Shanghai dragon second realm of long tail optimization basic operation

many people in a very long time to learn the Shanghai dragon, but always in the first stage, also is the keyword optimized, station code, structure, tags, pictures also adjust very well, there are still some visible skills, but encountered optimization of long tail words don’t know how to do. Confused, then update constantly, constantly by the long tail word as the page title to the so-called long tail word optimization, when more than 1000 pages to find articles included, add a lot of IP, but the effect is very poor, almost no growth, in fact, the optimization of the long tail word is not a simple add articles, I remember in the Zac in an article said: only up to hundreds of thousands of the long tail word above the page is the long tail optimization, of course, master who is of great reference value I think, however, long tail optimization is a concept, and stand size, how many relations content is not great, for many enterprise stand for, not less than 50 pages of the station can do long tail optimization, some of the basic operations following my own office renovation site optimization case the optimization of the long tail word.


second, must be the website structure layout, before long tail optimization in long tail optimization should be started before doing the station layout, form structure, like people, skeleton formation is very important, take office decoration of the station, the first layer is the long tail word architecture: design, office partition office decoration, office decoration materials, construction technology, office decoration, office feng shui furniture decoration design, office decoration design, office design and office design and office design, regional manager meeting room decoration, office decoration, office decoration design case, office glass partition, the long tail word relatively popular, architecture in the first in order to layer >

first, do the long tail word is a very hard thing, related to the layout of the site, structure, code and so on many aspects, many people listen to my practice and give up trouble, people still do not consider the need to consider before we do long term optimization is that the industry is worth doing. For example, the Shanghai dragon industry, key words is not much, Shanghai Shanghai dragon, website optimization, optimization of the long tail word love Shanghai, rarely, this station is not suitable for long term, for the user, write some Shanghai Longfeng articles, Shanghai Longfeng case is very good, our customers will only search keywords of course, the long tail word is not, for example, customers will search: design company website optimization, website optimization and other machinery, but this kind of long tail cost optimization is not the meaning of the word For a while, the office decoration company website, our customers will search the office front design, office design renderings, office decoration feng shui office decoration case, office ceiling, office glass partition and so on, the search volume of these words, the customer is relatively accurate, suitable for long term optimization of this industry.

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