The same keywords and noble love Shanghai baby search engine ranking optimization difference


a few days ago to write a web page for keywords: what is the core of Shanghai dragon, at that time the word appeared in Shanghai in search of love. I wrote an article to do the test, when released to love Shanghai content page ranking, ranked fifth, then slowly adjusted to the home page ranking, ranking fifth. It is not our content page for this word is not as important as the home? I remember telling everyone a little skill, how to judge your site for a keyword which pages are of higher importance, is to use:


is love Shanghai think this article than home, but for the home page ranking, and the word is only appeared in the home page. So what is the difference between the home page and the content page. First we know home have special weight, second home has a large number of the chain, and not within the page. So from here you can see the love of Shanghai pay more attention to the home page ranking, I don’t often talk about home page and content page are the same word, on this issue, you can see how to optimize the long tail keywords, and so their will and their own competition, waste of resources, because only give a ranking, but some time ago to a a website ranking 2 or more ranking, but my station did not appear. Only say that Shanghai is in many ways as noble baby.


let us look at the nobility baby performance: search keywords ranked first, and is the content page, also is what I want to do ranking pages, that is not the home page, the accuracy is higher, that noble baby ranking mechanism is more perfect.

look at the tips of our noble baby used in:

if you want to do that.


site:www. Shanghai dragon 1912贵族宝贝 this method, to look at the screenshot.

can be seen from above Shanghai and sex when doing keyword positioning in noble baby are very different, because the exact sex nobility baby pay more attention to the keyword Shanghai attention is extensive keyword. Shanghai love words competition is big words to appear on the home page, Google would do "and words related to high. So baby you can put a lot of noble words to the content page, and if you want to have sex in Shanghai, on the way to arrange the keywords on the home page. But we know that the home position is limited, so you need to focus.

we all know love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon is noble baby do have some differences, today I will give you find an example of the difference between love and nobility of Shanghai baby, let everyone see if you need to do when the specified keywords of Shanghai Longfeng, according to different keywords you choose to practice.

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