Shanghai dragon website optimization progress from doubt


two: learn to doubt can let you find beyond the competition key

In fact, !Optimization of

: learn to doubt to constantly adjust the search engine algorithm needs

such as the site of second-hand car home site is constantly growing from doubt, had simply not what robots file, the search engine can look at my web site, the optimization of the trace to search engine land, so in site operation after a month, I will set my website robots file, the domain name is CHE2 at the beginning of the site after several rounds of screening a final, this domain is relatively short, in comparison with the second-hand car, very easy to remember, to know the choice of domain name basically can related to the success or failure, so the final choice of the domain name CHE2 I still feel very satisfied, then your site to KEYWORDS gradually, all the details of META affecting Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect have made adjustments, Sometimes there is an error, but after a long period of data analysis, and continue to doubt, now is the good of my site rankings and weight is


search engine algorithm has been in constant adjustment, continuous improvement, in order to achieve a more human, more intelligent, more in line with a process, the user experience here, all of the old Shanghai dragon optimization experience may be put to the test again, we must learn to adjust the past experience so, get more in line with the optimization of your site, but when you adjust but not necessarily every time to correct the direction of work, may also be adjusted to the success of the opposite side, then we must constantly doubt, constantly fine-tuning, here the author is not advocating mutation adjustment but, to gradual adjustment, so as not to leave the road to success more than

is actually a lot of Shanghai dragon tutorial most are some experiences of some successful people, but these experiences may be in a period of time can not be so good, who can understand the essence of such search engines, it is basically impossible to complete the task, so we do website optimization of most of Shanghai dragon is gradually adjusted through their own practice, to be able to succeed, to withstand failure in this period to combat, spirit of suspicion, can not go to others to learn to break the old, and that the only way to the doubt from the failure of

you know, a person in the optimization impossible for the same keywords, as long as the keywords love Shanghai index of more than 100 will have competitors, but also more than one, the more popular keywords concern more of the competition will be more intense, so do Shanghai Longfeng optimization, nobody can guarantee you the site has been ranked in the home, because there is always the competitors look at you, is there not a word, not afraid of thieves to steal his heart afraid of thieves! Website optimization Shanghai dragon did not so, always worry about.

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