Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform test tool for detailed graphics

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform webmaster tools, tools, Sitemap, a chain site index query and grasping pressure feedback tools. The tool chain basically has other webmaster tools, site index can query the statistics about love Shanghai. Sitemap tools also need to activate the webmaster tools.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform test version has been on the line. In view of the fact that we all love these stationmaster is in Shanghai to deal with the situation, the teacher will try out door functions about love Shanghai Webmaster Platform test version.

2, the website provides users to browse, use a good experience. Including the opening speed "," writing is clear and complete, without too much advertising no malicious plug-ins.


Sitemap tool

If you love Shanghai

3, currently in love Shanghai web search results have certain problems. For example, the site has a large number of high-quality resources are not love Shanghai index.

Sitemap invitation code standards for

note: Sitenap tools need to input the invitation code. The website to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform application using sitemap tools, can automatically determine whether your site meets the above requirements. To meet the requirements, send email to [email protected]贵族宝贝 to get the activation code. Mail title please fill out the application Webmaster Platform activation code, the need to include your website and contact information, thank you

Robots tool

when your site contains not to be included in the search engine content, need to use the robots.txt file, the tool can detect whether your website is the robots.txt file, and the contents of the robots.txt file, and can according to your needs to generate the correct rob>

this tool can provide you the current site in Shanghai nearly a month of day level grab quantity curve, you can also feedback web site for the pressure here, love Shanghai will considering the actual situation and adjust the pressure of adjusting the pressure of your site.

grab the pressure feedback tool

open Webmaster Platform love Shanghai ", the first step is to add a web site dialog box. We enter the URL on the inside, and then verify the site of belonging. There are two types of authentication, a file is verified, the other one is to add HTML tags. It’s simple。 The following is the introduction of Webmaster Platform tools.

website sitemap tools to Webmaster Platform recommend quality content included on its website, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform will be assessed according to the standard of quality resources, the webmaster can focus on the following three aspects:

1, website content with unique original content, or the site has a good reputation of the user, with authority in related fields.

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