Share some experience from the process of making a stop to being profitableZhi Yi alliance latest pr

1, site positioning,

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do I belong to a bird, I did not stop the number, listen to friends that the experts do stand to save time and reduce stress, indeed, now the competition is so fierce, only the use of skills to earn a living.

many of the current successful site take phasor combination of online and offline mode, for example, local snacks network across the country and take a single city or region covering two models for mass consumer goods. In many parts of Liuzhou, the successful operation of a few similar sites, individual websites earn a month is equivalent to a car price, profits are very impressive.

2, how to operate the website

I had to do a website is a snack, because now around a lot of snacks, but the real website rarely, a lot of good people on the Internet to find some information to me, and now the online business still small snack shop. More importantly, the snack market is really big, especially in all parts of the country snacks, tourist favorite. This basically belongs to a blue ocean region for snacks.

I learned university website construction, work is also in this area, so help many customers successfully run a number of websites, experience is very rich, here in their own practical experience and share:

take the online sh419 GG check on a hot key, for example Wuhan snacks, according to their own work experience, choose several major competitors, analyze their website structure, money, and their promotion methods, summed up their own shortcomings, for example, a website in 2005 opening run, the PR value is 6. The amount of information at the same time every day tens of thousands, hundreds of online active members, the amount of information is updated every day, through careful analysis, the individual station key ranking, other keywords did not see, and then analysis the site of some of the details, the owners do not know much of Web Technology and construction, because many programs are downloaded on the Internet, web design is not how good, certainly can make money regardless of these sites, are considered a success. I’ll analyze the way they make money

tried to do e-commerce in some places special snack to do, for example, the Stinky tofu products, for me this is not good people, can be said to have no resources, so only to engage in some local snacks boss asked, may be my business is not good, so there are zaodaolengyu the operation idea and the site does not have the support, finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. With the experience of the past, I decided to locate the website, snack trading platform, no longer sell products, but to borrow this platform to attract the boss and snack bar together, like Taobao. At the same time, a large number of snack bar operators to join, you can restart their products to sell the concept, because when many customers willing to provide products for me. Want to create a set of business information, snack sales as one platform.

3, competitor analysis,

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