Look at the Taobao customer marketing strategy from Taobao mall was renamed Tmall

is now nearly a year, and there is no Taobao passenger army by the "Taobao mall" to "Tmall", and now users, the media for Tmall’s attention is not high. This time is the best time to seize the favorable position. According to the author found that long-term observation, if your website occupy good rankings in some key words, even if there are other people’s sites than your high weight, it will not catch up from behind in a short period of time (of course, the strength of the poor except). Therefore, in the competition, users are relatively small, the market relatively empty, "the early bird catches the worm" this proverb is very useful. We have reason to believe that the first batch of gold Taobao passengers will get a lot of benefits.

I love Shanghai

case two: do Tmall promotion by

love products of Shanghai military has been a hotly contested spot. Because the love of products in Shanghai super popular and high weight, also became the first choice of Taobao site promotion guest. Here’s to a promotion as a case the author introduces the author, is how to use love to promote Shanghai Post Bar.

friends think: Post Bar link must be deleted, even if no Baidu delete will be deleted you ah. In fact. We all know that love can be inserted into MP3 Post Bar Shanghai. We have to do is to stick.

recently Taobao mall officially changed its name to Tmall, is not a small billows on the net. The origin of the Tmall name is Tmall and the renamed Taobao mall homophonic, you can also see Taobao and Taobao mall to disassociate relations, higher quality line. In most people only concerned about the incident at the same time, there are many Taobao customers have action, use the hot start Taobao customer marketing. Then we passed several cases under the Taobao mall renamed event opportunities.

first entered the Post Bar Tmall. "". In Tmall, the author found that the Post Bar is already suggested, is a quiet little Post Bar, however, just hit the mall was renamed Tmall Taobao. So I sent a Taobao customer advertising links, on the same day brought more than 100 IP, the link is pointing to Taobao mall Taobao passenger link. Although this post has been peer report to delete, but I think the experience is worth sharing.

now in Shanghai love to search "Tmall", in addition to some news and love of Shanghai’s own products, basically a few pages are all Tmall mall occupied. Through the analysis of these sites, the author found that these sites have several common characteristics: 1. registration time is short, basically are registered in the Taobao store was renamed after the domain name; there is a part of the new old website domain name, see the previous website through Shanghai snapshot can love. 2. title with the "Tmall", "Tmall mall" and other key words. 3. is Taobao guest website, but a variety of types, CMS, API, and single page station.

: a case of Tmall mall such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as the emergence of

Because love Shanghai series products

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