Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis basic corporate website

The second step:

in the optimization process have used some cheating methods, the most common is the mass. The domain name of the website is to buy the domain name or its registration. There is no love sea site K, have no right to be reduced, these problems need to ask. Understand the history on the "web site optimization after an antidote against the disease.". Mainly from two aspects: the "drug"

, 1 station: talking about the station optimization of enterprise website, not so complicated. It is the design and content of two common problems, website design is the form and image too much. The station is the largest enterprise product pictures, and some great pictures. So we must optimize these pictures, can use the small map as far as possible with the small map. Another picture of the ALT attribute is the key. Although DIV+CSS is the code users design trend, but there are still many enterprises with a large number of tables for table use station, too many sites recommend a DIV+CSS layout. In addition to tables and pictures Q >

?The first step of Before

as the doctor to patient diagnosis, first look at the basic information of patients. As there is no history of ah, and so on. The basic data to get a business website also have to carefully check the website. For example: included, the chain number, time domain etc.. Only when Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to the enterprise, not only to observe their own website, but also carefully observe the competitor’s website. In the face of corporate website, there are a lot of haven’t done before any optimization. There is a more common situation is: an enterprise station experienced optimization of several people. Different people may have different optimization methods, but must first record many website data. Have their own website, as well as the competition website data. These data suggest that the EXCEL records (included, domain name, rank etc.).

: look, smell (basic data to check the website of

currently is the rise of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis near Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis service, Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is the overall situation of the site itself, like the doctor to see patients, to the basic situation of hope, cut, ask, "in order to understand the patient’s diagnosis, and then to have a detailed site diagnosis book. According to the final diagnosis book site rectification and optimization. Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is the web site before the online planning. Only good planning, for further optimization work to follow the prescribed order. Therefore Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should be on the site to Shanghai dragon diagnosis. But specific to different types and different industry website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is not the same. The enterprise website Shanghai dragon in the diagnosis of "basic" needs to pay attention to what

(ask, understand the history of the


already mentioned above, some enterprises have stood by several people over the Shanghai dragon. So we have more detailed understanding of the site optimization history, for example: what time from the beginning is not responsible for the website optimization, a recent period of time is not only update the site every day.


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