site content finished before we submit operation, if the content is not finished filling we submit operation, then the whole station group included the time will be delayed.

home is not completely filled with good we can not put up, because we want to make changes in is very troublesome, because the site was changed, it may cause death at the same time, the site of the credit will directly lead to delayed release time delay will be included. So we put up after the title and content do not change, you can batch update.

before we say how on site classification and location, also said how to do creative content sub station, then how to get better industry long tail keywords ranking and how to make the ranking more stable is what we want to do, only the more stable ranking industry can let us gain more traffic, to share with you today some stations on the stability of keywords ranking strategy.

Links basic is the most easy to obtain, each site for 30 Links, between our site and also can change each other Links.

(3) soft chain

Before we

we do to guide the flow of the soft, the chain of this kind of soft Wen we have forwarded the text and click, does not need to be stable, such as hair every day a we fixed this amount to, because in the early recognition of the chain for the love of Shanghai is very sensitive.

(5) Links

> 2.

(1) how to make the station group included

(4) practical content as the connection of

The practicability of the

connection or key industry resources to collect and provide our own download, such as decoration industry, we need to find some boutique renovation renderings of proofs after set up available for download on our website, then go to the forum, Post Bar decoration to post, Download address. This will produce a large number of practical chain. The utility of the chain we can be relatively more every day.

stations in the first month of the chain and promotion work is very important, we see the following:

site title is the key we included in the title of the site, we must make clear the inside of each site category and the region, according to what we are classified according to the classification rules strictly to write the title, for example, we according to the regional classification so we clearly according to the domain to write the title. This will not be repeated contents, included the problem will be solved.

1. months how to do the chain

, a chain and a generalization of

(2) must first do the content back up

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