Small tips to improve the weight of the inside pages of the

, increase the weight of the inside pages

1, improve the The

page is also have some weight, want to have high weight inside pages have to think of ways to increase, increase the weight of two points: 1, the inside pages of information to be rich, to the original, if a piece of content only a few dozens of words, so even if the web page is collected, will not give you high weight the information is love Shanghai to see you this page is doing and give scores. 2, in the manufacture of the inside pages of keywords, the content of a web page only around the keywords to write, the best title of the content above, told the Shanghai word is very important, love Shanghai will begin to analysis the theme of this article, and give the keyword ranking.

three, outside the chain to the inside pages of

2, because the chain is the anchor text, to transfer the weight, and tell the search engine spiders, the keyword link text is now.


this paper from Xie Kai Shanghai Longfeng: 贵族宝贝xiekai Shanghai贵族宝贝/post/41.html please indicate the

web site, a page to another page to find the target to let the spider crawling.

page within the chain structure is a very important factor in website optimization, the chain is a kind of anchor text links form, this link is not linked to other sites, but the link to your site inside other pages, so called chain. Well within the chain has many advantages.


this thing many webmaster ignored is not willing to do, that will waste a lot of time. Many webmaster is directly using the chain link to the home page, but the chain is a diversified, if a healthy website only home chain pages without love, Shanghai will consider whether you cheated, so I suggest you use the "28 rules", the chain of 80% links to improve the home page keywords ranking, but still want to improve the chain into 20% pages, pages to enhance the home will get greatly improved.

3, PV increase the bounce rate, users browse to the relevant page, always can not help but click, it can improve the PV.

two pages, the chain structure in

site is the most important home, home keywords bring users is the best, is the best way to observe the weights of the website, but a website is absolutely not to rely on home users, page is important to introduce traffic. A page, a long tail keywords can bring many flow, how should we do in the page keyword ranking? Below the small series to explain.

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